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2019-06-21 02:52 53005008 Anonymous (needle__52178.1358267729.1280.1280.jpg 269x446 32kB)
Help me convince PETA to run this as a campaign. by legalizing medical experimentation on human subjects such as convicted criminals and psych-ward patients, we could save millions of innocent lab animals from being test subjects.

1 min later 53005020 Anonymous
>>53005008 even if that idea wasn't retarded no one would listen to PETA

2 min later 53005042 Anonymous
>>53005008 I'd rather have them test on animals desu. God gave man domain over animals so we can do with them as we please. Human life is sacred and shouldn't be gambled with by experimenting crazy drugs. Animals do not have an immortal soul so it's ok to kill them because God gave us the go ahead

3 min later 53005053 Anonymous
Y'all are missing the point, I don't want them to try and get it done, I want to make them look even more retarded than they already are.

5 min later 53005081 Anonymous
>>53005053 that's dumb and unproductive. Why don't you campaign for a politician you agree with or powerwash your local library. you know something with a tengible effect on the world? rather than LE EPIN TROLL that is

7 min later 53005106 Anonymous
>>53005081 Because I am at best politically apathetic and am trying to destroy PETA so they'll stop stealing and murdering people's pets.

8 min later 53005111 Anonymous
N Y P A Fill in the blanks

10 min later 53005137 Anonymous
>>53005111 NIGGA YOU PROTECT ALL Did I get it? >>53005106 If you live in the US and are politically apathetic then you are scum. Nothing worse than scum who are centrist or don't care and have the gall to act surprised our country is in the shitter. Like I don't care which side but grow a spine and have an opinion

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