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2019-06-21 03:08 53005197 Anonymous (336872_10151171890695336_218960039_o.jpg 1529x2048 335kB)
>Hello, this is gf delivery service, is this the right address? >I have orders on 1 (one) tomboy gf delivered here, you just sign here, here and here and I'll be on my way.

1 min later 53005211 Anonymous
>>53005197 3 signatures? sounds like a scam. go away. we prefer real boys on this board.

2 min later 53005225 Anonymous (D890159D-CF2A-4A1C-A748-495A73ED734F.jpg 750x750 70kB)
Whhhhhgonan be apassb

29 min later 53005551 Anonymous
>>53005197 im mentally handicapped and she physically handicapped. this is not going to work

33 min later 53005601 Anonymous
>>53005197 I'm not paying for the delivery, you damaged the product

34 min later 53005619 Anonymous
>>53005197 Oi you stupid fuck, how am I supposed to play basketball with this one, its broken. Fix it and come back.

35 min later 53005630 Anonymous
>>53005197 >when you didn't read the fine print on the 50% off sale

36 min later 53005657 Anonymous
>>53005619 Ever heard about wheelchair basketball?

37 min later 53005681 Anonymous
>>53005197 imagine pushing her down a hill lmao

38 min later 53005685 Anonymous
>>53005197 My house is not compatible with wheels.

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