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2019-06-21 03:23 53005358 Anonymous (mic.jpg 828x506 49kB)
>talking to a potentially female sadist in a thread >thread gets deleted I why does this happen bros

2 min later 53005395 Anonymous (f6f1c6f8b7757c8c63a679e57957a6d86c8626d72083e7.jpg 300x444 44kB)
>>53005358 You were being positive and bonding in my thread, can't have that.

4 min later 53005416 Anonymous
>>53005395 Holy shit this is like seeing a ghost, plz dont delet this thread ghostnon it's all I have left

5 min later 53005429 Anonymous (ree.jpg 720x1154 380kB)
>he actually thought it would go anywhere She said she wanted a smart boy, anon.

6 min later 53005441 Anonymous
>>53005429 No she didnt, she said she wanted someone worth it and I wanted to know how to prove it to her

6 min later 53005450 Anonymous (images (1).jpg 225x225 13kB)
Probably deleted for guro. Or maybe some janny is scared we'll encourage you to kill yourself. OP it'd be hotter if you acted a little hornier for pain and suffering... you give off a real sad vibe. Maybe just stick some needles into your dick or something and can the suicide talk.

7 min later 53005462 Anonymous (1560736537384.jpg 1150x1266 137kB)
>>53005441 She told you to be creative and smart afterwards, right before I deleted the thread

12 min later 53005521 Anonymous
>>53005462 Shit, it 404'd for me before my post even loaded

16 min later 53005582 Anonymous (Couldve+also+mentioned+persona+3+protag+_b8913.png 720x720 417kB)
>>53005450 I'm not a masochist... at least I don't think so. I just want to be encouraged to self-harm and give someone sadistic pleasure in the process. Needles in my dick is gross, I don't do disgusting stuff.

20 min later 53005639 Anonymous
>>53005582 That's pretty masochistic of you anon, there are different levels of masochist

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