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2019-06-21 02:44 53004905 Anonymous (1517786524151.png 793x763 608kB)
>find a jack off buddy >tell him my fetish >blocks me

1 min later 53004918 Anonymous
>>53004905 >jack off buddy You're gay

1 min later 53004925 Anonymous
>>53004905 tell me your fetish anon, jerk off buddy is gay af why do you do that?

1 min later 53004930 Anonymous (23049-2304.png 334x338 58kB)
Keep trying anon, you'll find someone who isn't a normie.

2 min later 53004934 Anonymous
>>53004905 Your fetish cant be that bad

3 min later 53004943 Anonymous
Whats the fetish? Answer us OP

3 min later 53004951 Anonymous
>>53004925 just wanted someone to feed me some pics, basically share pics and fap. my fetish is ruined orgasms, so at the end i let go sometimes and cease stimulation as a cum. >>53004930 thanks anon, i had a good fap on my own anyways :/ >>53004934 it's not, it's pretty vanilla!

6 min later 53004982 Anonymous
>>53004951 you're gay right? also your ruined ogasm or others?

6 min later 53004986 Anonymous
>>53004951 pfft thats not bad at all that guy must've just wanted an excuse

8 min later 53005005 Anonymous (charge up and JO original.png 546x575 274kB)
>>53004918 >>53004925 >JO buddy is gay absolutely and utterly incorrect. enjoy uncharged crystals noobs

10 min later 53005026 Anonymous
>>53004982 my own. i mean i guess it depends on your definition of gay. I only fap to females and the jerking with someone else on discord is just feeding eachother photos. I guess I don't think about it that way, i'm okay if that is considered gay though. I'm /foreveralone/ so doesn't matter much to me either way. >>53004986 yeah, probably just not into the same girls or something. oh well.

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