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2019-06-21 03:02 53005130 Anonymous (1559821751238.png 599x553 215kB)
>he listens to video game music like its real music

3 min later 53005168 Cunt
Ples explain whats real music?

6 min later 53005198 Anonymous (fierce.png 462x612 523kB)
>>53005130 >she listens to repetitive monkey mumble like its real music

8 min later 53005226 Anonymous
Video game music has been shown to help people focus and feel more motivated to complete tasks... which is why they use it in video games

8 min later 53005228 Cunt
Wtf is real music though, I dont understand?

10 min later 53005243 Anonymous
>her uterus sheds its lining every 28 days out the hole right next to her anus. 3-4 days of chunky bloody discharge. bad moods. whining. but hey that's cool.

14 min later 53005286 Anonymous (1559625127814.jpg 1080x1080 105kB)
>>53005168 Real music is about HAVING SEX.

15 min later 53005294 Anonymous (51137504_307085250160268_8036127462718879629_n.jpg 960x812 82kB)
I genuinely wonder why normalfaggots shame listening to orchestral soundtracks and production music. Chances many normangs secretly enjoy it and the atmosphere it brings to the setting, but never actually admit that.

15 min later 53005299 Anonymous
>>53005130 KYS roastie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjS G-fiouXo

15 min later 53005302 Anonymous (52331996_576000506233965_5633282837572762438_n.jpg 320x320 19kB)
>>53005130 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=e-IWR mpefzE

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