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2019-06-21 03:23 53005360 Anonymous (20190620_202149.jpg 1073x1293 833kB)
your thoughts? a normie friend shared this on her instagram baka

1 min later 53005373 Anonymous
Its true. Normies like to travel in packs. Though, she probably doesn't even go out alone unless she has her friends or a date.

2 min later 53005394 Anonymous (1560721636834.png 1591x1642 65kB)
>>53005360 I already do this. Nobody will openly make fun of you, but it's soul crushing after a while.

3 min later 53005401 Anonymous
>>53005360 >normie friend >her anon....

4 min later 53005414 Anonymous
Why would I leave the house if I'm not hanging out with someone lol, the only reason I go out is other people. Do people really just want to go to a restaurant like that?

4 min later 53005424 Anonymous
Why would I be alone in the first place? I can just bring my gf (2d).

7 min later 53005453 Anonymous (8B384027-C34E-439A-B61C-B2998ECC090A.jpg 680x794 52kB)
>>53005360 This is different for normalfaggots. They usually go everywhere fucking 10 deep so it's refreshing for them to get away from their friends for fifteen minutes. It's something they don't do a lot. It's like how they call spending the day in bed "self care". For me, that's self harm. Self care would be me getting out of bed and running errands. But that's because (((the thoughts))) begin coming back when I'm in bed and I feel better when I'm out and about.

13 min later 53005544 Anonymous
>>53005453 >image based

15 min later 53005562 Anonymous (der.png 258x251 70kB)
>>53005394 This. Nothing like going to movies and seeing all the happy couples.

18 min later 53005597 Anonymous
>>53005360 I think falling through with any commitment you make, even if it's going to a place you've been saying you want to go to for awhile while benefit you in the end, it's like starting small habits.

33 min later 53005836 Anonymous
>>53005360 That kind of attitude just made me stop wanting to go outside anywhere

40 min later 53005949 Anonymous (908B510C-E769-4EE8-ADC1-868C46D8A6E1.jpg 461x797 47kB)
>>53005360 I am about to turn 21 and I have eaten every single meal and done everything, literally everything alone since I was 17. I choose to be alone though, I have no desire for company

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