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2019-06-21 03:02 53005134 Anonymous (img.jpg 225x225 7kB)
>tfw austrian >tfw if we had won the war, i would have achieved the rank of Obersturmfuhrer by now, because of my loyalty to the party programme >tfw we lost and i work at a supermarket fuck this...

5 min later 53005195 Anonymous (39.jpg 953x1760 369kB)
Is there something worse than the eternal Habsburg?

7 min later 53005221 Anonymous (1484668374_QuWBiZT - Imgur.gif 500x364 100kB)
>tfw not a Nazi larper >tfw realistic outlook on life and accept reality >tfw healthy relationships with different people

10 min later 53005248 Anonymous
>>53005221 >Tfw none of these things kill me please

36 min later 53005566 Anonymous
>>53005134 Keep your autism to yourself kraut

41 min later 53005646 Anonymous (1543589743771.png 1420x1258 410kB)
>>53005134 And then you had a better German state BUILT FOR YOU by generous slavs and your family didn't go there

2 hours later 53006690 Anonymous (035bf1cfb6588a1addfcbb1d2db0663.png 420x420 410kB)

2 hours later 53006808 Anonymous
>>53006690 In an alternate reality OP is gassing Jews like you anon

2 hours later 53006855 Anonymous (1558339642030.png 371x361 34kB)
>>53005221 >>53005566 >>53006690 The eternal jewmutt is lurking behind every corner.

2 hours later 53006864 Anonymous
>>53005221 I'm gay and a registered democrat but often fantasize about Nazi victory and creating an ethnostate.

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