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2019-06-21 02:33 53004789 Anonymous (1560861272918.jpg 3024x4032 1127kB)
Why is it so hard to find a gf(male)?

16 min later 53004983 Anonymous
>>53004789 It's fucked, I basically consider trans women real girls and would be in for dating one if she was interesting...but where the fuck do you find them? I guess discord is full of them, but like actually decent grills(male)?

1 hours later 53005783 Anonymous
>>53004983 You either know or ya dont. Get around to some LGBT events and get to know the community around you

1 hours later 53005835 Anonymous
>>53004789 because contradict dont exist

1 hours later 53005846 Anonymous
>>53004789 If you take off the wig and make you'll see a monster. You haven't met a real tranny I'm guessing. Guess what? They're not cute, they're Fucking ugly. >>53004983 No you Fucking degenerate, this board isn't to talk about faggotry. >>>/lgbt/

2 hours later 53006120 Anonymous
>>53004789 Is that image a girl(male) OP? ....if so I really want to kiss her feet.

2 hours later 53006160 Anonymous
I hope sneaky slowly burns to death in a car fire.

2 hours later 53006505 Anonymous
>>53005846 >No you Fucking degenerate, this board isn't to talk about faggotry. Okashii desu nee, I just saw a new sissy/boi-pussy thread, are you aware that you are on /r9k/, good sir?

3 hours later 53007024 Anonymous
>>53004789 The GF is male or you're male?

4 hours later 53007416 Anonymous
>>53006505 Do faggots even have shame?

4 hours later 53007426 Anonymous
>>53004789 >male face >male body How is this a girl?

4 hours later 53007429 Anonymous
>>53007416 I wouldn't know. What's there to be shamed about anyways?

4 hours later 53007436 Anonymous
>>53004789 Judas, look at the state of those masculine feet.

4 hours later 53007446 Anonymous
>>53007429 Aren't you afraid of God sending to Hell for offending him by committing these sins?

4 hours later 53007450 Anonymous
>>53004789 >>53004983 It's actually not, i've dated a girl from a trans facebook group, she was pretty passable and i didn't made any effort aside from talking to her (they're kinda desesperate desu)

4 hours later 53007451 Anonymous
>>53004789 sneaky has some pretty feet for a man desu

4 hours later 53007456 Anonymous
>>53007436 What's bad about them? I would worship them in a heartbeat. >>53007451 What this anon said.

4 hours later 53007462 Anonymous
>>53007436 Look at how veiny it is. Yayikes

4 hours later 53007464 Anonymous
>>53007451 Pretty? What are you smoking son? Those feet are Fucking disgusting.

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