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2019-06-21 03:25 53005392 Anonymous (giphy.gif 300x250 266kB)
Give me a cute english bf or gf (male) who i can cuddle and frot with and play vidya with every night!

14 min later 53005588 Anonymous
No, you're probably a gross and ugly. Die alone faggot.

18 min later 53005636 Anonymous (dMecNcX.gif 362x480 155kB)
>>53005588 that's not very nice of you, though if you were to see a picture of me then you'd know that's not the case

39 min later 53005973 Anonymous (1545965971556.jpg 1920x1080 135kB)
Where are you from you homo

41 min later 53005988 Anonymous (1512054252966.png 569x569 573kB)
>>53005973 england that's why i specified

43 min later 53006007 Anonymous (1545863327425.png 480x480 266kB)
>>53005988 But where abouts in england

43 min later 53006008 Anonymous
>>53005636 well then let me see a pic of you then

44 min later 53006026 Anonymous (103588.png 800x800 598kB)
>>53006007 middle >>53006008 no

45 min later 53006042 Anonymous
>>53006026 You won't show it because you are gross and ugly Right?

46 min later 53006050 Anonymous (rdjtrdr54.jpg 300x250 13kB)
>>53006042 See the sticky, retard.

1 hours later 53006110 Anonymous
>>53006026 Same desu, I'm extremely shy though and you're probably just some hyper sexual that just wants to fuck. also fuck 4chan

1 hours later 53006125 Anonymous (3471668331_bab07acc9d.jpg 334x500 50kB)
>>53006110 I'd much rather we cuddle and play vidya than fuck desu

1 hours later 53006149 Anonymous (1561068361498.png 2000x2000 979kB)
>>53006125 I still don't trust you, but post discord before 4chan dies again

1 hours later 53006162 Anonymous
>>53006149 are you okay with me posting a throwaway and i add you on my main from there? i don't want my friends to know i'm a faggot

1 hours later 53006182 Anonymous
>>53006162 Sure whatever faggot

1 hours later 53006242 Anonymous (manga-girl-thumbs-up-min.jpg 238x211 12kB)
>>53006182 epic. very cool, anon. dummythrowaway#0138

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