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2019-06-21 03:33 53005486 Anonymous (1557640836512.png 346x450 149kB)
>tfw can easily message and attract average and below average looking women on the internet >always end up ghosting them instead of getting laid What is wrong with me? I got interest recently from a butterface with a 10/10 fitness model body, and an average faced girl who was kind of overweight but had HUGE milkers. Why can't I pull the trigger? Its like I want to stay a virgin.

4 min later 53005552 Anonymous
>>53005486 You are a baby boy.

26 min later 53005883 Anonymous
>>53005486 Post the pics then And tell where you found em

31 min later 53005961 Anonymous
Avoidant Personality disorder. I think I have it too and can relate to your post

33 min later 53005987 Anonymous
>>53005486 Same but its only because theyre so boring. Most women are. Tfw no interesting gf

37 min later 53006032 Anonymous
>>53005883 I wont post the pics because im lazy, I found the butterface on fetlife and the other on /trash/ though

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