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2019-06-21 02:40 53004864 Anonymous (170517174625-robert-mueller-01-large-169.jpg 460x259 23kB)
How do you even make it past the age of 20 without having sex? You'd have to be actively trying to avoid it. Stop eating so much soi

1 min later 53004881 Anonymous
>>53004864 Most of these guys somehow spend less than 20 hours a week talking to girls. It really blows my mind and makes me wonder if there really is a jewish conspiracy. They talk about ugliness as an obstacle when half of the manwhores out there could never be male models.

1 min later 53004882 Anonymous
>>53004864 I cant look women in the eye

2 min later 53004895 Anonymous
>>53004882 just slide into the DMs of a lonely girl

2 min later 53004896 Anonymous
i hope they cut your funding, and use the funds to build housing for the homeless!

2 min later 53004899 Anonymous
I'm not actively avoiding it, I'm just not trying to get it. Sex doesn't just fall into men's laps, Stacy, a lot of work is involved. Work that I don't wanna do.

3 min later 53004907 Anonymous
>>53004899 Literally just go to a social event with alcohol and an even ratio

4 min later 53004914 Anonymous
>>53004881 >20 hours a week talking to girls Where do i meet girls when my hobbies are shooting guns in my basement, vydia, smoking weed, playing hockey, and biking? Im a literal lumberjack, there are no women in my field of work. What the fuck do you even talk about?

5 min later 53004936 Anonymous
>>53004914 >hockey, biking, lumberjack Women love that shit. Go to a bar you retard.

7 min later 53004947 Anonymous
>>53004864 It's actually really easy. First, be a loser in high school. This isn't hard, lots of people just do it naturally. Second, if you go to university, be a commuter student. This saves a ton of money but also ensures that you'll never attend any parties or have any people just randomly drop by to see you. This is sufficient to get to to 20 while remaining a virgin. If you want to be a wizard, then after graduating either be a neet or work in a male-dominated field. (pretty easy, just about anything technical will do)

11 min later 53004992 Anonymous
>>53004936 >Go to a bar you retard Most women dont go to bars alone , they come with either a bf or female friends. Besides from other lonely desperate males hitting on them, they aren't looking for autist that a hermit and plays vidya all day

13 min later 53005024 Anonymous
>>53004936 Only time i do that shit my band is playing or a friends band is. The fuck are you supposed to do just go up to some random bitch and start screaming hey sick rack while musics blasting? Im seriously retarded. I need to get some pussy before nov or i have to blow my brains out. I thought my last tinder thing was gonna get me there but after some lame ass dates we see some shitty movie she blows me off since, i need to get that shit off my mind

15 min later 53005050 Anonymous
>>53004947 >Be a commuter Wait so you mean other commuters are in they same lonely boat as I am? What the fuck are we supposed to do now?

16 min later 53005070 Anonymous
>>53004936 >go to bar >nothing but lonely drunks and couples >go to next bar >girls with their friends all laughing with each other and taking free drinks from lonely guys >go to next bar >see girl sitting by herself, approach her, she tells you she is not interested >go to next bar >empty because bars aren't a good place to meet people anymore because it's not the fucking 1970's >go to next bar >am now broke What's the next step of your master plan?

17 min later 53005079 Anonymous
>>53004992 >i need to talk to most women in order to get any woman are you mental dude? there are LITERALLY billions of women out there. are you absolutely literally fucking joking that you think it's hard to meet people at bars? if you put even 10 hours a week into going out and meeting through different activities, events, or just sitting at bars you would quickly learn that all this internet shit about how difficult/bad women are is just a fucking teenagers anxiety.

18 min later 53005092 Anonymous
>>53005070 >didn't actually go to any bars >complain on the internet anyway interesting that every bar had a distinct, disappointing vibe in your imaginary town, faglord

20 min later 53005115 Anonymous (1551896662490.png 473x496 178kB)
>>53005079 oh sure there's tons of women. how many would be even vaguely interested in a guy like me is the question

21 min later 53005125 Anonymous
>>53004864 I'm exhausted at the prospect of seeking out sex or a relationship. I'd rather just stay alone. If I really want sex, I'll buy an escort. Don't want kids, don't want a wife. I guess the jew magic worked on me.

21 min later 53005127 Anonymous
>>53005092 It has a distinct, disappointing vibe in my real town because I live in a shithole. The hot girls get scholarships and ride dicks at a university far away while the ugly betas are stuck here working dead-end jobs. No woman wants to be with a guy that barely makes more than minimum wage WITH A COLLEGE FUCKING DEGREE. I have gone to bars, with friends and without, and it has NEVER given me a slight chance at pussy. I think the world you live in must be fictional, or at least is so separated from my reality that it may as well not be real.

23 min later 53005147 Anonymous
>>53005079 >there are LITERALLY billions of women out there. That doesn't mean anything if you're a social autist >you think it's hard to meet people at bars? It's hard to find one that'll date robots >you would quickly learn that all this internet shit about how difficult/bad women are is just a fucking teenagers anxiety. If socializing is a skill, robots never had the chance to learn it

23 min later 53005154 Anonymous
>>53005115 i don't know champ. i can tell you that 90% of girls in middle school and high school that i tried flirting with out right ignored me, and maybe half openly said that i was weird or ugly. in college and after that, i was easily meeting women and having sex with them. partly because of confidence from alcohol, partly from learning what i was doing wrong before. if i had stopped after 50 or 100 rejections, i would be a miserable piece of shit living like a 12 year old at 26. all it takes is one girl and even without sex, talking to people and getting to know them makes you feel human. if this doesn't apply to you, just jack off and don't worry about it.

24 min later 53005159 Anonymous
>>53005115 Your clearly a fucking pussy for starters T. The Lumberjack But all these threads are the fucking same Just go talk to gurls lol sex is easy Ok give me a fucking tinder opener or something.

26 min later 53005185 Anonymous
>>53005147 >social autist just go play with legos and barbies then. you could have everything you need by just turning on a cartoon. >date robots if your lifestyle is centered on shitposting on r9k, you don't need a girlfriend in the first place. also, you can date someone with literally just one thing in common at first and slowly mold your lifestyle to be more healthy. a lot of robots like animals. >never had the chance okay. somehow you type in english though. crazy!

29 min later 53005216 Anonymous
>>53005154 >get rejected 100 times >keep trying That is some sociopathic shit, how the fuck is this just accepted as normal? This never happened to our ancestors, having sex was never this hard. Why the fuck are things the way they are now?

31 min later 53005239 Anonymous
>>53005185 >okay. somehow you type in english though. crazy >le socializing on 4maymay is the same thing as talking IRL Stop this

32 min later 53005251 Anonymous (1547533744569.jpg 703x474 94kB)
>>53005154 >talking to people and getting to know them makes you feel human. >>53005159 >Just go talk to gurls lol sex is easy Hi, my name is George. I'm unemployed and I live with my parents.

33 min later 53005257 Anonymous
>>53005216 >go outside in 1920s >get killed by a wild lion who has AIDS >"yeah but life is hard now!" i guarantee your ancestors LITERALLY spent more than 30 hours per week developing social skills throughout young adulthood. human courtship is always a high cost activity, we just make it look easy after we have spent years growing into it.

34 min later 53005271 Anonymous
>>53005239 >knows the language, is 80% of the way there >refuses to open his mouth a few times alright logic isn't always something people understand. >>53005251 hi george i recommend looking at what you want in life.

38 min later 53005307 Anonymous
>>53005257 My ancestors didn't live in Africa, so roaming lions were not a concern in the 1920's Women spend a lot of time inside as well, socializing is not what it used to be. Do you think all of the women today still act like they used to, whereas the men are deliberately hiding away from society?

39 min later 53005324 Anonymous
>>53004895 >girl >lonely Choose only one

42 min later 53005353 Anonymous
I have crazy low self esteem and anxiety. I always worried about how ugly I looked and how unappealing my body was. Once I dropped trow and showed off my weird pudgy body and unimpressive dick I expected the worst but never got it. Had my luck with a few woman mostly 5-7's and never once has any of them complained about how I looked or my dick size. Get out of your head robots and achieve your dreams!

43 min later 53005372 Anonymous
>>53005324 >has never met a lonely girl No wonder you're a virgin, lonely girls are my favourite prey

45 min later 53005391 Anonymous
>>53005307 >deliberately hiding yes. and that may be your preferred way of living. i wouldn't judge too quickly. mind you, i understand that some men just have half their brains missing or honestly look like burn victims. i'm talking about regular dudes who want relationships and friends and think they are "muh genetics", who have no clue how easy it is if they just practiced and met people. it's definitely a modern problem to see that if you don't get something right on the first try you should give up. >all of the women what kind of gay ass excuse is this bro? EVEN if the majority of women were isolated (they aren't), you could statistically have a very high chance of getting a family. i don't pretend to predict the future, leave that bullshit to the reddit incels. but you don't have much of an argument if you say you want a girlfriend but spend so little time investing in finding one. there are seriously some people here who think they will get lucky on a dating app when they don't do any of the much easier shit like social events.

45 min later 53005399 Anonymous
>>53004864 i cant even make friends and you expect me to talk to girls? thats just asinine

47 min later 53005421 Anonymous
>>53005391 More and more couples say they met on dating apps, and every woman that stuck around in my life met me online first. I have never met a woman in person first who wanted anything to do with me. You are right that this is a modern problem, but both men and women are acting at odds with normal relationship-building behaviors

48 min later 53005433 Anonymous
>>53005372 >girls being "lonely" increase their chance of getting a guy Thanks for confirming that there are no lonely girls

48 min later 53005437 Anonymous
>>53005271 >alright logic isn't always something people understand. >learning social cues, social norms, flirting, body language, and emotional connection is the same thing as learning English. No, retard

49 min later 53005446 Anonymous
>>53005421 >more and more >still a tiny amount if your lifestyle is a digital one, you're gonna have to take the risk of navigating that one on your own. the natural world is still here if you want more experience.

50 min later 53005460 Anonymous
>>53004882 Look at their eye lashes

50 min later 53005463 Anonymous
>>53005437 >conveniently, i can't type coherently anymore! all women are social geniuses with level 5 black belts in reading body language!

50 min later 53005466 Anonymous
>>53005399 This, I'm too awkward to even chat with my coworkers or look customers in the eye >>53005421 This as well, the only girls I've ever had anything in common with were internet girls who lived on the opposite side of the continent

51 min later 53005477 Anonymous
>>53005463 Lolwut, girls are ALL ABOUT social cues and body language They can detect insecurity like wolves can smell fear

51 min later 53005479 Anonymous
>>53005446 >the natural world is still here As I said, I don't live in New York City, I live in a town that successful and beautiful people leave behind. The average age is in the late 40's, and every bar is filled with old people. People my age just smoke weed together or go mudding.

52 min later 53005488 Anonymous
>>53005477 *farts* you forgot to mention that they are all 8 feet tall.

53 min later 53005492 Anonymous
>>53005463 Women like to socialize more than men. This isn't up for debate. You e proven nothing

53 min later 53005498 Anonymous
>>53004907 Yeah I do that but there's still work involved. It's not as easy as you think Stacy. I know from your point of view, sex just falls into your lap but that's not how it works for men. I could fuck a girl if I cared to do all of that work, I've been really close on multiple occasions, I just for some reason can't bring myself to do it. I also don't care to maintain relationships with girls.

54 min later 53005509 Anonymous
>>53004864 Take autism and avoidance personality disorder together and you have the pussy repellent

54 min later 53005517 Anonymous
>>53005479 Holy shit do you live in the same town as me >Population 8000 >In the county with the highest average age in the province, 54 or something >Nearest college is nearly an hour drive >Nearest university is an hour and a half drive >Most young people move out as soon as they finish high school and only come back once they're retired and ready to die >The few who stay behind are white trash

55 min later 53005524 Anonymous
>>53005479 just become 40 and enjoy toothless grandma heaven. your excuse is a good one, although not sure what keeps you there. i'm attacking the excuse of "ugly" "no car" "anxiety" etc.

55 min later 53005534 Anonymous (virgin1.png 939x529 302kB)
I can't even imagine how much every single day must suck...

56 min later 53005542 Anonymous
>>53004864 To answer your question, I do not interact with women. >>53004881 How would you spend 20 hours a week speaking to anybody? That is almost 4 hours a day and only two days of peace.

56 min later 53005545 Anonymous
>>53005492 If you socialized a lot then you wouldn't have the problem of "social autism". This isn't up for debate. Women are just as awkward at first

57 min later 53005555 Anonymous
>>53005524 What keeps me here is family and poverty. I make 12 bucks an hour, I'm trying to get promoted or get hired by a big company and transfer to a big city, but until then, all I can do is work and save. >>53005517 You and I are brothers, bonded by a life of suffering.

57 min later 53005558 Anonymous
>>53005542 >How would you spend 20 hours a week doing anything! By doing it more than 19 hours a week. Are you deficient in some kind of vitamin, guy? Social interaction is more natural than working in an office setting and people do that 40 hours or more. Sitting in general is a fucking nightmare to our biology.

59 min later 53005579 Anonymous
>>53005558 >Sitting in general is a fucking nightmare to our biology. that's funny, sitting still in my room is the most natural thing in the world to me.

1 hours later 53005594 Anonymous
>>53005579 That's insane that you learned to do something efficiently over time that you weren't born with. Imagine if.....

1 hours later 53005598 Anonymous
26 year old virgin here, all I had to do to get here was beeeee myself Why would any girl fuck/date me when she could fuck/date a guy who >isn't fat >isn't ugly >has IRL friends >isn't shy and awkward >has a car and license >can maintain eye contact and conversation >likes drinking and hiking and travel and that normie shit >doesn't live with his parents >earns more than minimum wage ?

1 hours later 53005604 Anonymous
>>53005558 >deficient No, but I gave myself lead poisoning and I have brain damage due to inhalant abuse. I cannot imagine even conversing with another person for more than fifteen minutes a day, at most. I am waiting for my health to fail anyway

1 hours later 53005605 Anonymous
>>53005545 >If you socialized a lot then you wouldn't have the problem of "social autism". No shit that's what I've said >This isn't up for debate. Women are just as awkward at first And they don't want awkward men.

1 hours later 53005623 Anonymous
>>53005604 ZONKS! paypal me your money when you go

1 hours later 53005626 Anonymous
>>53004864 Guys dont get approached unless youre a male model so if you dont put in effort you are gonna be khhv. I was khhv until 24 because I never tried with girls until then

1 hours later 53005658 Anonymous
>>53005558 Hardly any single adult spends 20 hours a week socializing >>53005594 Sitting doesn't take any skill Working retail for the past seven years hasn't made me less awkward or better at small talk, especially around girls

1 hours later 53005684 Anonymous
>>53005658 >hardly wrong >working retail lol

1 hours later 53005696 Anonymous
>>53005623 I dont have much left.the rest is cash, which I intend to burn

1 hours later 53005702 Anonymous
>>53005626 Well put Unless we're rejecting girls or turning down invitations to things, we're not "actively avoiding" shit. No girl has ever shown interest in me IRL. A couple have online, but their mental issues (BPD, etc.) made them eventually hate me and they all lived in another country anyway.

1 hours later 53005758 Anonymous
Where in the ever loving fuck do you find these so-called """lonely""" girls, OP The ones I talk to online have orbiters out the ass, while the ones I see IRL are always dressed like thots and travel in packs with their friends

1 hours later 53005769 Anonymous
>>53005684 >lol gr8 comeback Point is over half a decade of daily interaction with strangers and coworkers hasn't changed anything

1 hours later 53005815 Anonymous
>>53005769 you can't expect me to argue with a kid who thinks customer service is the same as having a coffee/beer with a girl for 2-3 hours.

1 hours later 53005829 Anonymous
I was avoiding it. I went home from college to play vidiya and watch anime and fap to gfur all the time. Then at 23 I had an existential crisis over being khv and started hooking up so I fixed it.

1 hours later 53005858 Anonymous
>>53005815 I don't think I could even chat with a best friend for three hours without running out of things to talk about and questions to ask, what the fuck

1 hours later 53005887 Anonymous
>>53005829 >tfw nearing 30 and still no event horizon moment to magically motivate me to try with girls Of course it doesn't help that I would have to change every significant aspect of my life to have a snowball's chance in hell with one, it would take years

1 hours later 53005901 Anonymous
>>53005858 so start small. ask more questions, get up after 40 minutes or an hour. you'll eventually find someone that you want to keep talking to. listen to talk podcasts with the types of people you'd like to be friends with or look up to.

1 hours later 53005927 Anonymous
>>53005887 That describes me, except I'm over, rather than under, 30. It doesn't get better.

1 hours later 53005944 Anonymous
>>53004881 How the fuck does someone spend 20 hours a week talking to girls? I spend 40 hours a week working, and that already takes up most of my time.

1 hours later 53005971 Anonymous
>>53005927 Fellow wizard here. Hopefully in another decade or so we'll lose our libido and it won't be as painful anymore.

1 hours later 53005975 Anonymous
>>53005887 I'm relatively attractive so thats how I got quick sex. My personality is fucked though. I used no social media till this year when I got snapchat to help with hookups which I didn't even know what it was till January because I just sat in my room alone for years and completed a backlog of anime and shit. Idk I'm happy I got out of it but me doing so akes me feel worse for wasting so much time sitting in my room.

1 hours later 53005982 Anonymous
>>53005901 That only happens with internet people because they're the only ones who play video games or like the same music as me, and I can post links/pictures/songs to keep things afloat

1 hours later 53005998 Anonymous
>>53004881 >20 hours a week talking to girls How the fuck is that even possible if you're not married or in a committed relationship? Also, I never really liked that condescending, "getting sex is easy" attitude that normies have. Clearly it's not that easy if less and less people are having sex, and even people who get sex complain about how hard it is to get it sometimes, even if the majority still are.

1 hours later 53006000 Anonymous
>>53005975 Alright, I'm an ugly fat balding fuck so I don't feel too bad about not trying with girls

1 hours later 53006021 Anonymous
>>53005982 that's nice. >>53005944 you can spend 10 easily on weekends. just would probably be slower in getting you comfortable.

1 hours later 53006071 Anonymous
>>53005998 I respect a guy who says that they don't want sex that much to go and change their lifestyle. There is some bad luck with growing into habits that objectively reduce your chances of finding a partner, and changing those habits means learning new things which may not be worth it. My point is that it is much harder if you spend fewer hours getting comfortable with and meeting girls. And socializing is easy yes. Finding people to talk to is one of the easiest things you could do.

1 hours later 53006074 Anonymous
>>53006021 How? Let's assume I spend 8 hours sleeping, and 4 hours doing daily necessities like eating, shitting, housework, etc. That gives me 12 hours a day to talk to women, and that's assuming I don't spend any time on transportation. So I try to talk to women for 24 hours over the weekend. Most women will just ignore me, and of those who don't I'd be lucky to get a 10 minute conversation with them. So you really think I can get 60 women to spend 10 minutes talking to me each weekend? I'd have to attract a woman every 24 minutes, and keep her interested for 10 minutes.

1 hours later 53006086 Anonymous (illust_75055371_20190607_015840.jpg 3581x2907 727kB)
>>53004864 >you have to actively be trying to avoid it I assure you, I have not. I don't think i really eat anything high in onions either.

2 hours later 53006122 Anonymous
>>53006071 >And socializing is easy yes. Online, maybe

2 hours later 53006154 Anonymous
>>53004864 I thought giving up was the opposite of trying. The rare times I talk with a woman I havent met before in a social setting they lose interest after a few minutes. I just stopped trying.

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