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2019-06-21 03:27 53005415 Anonymous Who here /partial/ NEET? (12334.jpg 910x480 43kB)
Working only the minimum amount of hours to make rent and other bills is the best. My state pays me partial unemployment benefits and I use those for vidya and to buy new parts for my pc. Also while working <15 hours a week you have so much time to work on yourself, lift and find a qt3.14. part time warehouse laborer. What do you do? do you cuck it to the max every day? Or do you take a little time for yourself each week?

4 min later 53005475 Anonymous
Drive a bus. >work 7 hours >get paid for 8 >30 per hour union I was a neet before this job but I got a cdl and a comfy job after. It is comfy as hell, not like I thought. Every one is chill I made life changing friends. This changed my life, I was no memes pissing in bottles and laying in bed all day to this

6 min later 53005503 Anonymous
>>53005475 sounds comfy anon I'm paid 14/hour and I am in a union too. Once I'm here for 6 months I can start bidding for a supervisor spot that pays between 19-26/hour.

24 min later 53005767 Anonymous (20190609_074352.jpg 1920x933 657kB)
Part time NEET here. I work 7 months out of the years and NEET on unemployment for the other 5 months. >What do you do? Temp worker on a dam. I work full time (40 hours/week plus some optional over time) for the months that I'm on. 25/hr. and $500/week on unemployment. I work on my own most of the time. Its pretty comfy. Pic related was taken driving around on my weekly checks.

25 min later 53005786 Anonymous
>>53005767 fucking beautiful anon. It's a shame wagies can't enjoy it with us.

37 min later 53005958 Anonymous (20190609_074455.jpg 1920x933 923kB)
>>53005786 I wish I be a NEET more. I used to only work 5 months when I first started. Then 6 months. Last year they had me on for 7 months. The thought of working year round scares the shit out of me.

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