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2019-06-21 02:36 53004807 Anonymous (1552334980489.png 640x480 203kB)
>be me >spinning instructor at my local gym >after class a female tries to start a conversation with me holy fucking shit just leave me alone you annoying whore i just want to go home, god damn why are women so bothersome jesus christ, im not here to make friends

39 min later 53005275 Anonymous
>>53004807 holy shit you're a retarded faggot, how do you deal with yourself?

43 min later 53005326 Anonymous
>>53004807 based but unironically and very originally

46 min later 53005357 Anonymous
>>53005275 stay mad you dumb fucking whore

1 hours later 53005666 Anonymous
>>53004807 Are you gay? no doubt you are retarded tho.

1 hours later 53005704 Anonymous (1427921061103.jpg 318x308 43kB)
>>53004807 This was probably written by a woman

1 hours later 53005710 Anonymous
>>53005666 why would i be gay? just because i don't want to talk with other people? retard, out of my thread you normalfag

1 hours later 53005749 Anonymous
>>53005710 >normalfag says the man too good to talk to a female, robots here would kill for an ounce of attention from a female

1 hours later 53005839 Anonymous (araisan.jpg 800x800 193kB)
>>53005749 im not "too good" to talk to a girl, i just want to be left alone after the class, its tiresome to talk to a bunch of dumbfucks for 50 minutes straight

2 hours later 53006382 Anonymous
Share your knowledge you clown, should be fired for being a shite instructor. Do your job correctly

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