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2019-06-21 02:51 53004997 Anonymous (1426970025940.jpg 800x600 154kB)
Anyone else /gonnaendit/? >be me >get into car accident >break spine become paralyzed >have to get surgery to walk again >get addicted to opiates from surgery >constant pain >still don't have full function of my legs >have to use walker or cane >friends don't really hang out anymore >get off opiates and start snorting coke and boozing >GF leaves me (I don't blame her) >lost job because I'm always fucked up I think I'm just going to end it boiz.

0 min later 53005002 Anonymous
>>53004997 yeah im gonna end it. im gonna end your funding

18 min later 53005222 Anonymous
>>53004997 kill your self boi

32 min later 53005374 Anonymous
>>53004997 Nah senpai clean urself up and start again you got this <3

38 min later 53005447 Anonymous
>>53004997 Your legs work again. You were almost confined to a wheelchair for the rest of your life you ungrateful bastard. Go do something with it

41 min later 53005491 Anonymous
>>53004997 remember the saying anon. "Do a flip and stream it on YouTube faggot"

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