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2019-06-21 02:39 53004841 Anonymous (3989172A-4EE9-48EE-86FA-8D4B46EBD272.jpg 1556x2400 470kB)
Just a reminder: this book is amongst the best selling ever. This means that what is in this book is what women truly want. This book means that all women want a dominant alpha male uberchad who will be rough with them. Not some shy beta male who is short and meh looking.

32 min later 53005235 Anonymous
Yes. And science backs this up. The reason why this male is so successful is because high T (related to dominance), high prestige (boss), high SES (money he has). This is what women want. Women like high dominance males same reason animals like them. They rank high in hyrarchy and can procure resources better. Ofc that is not 100% try anymore but women brains are lagging behind. Women are slowly shifting towards high prestige males. Because these males can now procure the most resources. The dual system still exists from back when we where animals. Soon the system will shift towards your amount of money fully. If you can not compete in either of these categories you will copulate and reproduce.

36 min later 53005272 Anonymous
>>53004841 pizza is really popular, i guess the only thing every person wants to eat is pizza

37 min later 53005283 Anonymous
>>53005272 more like: pizza is really popular, so if you want to be successful selling pizza is a good idea

37 min later 53005290 Anonymous
>>53004841 >>53005235 20 shekels has been deposited into your account.

41 min later 53005327 Anonymous
>>53005272 Wow what a retard Kys

43 min later 53005359 Anonymous
>>53004841 Lol, girls under 40 dont read that trash. But honestly op is right, when I started being more assertive I got way way more action. Also found put alot pf girls are into rape fantasy. Strange but true.

44 min later 53005369 Anonymous
>>53005359 >Also found put alot pf girls are into rape fantasy. >Strange but true it's literally the most common female sexual fetish

46 min later 53005388 Anonymous
these threads are always amusing because the silence from femanons speaks volumes. they never even try to deny it because they know if they tried to deny it they would be lying to themselves and they wouldn't be able to argue with us because they know its bullshit. thanks femanons

47 min later 53005406 Anonymous
>>53005388 there's no room for denial when there are regular threads here about people asking to be raped

48 min later 53005417 Anonymous
>>53004841 >this book is amongst the best selling ever. >op neglects to mention "to older women" just fuck a milf op

48 min later 53005420 Anonymous
>>53005388 Well, some of us have more specific and refined fetish. Being a slave wife is far better than rape

49 min later 53005427 Anonymous
>>53004841 minecraft is one of the most popular video games. video games are a manchild activity. this means that all men want to be getting victory royales while digging for literal shit.

49 min later 53005430 Anonymous
>>53005388 >please females speak to me >they'll never see through my clever bait I can finally smell what a woman's post smells like

49 min later 53005436 Anonymous
>>53005430 t. femanon you fell for it

50 min later 53005451 Anonymous
>every woman wants to get creampied by a millionaire dominant chad Wow I'm truly surprised

51 min later 53005461 Anonymous
>>53005430 did my post make you mad or something? its ok if you want some generic and rich dominant guy to dominate you. it's really not surprising, it's kind of like me saying i like women with an hour glass figure...

52 min later 53005474 Anonymous
>>53005461 i want you to pound my boipuccy with your hard cock, daddy

54 min later 53005494 Anonymous
>>53005474 go march in a parade with the rest of the freaks like you fucking disgusting faggot

55 min later 53005514 Anonymous
>>53005474 I want turn you down so you go home and cry while massaging your prostate

59 min later 53005557 Anonymous
>>53005461 It's just that you're another off-brand incel faggot trying to bait females into replying in the most obvious way and it frustrates me that you can't see how much of a cookie cutter "I hate women but my entire personality revolves around wanting them" faggot you are, or that you don't realize you're so unoriginal that you're literally a stereotype. "Amusing" "Silence" Your word choice is literally all you need to tell you're one of those Elliot Rodger types who drinks wine out a solo cup and misreads Dante while trying to impress your grandmother at the family reunion. I'm basically just saying that your post is oozing with a personality that just happens to be yours and the same as many, many suprememe gentlemen before you. It legitimately upsets me when people are stupid and unaware of it.

1 hours later 53005573 Anonymous
>>53005494 cmon man you know you want it, you don't have to worry about smelly girls anymore ;)

1 hours later 53005584 Anonymous
>>53005514 can you massage my prostate tho? >>53005494 >he wants to have rough disgusting sex with me

1 hours later 53005591 Anonymous
>>53005584 I'll massage it with my dick maybe. I only have sex with boys I've made cry

1 hours later 53005607 Anonymous
>>53005557 >call out women on being trash >lol you just want girls lul nerd xddddd !!1!!111! Can't people just hate things without it being implied that they want those things. Fucking normalniggers man. Get lost reddit mutant.

1 hours later 53005614 Anonymous
>>53005591 uuuuu....... UUUUUUHHHHHH......... UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHH -me on the right.

1 hours later 53005643 Anonymous
>>53005614 Is that what you sound like when you cry? Weirdo. I'll still fuck you though, and you'll cry even more when I choke you with my dick

1 hours later 53005652 Anonymous
>>53005607 >he falls for it every time LOL angry grrr, advertising for reddit

1 hours later 53005667 Anonymous
>>53005557 lmao the level of assblasted and assumptions lmao. holy shit you're pathetic and absolutely furious. your post oozes pathetic 17 year old try hard that watched too much CSI and tries to make a psych profile based on 2 sentences hahahahahah

1 hours later 53005716 Anonymous
>>53004841 The book is old as fuck by pop media time, and it was only read mostly by middle age woman, with the rare college girl reading it for the angst. Doesnt mean woman dont want rich Chad, but in average they prefer it without the abuse and the weird fetish. > inb4 woman love rape Its a fetish, but to put it in a male analogy, if you could pick the 10/10 with a prostitute experience and a million ways to make you cum, or the 10/10 with average/no experience, most dudes would pick the last, despite what the dick wants.

1 hours later 53005730 Anonymous
>>53004841 I've read so much fanfiction written by teenage virgins that's a thousand times better than fifty shades. Also what's the worst thing that Christian does to Ana in the book? Spank her a little? Definitely not super hardcore.

1 hours later 53005739 Anonymous
>>53005716 old women read it because they can't get 20 year old chads anymore. young women can, they dont need the fantasy because they live it.

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