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2019-06-21 03:05 53005165 Anonymous Rejected (B9955193-DB0F-4589-810A-8828E40862B1.png 1055x657 608kB)
Has /r9k/ ever been betrayed by someone you thought you could trust? Story time?

10 min later 53005273 Anonymous (orig.jpg 1280x720 66kB)
>>53005165 >become goof friends with girl that is friends with crush >she tells me all kinds of shit about crush, what she likes etc >we hang out a lot over time and get to the point where we lewd talk on fb often >one day tells me that crush has feelings for me and wants to fug and I should ask her out >work up the balls to do it and approach her while alone in gym locker >get rejected, says "we should just stay friends" and runs off to the girls lockeroom >proceeds to tell all the other girls in class about what happened, get mocked for the rest of MS >ask friend wtf happened >"Tehee it was just a joke bro uwu" >end shit right there >never talk to her again >only see eachother in hs a few times and exchange awkward glances. Never really talked after it end Now she's trying to get back in contact on fb again but fuck that hoe.

19 min later 53005379 Anonymous (1441921580959.jpg 2448x3264 1801kB)
>feed stray dog hotdogs >follows me >he lets me pet him >run out of hotdogs and he growls at me I saw him hanging out with the taco man yesterday and he wouldn't even look my way. I swear you think you know someome... Luckily there's a new dog that follows me around and laps upwhatever beer I spill on the ground. Sometimes I let him have a half empty tallboy.

20 min later 53005396 Anonymous
>>53005165 Not betrayed but ghosted by plenty of people I trusted. I dont trust people any more

27 min later 53005484 Anonymous
>>53005165 Yeah 9 years ago. My brother slept with my then girlfriend. Haven't had a relationship with either of them or my parents since. Surprised how much it changed me.

44 min later 53005736 Anonymous
>>53005273 Stick to your guns anon. I had a friend pull this shit on me and I got ghosted by my crush. Sucked shit for a while but that's life. >>53005396 It's probably better not to trust people. It sounds cringy, edgy and cliche but people are shit. >>53005484 That stings to even read. Yeah stuff like that will change you.

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