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2019-06-21 02:55 53005044 Anonymous anyone else never loved a girl before? (cali-butt.jpg 1020x1548 465kB)
26yo and i never loved a girl i've been attracted to girls before. i've seen a girl and been like "man i wanna pound that ass" i'm also not a virgin. but i've never loved a girl before who else knows this feel? also how old are you

2 min later 53005082 Anonymous
>>53005044 maybe you're just a boring normie and that's why you can't appreciate higher emotions

4 min later 53005098 Anonymous
>>53005082 >can't appreciate higher emotions how can i appreciate something i have never felt? not sure who the fuck i was supposed to love

32 min later 53005419 Anonymous
>>53005335 >14 y/o virgin. enjoy your ban little boy come back when your balls dropped

54 min later 53005738 Anonymous
Yeah, 19 kisseles virgin here. Never loved a girl and know either. Perhaps it's because I'm waiting till marriage but I just don't love anybody but my family and animals

55 min later 53005763 Anonymous
>>53005044 > 25 I thought I loved a girl, but realized I was just lonely and she was a whore. Does that count?

57 min later 53005787 Anonymous
>>53005763 >girl is nice to you >start falling in love with her >realize she is just nice to everyone and is literally the only girl that has given you attention in the past few years >she actually loves a chad fuck

1 hours later 53006019 Anonymous
>>53005044 you really don't want to anon, unless its 100% mutual, you will end up hurt, and you'll never want to deal with women again

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