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2019-06-21 03:39 53005572 Anonymous (download (1).png 228x221 5kB)
These tranny posters are ironic, right? Gay 'people' cant be robots

2 min later 53005600 Anonymous
>>53005572 to me robot just means someone who isn't a normie trans fall under non normie in my book

9 min later 53005719 Anonymous
>>53005600 you are right they arent normies, they arent robots, they are subhuman

12 min later 53005766 Anonymous
>>53005719 blah why am I even talking to you later mr bitter pill

12 min later 53005768 Anonymous
>>53005572 Exactly,lgbullshits people are too fucking promiscuous and socially accepted to be robots

13 min later 53005790 Anonymous
>>53005572 you're an extra bigass faggot

14 min later 53005801 Anonymous
>>53005572 >>53005766 Trannies and gays are the most normie thing out there.

15 min later 53005811 Anonymous
>>53005572 trannies are incels to the extreme, we are robots, two different things

15 min later 53005816 Anonymous (1557736920448.jpg 665x842 66kB)
I'm a tranny. You can ask me anything. I haven't started hormones, but I will be scheduling an appointment within the next week. I don't plan to chop my girlcock off. I have a boyfriend.

17 min later 53005845 Anonymous
>>53005816 How soon do you plan to join the 40%

19 min later 53005865 Anonymous
>>53005816 Suicide when? Please remember that you need to repent for your sins.

19 min later 53005872 Anonymous
>>53005816 can i be your boyfriend instead? thanks.

20 min later 53005877 Anonymous
>>53005816 how much you dissapointed your parents?

20 min later 53005893 Anonymous
>>53005572 Hmmm, sweaty, it's not gay if I dress like a qt girl :^) Just kidding, it's gay as fuck lmao

21 min later 53005905 Anonymous
>>53005845 Why would I do that? My life is fine. I may even get to present as female in public if I'm lucky. At the very worst I can always be incredibly androgynous and do all sorts of female shit. What's the worst that's going to happen, people will think I act weird? It's not like I'd be in girl mode. >>53005865 Stop believing in silly books. Learn where that book stole its ideas. >>53005872 No. >>53005877 My parents disappointed me. Why would I care what they have to say in this matter? It's my happiness and life, not theirs. If they don't like that then why would I continue to interact with them? Because we share DNA?

25 min later 53005956 Anonymous
>>53005905 so when you realize you were an incel

25 min later 53005970 Anonymous
>>53005905 40% anon You know it's very very hard for you to not look masculine right? Hormones aren't magic, they can't change your fenotype that much. At the worst you aren't incredibly androgynous, you are a guy in a dress

27 min later 53005989 Anonymous
>>53005905 >stopped believing And look where the demons led you to, was pleasing temptation worth it? Remember sin only leads to death.

29 min later 53006009 Anonymous
>>53005600 All kinds of faggots are normies

1 hours later 53006097 Anonymous (3396995_orig.jpg 587x800 399kB)
>>53005956 I'm not an incel. I've had sex. >>53005970 If I didn't pass why would I wear a dress? Do you try wearing a polo like chad? You'd look ridiculious, of course not. You seem to think being a tranny means I need to be like Buffalo Bill or something. I can do that in private. In public I can just act like MASSIVE faggot male. >>53005989 Pagan knowledge is the foundation of your belief system, yet your belief system forces you to avoid such knowledge, apparently at the cost of your own soul. Biting the Apple will not damn you. What damns you is starvation of the soul. You'll learn in time.

1 hours later 53006103 Anonymous
>>53005572 Traps aren't gay. 4original.

1 hours later 53006124 Anonymous
>>53005905 >>53006097 do you accept the reality that your desire to present as a biological woman stems from a fetishistic mental illness or do you genuinely believe you are a woman "trapped" in a man's body?

1 hours later 53006153 Anonymous (correspondence.jpg 755x845 502kB)
>>53006124 I genuinely believe I'm a female person trapped in a male body. If I use the term "woman" it might trigger you. I don't know how to be a woman, but I want to express my femininity, and not my masculinity. Everyone has both the feminine and masculine essence. You choose to present male. I would like to be able to present female. Though I will compromise, and dress like a faggy male in public. I'll only do that if I don't pass though. You better believe I'll be girl mode if I pass.

1 hours later 53006199 Anonymous
>>53005572 Trannies are evil and I cant do nothing to stop them like normies. Ignore them man ignore them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 hours later 53006207 Anonymous
>>53005572 No, its unironically a psyop anon-kun. This is what prolonged isolation + neetdom + cute anime faces everywhere + degenerate porn inevitably lead to. They realized they dont need Discord when all it takes is well-timed (You)s. I pity the young robots, boomers are not as vulnerable.

1 hours later 53006257 Anonymous
>>53006153 Were it not for the politicization of your disease you people would be prescribed antipsychotics like those with every other mental illness.

1 hours later 53006260 Anonymous (151_NnNDPwI.png 550x720 479kB)
>get dumped by my bf(male) a few wekks back >only had a few hookups in between tell me to my face I'm not a robot OP im waiting little pathetic incel

1 hours later 53006282 Anonymous
>>53006257 Arent they schizos?

1 hours later 53006291 Anonymous (1504392304615.jpg 465x261 47kB)
>>53006257 Antipsychotics are for people with schizophrenia. I'm just a tranny. Trannies have been historically documented going back as far as Rome, and possibly farther back than that. There's nothing you can do to stop me. Even if I don't get hormones, I can still act like a fruit in public. What are you going to do, stab me?

1 hours later 53006293 Anonymous
>>53006153 define woman and feminine.

1 hours later 53006317 Anonymous
>mfw /pol/ gave up on /r9k/ >yet jannies allowed /lgbt/ to colonize /r9k/ If you still believe trannies are a natural ocurrence youre a fucking retard that deserves being brainwashed into chopping off his dick.

1 hours later 53006333 Anonymous
>>53006293 The feminine essence deals with emotion, the body, beauty, nurture. The masculine essence deals with creation, thinking, vitality, and realization. Choosing which one you prefer to express to others is not determined by your biological sex, despite what Christian society would have you believe. I don't know what it means to be a woman. I do know it's a series of societal signals that say to others you are female. If I want to pass I must learn what it means, but right now I don't know.

1 hours later 53006354 Anonymous
>>53006291 transsexuals (you) suffer from psychosis. the prevalence of psychosis throughout history doesn't mean it shouldn't be eliminated through treatment or that it is 'natural.' And I will see to it that you are hanged from your neck when the time comes.

1 hours later 53006379 Anonymous (the_alt_right_rednblacksalamander.jpg 759x560 82kB)
>>53006354 Psychosis is a very violent condition where you lose touch with reality. I'm more in tune than most people when it comes to reality. >And I will see to it that you are hanged from your neck when the time comes. This guy

1 hours later 53006380 Anonymous
>>53006333 >despite what Christian society would have you believe. >t. schizo

1 hours later 53006403 Anonymous
>>53006333 These are innocuous personality traits that can be associated any person, none of which compel you, as a male, to dress like a faggot and mutilate your body to appear as a female.

1 hours later 53006421 Anonymous (1558867640233.png 635x640 560kB)
>>53006379 >I'm more in tune than most people when it comes to reality. >"I have a dick" >"I'm a girl" You can't make this shit up.

1 hours later 53006451 Anonymous
>>53006379 considering trannies castrate themselves and take cancer causing hormones to alter their body to match their desires it perfectly matches the description as violent and without touch with reality. And I'm not a nazi, I'm just someone who hates faggots and their Jewish masters. so most of the world prior to the 1950s.

1 hours later 53006480 Anonymous
>>53006380 The Bible would have you believe Pagan symbols such as pic related are symbols of "The Devil" or some nonsense. Despite this, these symbols survive to this very day, and are thriving thanks to the Internet. It's time to wake up to your indoctrination. Even normies think Bible thumpers are out of touch with reality. >>53006403 Like I said, everyone has the feminine and masculine essence. A balance between the two is healthy. My emotions compel me to act in a feminine way. I have a deep appreciation for beautiful things, and prefer to support others rather than manifest my own desires. I'm compassionate, and prefer to avoid conflict. I also really like penises. I'm a girl, anon. I don't have to justify how I feel about myself to anyone. Try making yourself want to be a girl. Seriously, if you think it's willpower than you should be able to do it. Why can't you? >>53006421 You've been brainwashed into believing the way you present yourself and whether or not you have a dick are the same thing. >>53006451 I define psychosis as being a cis, white, conservative male. Take your pills.

1 hours later 53006490 Anonymous (219229-caduceus01_large.jpg 300x328 14kB)
>>53006480 >>53006380 Forgot my pic related. I'm a dumb tranny so stuff like this happens.

1 hours later 53006536 Anonymous
>>53006480 >My emotions compel me to act in a feminine way. I have a deep appreciation for beautiful things, and prefer to support others rather than manifest my own desires. I'm compassionate, and prefer to avoid conflict. I also really like penises. You describe a fairy faggot, not a woman. A woman is defined by her sex, not that she is what you describe as feminine you fucking retard. If a woman acts entirely masculine with no "feminine essence" that wouldn't make her less of a woman, right?

1 hours later 53006574 Anonymous (I downloaded this from Tumblr.jpg 250x332 19kB)
>>53006536 Anyone who acts without their feminine essence is going to be horrifyingly mentally ill. See: The sect of Incels who think lifting and acting like Chad (stoic, void of emotion) will make them appealing. They try to be hypermasculine, ignore their femininity, and end up depressed. Do you think TRUChads constantly treat their women like shit? Of course not. They are in touch with their emotions, they just know how to make it appear like they aren't. And again, you're confusing your mannerisms and persona with your genitals. You aren't your penis, anon.

1 hours later 53006615 Anonymous
>>53006574 I never said your emotions were your genitals, you did retard, because you're the one saying a feminine man is really a woman trapped inside a man's body dumbfuck. Why do trannies want to appear as the opposite sex and have opposite sex organs if their genitals are not their mannerisms and personas?

1 hours later 53006665 Anonymous
>>53006615 Feminine men aren't women trapped inside a male body. They're just feminine men. They present as a man, but act like a faggot. I want to present as a female, and act like a trashy bitch. In fact I already do that in private. If I try to repress this, like I did for the last 23 years or so, it just makes me want to kill myself. Again, why don't you force yourself to want to feel like a girl? You should be able to do it right, even if you don't want to right now. You're telling me just to want to be male after all. It's that easy right?

1 hours later 53006746 Anonymous
>>53006665 So you're just a man larping as a woman, got it. Well then, there's no reason to medicate a fetish with prescription for HRT, SRS, and fucking plastic surgery to alleviate """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" """""""dysphoria""""""""""""""""""" """""""""""""""""""""""

2 hours later 53006775 Anonymous
>>53006665 Not him but why not become a flaming homo then? You will never be accepted as a girl when you present yourself as a mutant freak. You will never be a girl, deal with it.

2 hours later 53006799 Anonymous
>>53005572 Is this Holden caulfield in catcher in the rye?

2 hours later 53006815 Anonymous (1559214098093.png 610x571 604kB)
>>53006746 "Dysphoria" means a disconnect. In this case the mind and body. Are you saying my mind is male and so is my body? After all I act like this naturally, without having to put on an act. >>53006775 I was a flaming homo from the age of maybe 21 to 28. Then I had a nervous breakdown from my overwhelming depression and had to confront all the tranny shit I've done literally as long as I can remember. From wearing girl clothes before puberty, to pretending to be a girl online without it being sexual.

2 hours later 53006842 Anonymous
>>53006815 I take that back. Dysphoria implies a disconnect. It means the opposite of "Euphoria".

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