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2019-06-21 02:42 53004892 Anonymous What are your experiences with meeting anons IRL? (anus.jpg 1280x1343 387kB)
Have you ever met any anons IRL? What were your experiences with them like?

1 min later 53004904 Anonymous
Never had an experience, no robots in my Chad tier state just a buncha failed Normalfags

59 min later 53005608 Anonymous
>>53004892 I think I probably have, but it wasn't made explicit or anything. They were just fairly subdued and uninteresting, as most people here seem to be.

1 hours later 53005624 Anonymous
>>53004892 her roast is slowly crawling to the butthole

1 hours later 53005776 Anonymous
he became a really good friend of mine but hes a little too autistic sometimes but i love him. the other one has a lot of problems but in general is a good guy, into weird sex shit, has old, but i love him too

1 hours later 53005796 Anonymous
Everyone from 4chan that I've met in real life, I've become even better friends with.

1 hours later 53005826 Anonymous
>>53004892 I never have, hopefully when I move to toronto I can find a cute trap from here to fug

1 hours later 53005856 Anonymous
>>53005776 >he became a really good friend of mine but hes a little too autistic sometimes but i love him Same here. Good buddy of mine, we're super similar. He's actually taking care of my stuff while I'm on vacation, I trust him a lot. He's teaching me tae kwon do

2 hours later 53006588 Anonymous
>>53004892 i'm considering going on /soc/ for this purpose. however, i don't want gay shit, so maybe it's a waste of time.

2 hours later 53006716 Anonymous
I've exchanged contacts with a few people who were great conversation and very nice people but eventually lost contact anyway, just recently though I actually met someone from 4chan in person and I wasn't expecting much going into it but we hit it off much better than I ever expected and now I seriously think this person may be relationship material

3 hours later 53006903 Anonymous
>>53004892 once i decided to go on /soc/ and meet some dude, i was just looking for people to chill with in my area that went on 4ch, so we kick it off with something in common and if i sperged out he'd understand anyways we meet up, the dude is actually a model but he's super beta, check this out we talk a little and hes like "lets go meet my gf" so we walk to this bar. when he arrived at this bar (he said his gf was hanging with a friend) there she is making out with two guys simultaneously and then she sees him and literally brushes it off like oh hey and introduces her to the guys and is like this is my bf anon was so fucking shook, he was stuttering and sweating and smiling nervously like he couldnt believe his eyes, he tells her he needs to go and we leave and im like "bro you fucking good?" he was zoning in and out and not completely there with me i told him lets go hit on some women, he wasnt feeling up to it but i tried to get him in the mood i end up seeing a table of 4 girls at this other bar and try chatting one up and it turned out it was a guy, i had some shitty beer goggles anyways i seen him again two more times and havent heard from him for a few years

3 hours later 53007029 Anonymous
>>53004892 A fair few, all good fun and nice people, and still in contact with some of them.

3 hours later 53007140 Anonymous (yes.jpg 377x362 57kB)
Only met one person who I knew from 4chan, and she was my first and only real girlfriend. Very fat and insecure, but also a riot to be around and genuinely likable. I loved her, and we flew out to see each other 5 or 6 times. Had a lot of good times and better sex together. Kind of wish I never fucked that up, but we were living 5 states away from each other geographically, so we were kind of doomed from the start.

3 hours later 53007205 Anonymous
>met random kid for weed, he looked super young >met another guy for weed, turned out to be crazy and doxxed me for months on /soc/ for no reason >met my dealer of many yrs now >had skype group that had meetups, was weird at first but everyone got along, mostly sitting at each other's places playing vids, went to a con, had a NYE party, was meh in general >sometimes want friends again but don't feel like going through the trouble Overall I give it 2/10 experience and risk wise

3 hours later 53007218 Anonymous
One of my good friends in le college always said stuff like "shill" and "normie" and liked Viper de Rapper and other /mu/ stuff Never said it outloud but there was an unspoken awareness we both surfed de boards

4 hours later 53007706 Anonymous
>>53004892 I met a fembot who lived nearby and we met up. She seemed nice enough and we got along, figured we could become friends. I spent the weekend with her at her place, she had a room for me and all and we could hang out and do stuff together. One night though she raped me in my sleep, and things were akward and unpleasant after that. I ghosted her after too, didn't feel good about knowing her anymore after that.

4 hours later 53007758 Anonymous
whats connecting her pussy to butthole, wanna smell that.

6 hours later 53008616 Anonymous (noice.jpg 600x515 40kB)
>talked with anons on irc back in 2007 >met up in 2008 >had good times and bad times, but still the best friends I've ever had >most of them had really rough upbringings or traumatic experiences in their life >been friends for over a decade also met a girl from a dating app that has been on 4chan since like 2007 and browses r9k beautiful, funny, interesting, and amazing sex pretty much the best thing that has ever happened to me I'm in love bros god bless this fucking website

6 hours later 53008922 Anonymous
>>53004892 Like 90% of them are flat out retarded but one of my good friends from high school a /fa/g and we competed to see who could get laid first. I won, even as a mallet. Another one is a /fit/izen and he inspired me to 1) Start lifting and 2) watch anime. If it wasn't for lifting I would never had lost my v card in Junior year so thank fuck for 4chan

6 hours later 53008964 Anonymous
>>53004892 >live in middle of nowhere >/x/ meetup thread >some guy wants to meet >we go to some local restaurant with a ghost history. eat and have a boring conversation >waitress asks how our date went the ending is what makes it cringe for me but fuck that wasnt even the first time thats happened, everytime I go out to grab lunch with a bro the waitress has to ask "how us lovebirds are doing" or some other gay shit. it makes me uncomfortable and I leave 0% tip when they say shit like that

6 hours later 53009007 Anonymous
is she pooping what is that coming from her ass.

6 hours later 53009013 Anonymous
>>53004892 great, once I metup with a group of anons when pokemon go came out, a few of them drove us out to one of their beach houses, we stayed overnight and played vidya, good times

7 hours later 53009123 Anonymous
I met someone relatively near me last year he was a huge gayfig who'd casually have sex with people from /soc/ never did anything with him he gave me his old tower plus a month later friend of his helps me get a bike

7 hours later 53009202 Anonymous
I'd comment if I actually had any; all the people I've talked to can't carry a conversation past four messages or it's just some fag wanting to suck my dick. I got close with one anon a while back though, we'd play doom co-op and shoot the shit. Good times, but we drifted after I stopped using skype.

7 hours later 53009211 Anonymous (4959363072_857b295f71.jpg 308x305 15kB)
>>53008922 You lucky fuck anon. Hope everything is still going well, enjoying any new anime?

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