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2019-06-21 02:30 53004751 Anonymous beverage thread (sapporo.png 614x747 712kB)
What do you lads drink? I tried out a Sapporo today, really not my think. Is Guiness better?

2 min later 53004783 Anonymous
Sapporo is the best tasting beer I've had yet. Guineas is way too dark not a fan desu

4 min later 53004801 Anonymous
Guiness is a completely different type of beer completely, but yes it is better. Sapporo is a low tier lager from japan that tastes like shit and there is no reason to drink it other than "muh anime and manga drink"

7 min later 53004828 Anonymous
>>53004801 What's a good tasting beer?

1 hours later 53005837 Anonymous
>>53004828 Im not whoever you tagged but just go and get 6 packs of singles and tey some. Craft beer is mega hit or miss but the basic bitch decent beers, Belgian Blue Moon, Rickards red, Moosehead. You gotta try whats local and see what you like

1 hours later 53005873 Anonymous
>>53004828 Tsingtao and PBR are good summery basic bitch beers in the genre of Sapporo. Honestly just figure out the style you like and try local options. Personally I'm a fan of brown ales.

1 hours later 53005889 Anonymous
>>53004751 they're completely different, but yeah guinness is better

1 hours later 53005892 Anonymous
>>53004751 Sapporo is so smooth with a light taste. A great casual beer.

1 hours later 53005913 Anonymous
Guinness is shit in the US but pretty tasty in Ireland. that said, I don't understand why you would try to get drunk off of beer instead of liquor

1 hours later 53005916 Anonymous
>>53004751 For beer I stick with Blue Moon but I prefer whiskey. I regularly have a jug of Jim Beam on hand

1 hours later 53005931 Anonymous
>>53005913 Beer is tasty and filling. Like a meal and alcohol in a can.

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