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2019-06-21 02:56 53005059 Anonymous (hb.jpg 1000x1000 109kB)
I think I just fucked the sky

1 hours later 53005842 Anonymous
>>53005059 how did you fuck the sky anon? isnt it too big and far away?

2 hours later 53006882 Anonymous (1494518847080.png 732x633 247kB)
>>53005059 something dont add up here Chief

3 hours later 53006945 Anonymous
>>53005842 >>53006882 I was skydiving and my dick got so hard that I came all over

3 hours later 53006968 Anonymous
>>53005059 How? That's a reall big sky and also it's far very far far very far away far

3 hours later 53006982 Anonymous
OP here, I'm scared bros. This feels so good but what if there's lightning?

3 hours later 53006993 Anonymous (z0o6jf0lmmv21.png 803x744 32kB)
>>53006945 well if a child falls from the sky know it's yours, and damn a story about fucking not followed by >later virgins This is something I never thought I'd see

3 hours later 53007016 Anonymous
>>53006982 Maybe just dont go skydiving if it thunder storms

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