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2019-06-21 02:58 53005080 Anonymous (f6f1c6f8b7757c8c63a679e57957a6d86c8626d72083e7.jpg 300x444 44kB)
>tfw no femanon who will bully me and encourage me to harm and kill myself

0 min later 53005087 Anonymous
>>53005080 This is all I want in my life but they wont talk to me even if I paid them

0 min later 53005088 Anonymous
>>53005080 Anon, I'd never encourage you to kill yourself, a broken toy has no use... I'd just... hurt you

2 min later 53005109 Anonymous (7b0c0bf4a8dfedf175a18b9355bf09c976b92a86r5-512-512_00.jpg 512x512 26kB)
>>53005088 Please break me then, I'm feminine and young, it will be extra satisfying

4 min later 53005135 Anonymous
>>53005109 Not worth my time, if you are here you are already broken...

6 min later 53005156 Anonymous (1544092656440.jpg 1239x1740 271kB)
>>53005135 I'm not broken enough, I need a proper push to slice myself up

8 min later 53005180 Anonymous
:( Why would you want that, OP? I like masochists but this just makes me feel pitiful. It's unspicy.

10 min later 53005199 Anonymous (1560736537384.jpg 1150x1266 137kB)
>>53005180 I want to make a sadist psycho femanon happy and destroy myself in the process, there's just something appealing about it.

14 min later 53005245 Anonymous
>>53005135 Sure but just having you in my life is motivation to fix myself. Then you can break me again and repeat the process

15 min later 53005258 Anonymous (SK7hM1ZQp3-10.png 300x250 27kB)
I'm not one of the broken ones you will never take my soul Satan.

16 min later 53005261 Anonymous
>>53005245 How about I rebuild you, in my way? I'll allow you fix yourself, but under strict guidance and vigilance.

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