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2019-06-21 02:38 53004835 Anonymous (cc15e788e4d51687ab98e0a4f4731fe5.jpg 300x400 26kB)
At this point if you're orbiting women or still interested in a relationship: You deserve all the pain you're experiencing.

0 min later 53004843 Anonymous
>>53004835 >You deserve all the pain you're experiencing. I know, but unfortunately I can't change the way I feel.

1 min later 53004853 Anonymous
>>53004835 stop being such an edgecel, people seek companionship. i hope they cut your funding

8 min later 53004945 Anonymous
>>53004853 You're literally hurting yourself more the more you think about it. Even worse you have locked yourself in an eco chamber where people have the same toxic ideas as you. >>53004843 Fucking stop then, acknowledge that women will never like you, and that you're feeding into the system every time you orbit some bitch.

8 min later 53004946 Anonymous
>>53004835 How do i disregard my desire for companionship herr hauptsturmfuher?

9 min later 53004960 Anonymous
>>53004946 Practice... do a little every day.

10 min later 53004964 Anonymous
Haha jokes on you, I neither have a crush nor do I have female friends

10 min later 53004969 Anonymous
>>53004945 na. those "ideas" are foreign, and pushed from an airforce base. i hope we go to war with Iran so you all can actually start earning your pay

11 min later 53004976 Anonymous
>>53004946 I'm not role-playing, I'm just saying that your quest is pointless.

13 min later 53005001 Anonymous
>>53004835 My relationship causes me almost no pain and vast amounts of joy.

14 min later 53005014 Anonymous
>>53004976 He's asking on how can he stop desiring girls...

16 min later 53005033 Anonymous (рогоносец.jpg 1600x1144 151kB)
>>53004835 >Nazi >Incel poetry

17 min later 53005049 Anonymous
>>53004969 I'm serious, the sooner you realize that you're better off alone the better. Your orbiting will only make things worse.

17 min later 53005057 Anonymous
>>53004960 What do u do to practice?

18 min later 53005065 Anonymous
>>53005033 >gays >orbiters Homo

19 min later 53005086 Anonymous
>>53005057 Start by isolating yourself from women, delete all your anime and porn.

20 min later 53005095 Anonymous
>>53005086 Already there 2 years ago

28 min later 53005181 Anonymous
>>53005095 Liar, what can possibly keep you here then? If you want to get rid of your desire for women you need to push away any thoughts of women or marriage in your mind.

30 min later 53005202 Anonymous
>>53005181 Marrige probably hasnt crossed my mind since i was 10, and i havent been here in about a year desu, just kinda down cuz i've been to 3 funerals this week and have another tomorrow

30 min later 53005206 Anonymous
just fight your own biological urges bro.

31 min later 53005212 Anonymous
>>53005202 Fuck its been so long i forgot about the fucking filter

46 min later 53005382 Anonymous
>>53004835 you will never be more than a tranny freak eunuch, filthy sodomite

59 min later 53005554 Anonymous
>>53005212 What word was filtered anon? >>53005382 Better not sins by having lustful thoughts than being a tranny who's a result of years of failing to get a partner.

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