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2019-06-21 03:34 53005501 Anonymous (burz.png 562x642 1054kB)
post reasons why your life is fucked up >bipolar >26 >no friends, no girls >neet

1 min later 53005516 Anonymous
>>53005501 >bipolar >24 >no friends, no girls >neet

2 min later 53005530 Anonymous
>>53005501 >tortured >raped >neglected >scapegoated

2 min later 53005536 Anonymous
i used to be into metal, but now it's just so fucking boring. Noise/power electronics is my shit now.

3 min later 53005553 Anonymous
>post reasons why your life is fucked up >Black >Black >Black

5 min later 53005578 Anonymous
>autism and depression >HS dropout >29 >never had a friend, much less a gf >neet

6 min later 53005589 Anonymous
>>53005501 >doomer >spawn of single mother >neet >no friends, no girls

10 min later 53005640 Anonymous (4C7F1650-168B-48B6-B9B1-8825F03311DC.png 500x520 160kB)
>50lbs overweight >existential anxiety + severe adhd >stacies and beckys keep me around to make them look better >25 virgin >heavy stoner both literally and figuratively >piece of shit with no self control

24 min later 53005860 Anonymous
>>53005640 are u a grill by any chance?

25 min later 53005878 Anonymous
>>53005501 Little to no self control. Have seen the world, it's not what it's cracked up to be. Bipoloar, seems to be a running gag here. want to kill myself but have enough sense not to. I'm coming home.

27 min later 53005907 Anonymous
>>53005878 >I'm coming home. whatcu mean by that moneygrip?

28 min later 53005930 Anonymous
>>53005501 > chronically depressed > 25 > manlet > 4/10 > small dick > virgin > all the side effects of all the above Its amazing how vidya and anime still makes me keep on going.

1 hours later 53006129 Anonymous
>>53005501 >tfw no black metal gf with epic braids

1 hours later 53006144 Anonymous
fucked a famous bitch to mask off

1 hours later 53006551 Anonymous
>straight >26 >khv >neet >ugly and pimples like a teenager >socially awkward, creepy (online) >depression

1 hours later 53006614 Anonymous
>retarded >ugly >receding hairline >fat >still in school for another 4 years plus 4 years of training >socially crippled >stutter when talking to girls

1 hours later 53006662 Anonymous (1550278537112.jpg 1024x681 149kB)
Who cares??? Really I don't think any of this matters at all its all a means to power.

1 hours later 53006673 Anonymous
>>53006129 burzum, mayhem... the list goes on

2 hours later 53006731 Anonymous
I asked for a summer fling when I was 17 with this goddess and she said NO and I spent the rest of the day crying on the beach I fell in love with a 13 yo girl, literally cried a river of tears over her and I woke up to her fucking my dad!!! WTF MAN he never even got in trouble!!!!!!!! I am a HS dropout and I'm not even intelligent enough to pass an equivalency exam!! I remember tripping on acid at about 4-5 years old my moms friends gavve it to me!! I had a good trip luckily..

2 hours later 53006770 Anonymous
>>53005501 >bipolar You need no other reason than this, OP. Your life basically dosen't matter now, your happiness is just a function of your moods.

2 hours later 53006826 Anonymous
>>53005501 >gook >manlet and psychologically fucked up because of being a gook >spend most of my time on the internet >mostly apathetic about everything

3 hours later 53007505 Anonymous
>>53006770 and you know this how? llm;lm;lm

3 hours later 53007572 Anonymous
>>53005501 >angry alcoholic dad >raised primarily by mom >college dropout >lazy >angry >directionless >unhealthy coping habits >22 The future isn't looking too bright, but I hope to find something worth trying for.

3 hours later 53007579 Anonymous
>>53005501 I wanna put my stiff dick in her cunt

4 hours later 53008191 Anonymous
>>53005501 >multiple personalities (D.I.D) >kv >female female

6 hours later 53009259 Anonymous
Dropped out of 3rd grade Absolutely no social skills Spent my entire life in my bedroom playing video games and browsing internet Too scared to leave house or get a job DEATH SOON

7 hours later 53009481 Anonymous
>>53005536 based. who are your favorite noise/pe artists anon

7 hours later 53009500 Anonymous
>>53005501 >dumb as a board >zero social skills >college drop out >fat

7 hours later 53009505 Anonymous
>20 >sociopath >bipolar >drug addict >highschool dropout

7 hours later 53009528 Anonymous
>bipolar >26 >neet >HS drop out >very little social interaction outside of family

7 hours later 53009730 Anonymous
>>53005501 Those but I'm not bipolar

7 hours later 53009742 Anonymous
>>53005501 My life isn't fucked up. I'm alive, don't have any major health problem and even if i struggle financially, i still manage to survive. It's all good. >T. stoicist.

7 hours later 53009762 Anonymous
>19 >Schizophrenic >Depressive >Don't take my meds >Neet >Alcoholic mother >No friends

7 hours later 53009895 Anonymous
I am too social and not ugly to be a robot, to awkward and ugly to have a gf.

8 hours later 53009935 Anonymous
>>53005501 >24 >no friends >never had a girlfriend >no meaningful human interaction in years >no foreseeable way of this changing >suffering a lot from the loneliness

8 hours later 53009966 Anonymous
>>53005501 >post reasons why your life is fucked up Satan and satanists.

8 hours later 53010031 Anonymous
>>53005860 Anon here is asking the important questions.

8 hours later 53010047 Anonymous (1557605377697.gif 450x327 504kB)
>>53005501 >27 >working emigrant >no close friends >no girl

8 hours later 53010067 Anonymous
I'm 5'11 with size 9 feet us

8 hours later 53010134 Anonymous (1540694293419.png 490x553 528kB)
>>53005501 i regularly reflect on my life and i firmly believe most of my downfall is related to subconscious sabotage. i've got no friends and im starting to actually wonder if i've ever had them in the first place - every girl i have tried to ask out has rejected me. i have generalised anxiety disorder and depression, but i think i have something more fucked up going on in my mind. i'm a very quiet person and if i was ever in a crowd people would only ever notice my presence with surprise. i feel like the reason why i'm quiet is either because i might be autistic, just too dumb to maintain a conversation or i might simply lack a personality altogether. i've been described as a cold and unpleasant person even though i strive for the complete opposite.

8 hours later 53010244 Anonymous
>>53005907 he badda off his self, blud clot

8 hours later 53010258 Anonymous
>>53010134 You sound like a depressed teenager

8 hours later 53010267 Anonymous
>>53007505 I'm bipolar too. Eventually you will come to realize that your mood matters more than what's actually going on in your life in terms of actual happiness. You can be miserable surrounded by love and friends and walking on air while jerking off alone in your trailer.

8 hours later 53010301 Anonymous
>>53010267 eventually you'll realize you could be walking on air on command

9 hours later 53010380 Anonymous
>>53010134 This really resonates with me, I feel like a lite version of what you described. I can handle conversations but the idea of flirting feels forbidden to me, as if mentally ive blocked that as something reserved for normal people. Pretty sure im not autistic I just need to see a psych at some point or something. Sounds like you're trying to change so just keep at it anon, doomer mentality is enticing but its delusional.

9 hours later 53010386 Anonymous
>>53005501 >autist >socially ankward >no friend >no gf >poor >depressive >lazy >nihilist >arrogant >shit family > black

9 hours later 53010394 Anonymous
>>53009742 friend, shit's absolutely fucked up, but we have eachother, on some level we do have that so there.

9 hours later 53010487 Anonymous
>>53005501 >bipolar >23 >no friends, no gf >neet I'm seeing a pattern here

9 hours later 53010517 Anonymous
>>53010394 I wouldn't say that, social interactions are ruled by hypocrisy and selfishness, people stay with you only out of their interests (even if they genuinely appreciate you, they will help you in order to keep enjoying interacting with you, not out of pure benevolence). There's no altruism, only either symbiosis, commensalism or pure predation, no one do anything that wouldn't benefit them. But, it's not wrong, that's how life is, even plants do the same. That's why you need to find happiness within you, for only you will always be reliable to yourself. Then detach yourself emotionally from outside. Grow strong brother, in the end only you can help yourself.

9 hours later 53010609 Anonymous
>>53010517 >find happiness within you this is a huge meme, you will never be truly happy alone, only very few people actually manage that

9 hours later 53010625 Anonymous
>>53005501 >28 >NEET >chronic back pain, RSI in hands and feet >KV >starting to lose passion in vidya the only thing I enjoyed doing at least I have supportive parents

9 hours later 53010629 Anonymous (1560829420868.jpg 960x932 134kB)
26, neet, virgin, no friends. the usual

9 hours later 53010665 Anonymous
>addiction >no motivation >lonely and empty

9 hours later 53010670 Anonymous
>>53005501 Have you tried guys yet?

9 hours later 53010672 Anonymous
>>53009505 You stupid faggot, if you were really a sociopath you wouldn't be here moping, you'd be out there getting your own.

9 hours later 53010681 Anonymous
>>53009742 more like >t. cope

9 hours later 53010688 Anonymous
>>53005530 Nice fantasy anon and weird LARP Inwonder if you are that Grindr faggot

9 hours later 53010710 Anonymous
>>53005536 Are you 14? Is it really your shit now? Lol

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