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2019-06-21 02:35 53004803 Anonymous (a1.jpg 960x978 247kB)
Femanon here. Would you date a camgirl? I don't do nude shows or porn or anything like that, but I stream because I like the attention and don't plan to stop if I have a boyfriend. I don't meet or talk to my fans outside of Twitch chat. That wouldn't make the average guy jealous, right?

1 min later 53004811 Anonymous
Personally I wouldn't date anyone who enjoys the attention of strangers for the hell of it, but then again it's not like anyone would date me either.

1 min later 53004815 Anonymous
>>53004803 Ya if ur streAm isn't shit I would

1 min later 53004821 Anonymous (boomer dance.gif 467x398 75kB)
>>53004803 I'd personally think of you as a lesser person for not doing something more productive with your life and taking the easy road, and therefore would not consider you for anything long-term as it shows something about your personality on a selfish level. Also video games are for children.

2 min later 53004826 Anonymous
i dont care if a bunch of idiots pay to see you naked. it's slutty, but as long as you dont fuck or suck another guy i wouldnt care too much id probably find it funny

3 min later 53004834 Anonymous
>>53004803 Sure. Everyone loves attention. It's simple human nature. Only people with legit mental or social development problems hate attention

4 min later 53004842 Anonymous
>>53004803 Nope, you obviously don't have any skills or a good personality if you need to stream for validation or money.

4 min later 53004848 Anonymous (1547255758668.png 480x477 580kB)
I don't actually much mind the exhibitionism and such. But only someone with no taste or standards would put up with twitch as a platform

4 min later 53004857 Anonymous
c***** if this is you then yes, dm me a dog emoji if you wanna date

5 min later 53004866 Anonymous
>>53004803 do you want to see my penis? add me on discord

28 min later 53005153 Anonymous
>>53004803 I would, but if you fucked an orbiter behind my back I'd kill you and dump your body in the river. Otherwise I don't really care.

41 min later 53005282 Anonymous
>>53004803 No, of course not, I'm not that retarded. Get a life, that's fucking pathetic.

52 min later 53005428 Anonymous
I would date a streamer if she was the entertaining kind, nothing wrong with that I wouldn't date a camwhore tho, no

1 hours later 53005697 Anonymous
>>53004803 >camgirl >Twitch Doesn't that make you a streamer? Or do you do nothing but talk to lonely betas?

1 hours later 53005855 Anonymous
yeah, i'd date a camgirl. i'd be fine being in some videos, too if it meant more money. i'd have to lay down a few ground rules, but yeah. i'd do it

1 hours later 53005911 Anonymous
>>53004803 Why would you need the attention if you had a boyfriend? Is one man's attention not enough? >women.jpg

1 hours later 53006027 Anonymous
>>53004803 No way in hell. Online attention whoring is one of the biggest redflags.

1 hours later 53006067 Anonymous
>>53004803 Honestly I would depending on how it would effect the relationship. If you're spending more time camming with strangers on the internet than hanging out with me I'd feel unwanted

1 hours later 53006078 Anonymous
Nah. Waste if time to try to bond with someone that needy and attention-hungry.

2 hours later 53006231 Anonymous
Yeah but i doubt youd date me. I wish I had someone e I could devote myself to, someone who would care about me, someone nice and loyal. That's all I care about. I'm too afraid to open up to people, I'm just stuck. I don't even have anyone who wants to talk to me. I feel like I'm broken after years of isolation, and by some miracle I ended up getting my shit together. Antisocial and semi functioning.

2 hours later 53006398 Anonymous
As long as you don't force me to appear in any way shape or form that's no issue at all. To be honest I would be stupidly proud of myself having caught a popular girl

2 hours later 53006431 Anonymous
>>53004803 >Would you date a camgirl I wouldn't touch a camgirl with a ten foot pole, past or present. >don't plan to stop if I have a boyfriend The absolute state of women. I want off this fucking ride.

2 hours later 53006462 Anonymous
>>53004857 Crista? Cristy? Chelsy? Connie? Cindie?

2 hours later 53006467 Anonymous (1560556147957.gif 458x347 969kB)
>>53004803 If you do this I will

2 hours later 53006502 Anonymous
>>53006467 going down on a thot that doesn't shave or wax is degenerate in a not good way

2 hours later 53006541 Anonymous
>>53006502 Yall have got to realize just how much it sucks to shave right? Hair grows back the next day and its too painful to shave the next day because of bad razor burn. Waxing is expensive too. If my bf wanted me to have a hairless pussy, he better be paying.

2 hours later 53006543 Anonymous
>>53006467 That's really cute, would be much better if she had a totally unshaved pussy, pits, legs, etc.

2 hours later 53006634 Anonymous
>>53006502 >>53006543 Thanks for you (You)s lad I really just posted it cause I didnt wanna go through imgur's bullshit on mobile

2 hours later 53006645 Anonymous
>>53006541 if its not worth the effort for you to do that it's not worth the effort for me to be in a sexual relationship with you, being alone would be a preferable option

2 hours later 53006687 Anonymous
>>53006541 I dont get the obsession with being hairless, it looks good in pictures but weird IRL. Besides its not like I'm shaving either

3 hours later 53006756 Anonymous
>>53004803 Are you that one blonde Ukrainian girl? If so, go kys. Anyway no, all twitchthots should end themselves. Enjoy living and dying alone whore

3 hours later 53007159 Anonymous
>>53004803 As long as you're not shaking your ass or dressing provocatively for random guys, sure. I actually stream a bit myself, but it's mostly for friends, I just like entertaining people. I think I'm pretty good at it, lately I've been playing some shitty 360 games and my friends actually like that a lot.

3 hours later 53007178 Anonymous (C2-T-1-Child-Labor.jpg 189x253 35kB)
>>53004803 I wouldnt want you talking to other men at all. You better be doing some make up tutorials for women or some gay shit like that.

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