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2019-06-21 03:22 53005351 Anonymous Has anyone else peaked when the were 6? (bloomer.png 233x355 17kB)
>Got invited to every single party >Had no need for a girlfriend. They all had cooties. >Had no need to work. >Owned several cars, albeit they were hotweels. >Was the best child artist. Now I'm a mediocre adult artist. I'm halfway done with my computer science degree. Hopefully I will peak again in my 40s earning the big bucks.

53 min later 53006069 Anonymous
>>53005351 you could live a fulfilling life now if you wanted, you're just too lazy.

2 hours later 53007064 Anonymous (tumblr_ozlhkghXhe1s05isjo2_250.jpg 250x332 19kB)
>>53005351 I was 10, but yeah. I was the coolest in elementary school, kids knew my name. Back then (at least in my school) the earth wasn't overthrown by chads and Stacy's. I could just make friends and friends. Now I can't even feel like I could ever make so much as an acquaintance.

4 hours later 53007990 Anonymous
>>53005351 I peaked in fifth grade. I wasn't afraid to interact with anyone. But elementary school was when I was at peak autism in my life, so everyone thought I was cringe. At least people pretended to like me back then.

4 hours later 53008098 Anonymous
>>53005351 Well I was always putted in some sort of "special" class til high school so I never really had a chance. At least I was thin before I turned 8 or 9.

4 hours later 53008132 Anonymous
>tfw always had a pretty big friend group of mostly kids that liked pokemon and shit >lost all of it because i dropped out and became a shut in neet at 13 >even tried going back to school at 16 and they still treated me like a close friend >dropped out and became a shut in neet again I'm such a fucking retard

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