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2019-06-21 03:19 53005318 Anonymous (1560979125609.jpg 1200x1093 1006kB)
i haven't had a conversation in 4 days and today's my birthday

1 min later 53005337 Anonymous
>>53005318 Happy birthday anon. We're the only friends you need

2 min later 53005346 Anonymous
>>53005318 hello anon, how was your day? did you get your favorite meal?

4 min later 53005371 Anonymous
it'll be better. hbd anon

5 min later 53005386 Anonymous (descarga.png 177x284 5kB)
>>53005318 I haven't in years, good luck with that. Happy birthday!

13 min later 53005487 Anonymous (brush.jpg 1001x1001 96kB)
>>53005318 Happy birthday anon! originally happy birthday. 21 June people are chads tho.

16 min later 53005527 Anonymous
>>53005318 I don't celebrate my birthdays since years ago and in 3 months it will be 1 year since the last time I meet with a friend.

17 min later 53005546 Anonymous
>>53005318 woop dee doo nobody fucking cares

19 min later 53005571 Anonymous
>>53005546 He doesnt care himself, he left the thread after 3 minutes of posting it and he is now masturbating or watching some cool series.

21 min later 53005590 Anonymous
>>53005546 I do orihinl

21 min later 53005595 Anonymous
>>53005571 Or maybe he has slow internet

22 min later 53005606 Anonymous (1558789226850m.jpg 1024x576 47kB)
Happy birthday anon! We'll be your friends, don't worry!

24 min later 53005635 Anonymous
>>53005595 Where is he tho? doesnt he want a conversation with many freinds..

26 min later 53005670 Anonymous
>>53005571 stop knowing me so well >>53005346 nah i didn't get my favorite meal but i just had a banana and some coffee so that was nice >>53005546 harsh vibes bro >>53005386 damn that sucks. How old are you? I understand that it's pretty hard to hang out with people as you get older thanks guys i appreciate the optimism considering that this board is usually so dismal :)

31 min later 53005759 Anonymous (1553651203398.jpg 549x767 34kB)
>>53005487 thanks anon 06/21 people can't be any more chad than us turbochad 06/20 geminis though haha jk I've never met a june bday person that was a chad/stacy

34 min later 53005800 Anonymous
>>53005318 happy birthday someday you will die

37 min later 53005850 Anonymous
>>53005759 Prepare yourself a drink master.

40 min later 53005894 Anonymous
>>53005800 If you have a fucked enough sleep schedule you will start suffocating in your sleep peacefully. It has been happening to me almost everyday the last month during those erratic naps that come from sleep deprevation. It feels so peacefull and sweet. Shit isnt talked about here because its controlled by trannies and fbi faggots.

43 min later 53005943 Anonymous (milkstout.png 242x720 50kB)
>>53005850 thanks anon currently drinking pic related, I plan on having several and playing chess until I get frustrated and have to stop >>53005800 i look forward to it. fr think about how much of your life you actually enjoy and how much is boring filler or not enjoyable >>53005894 that's fucked man have you tried sleeping? I can't imagine that's very fun

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