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2019-06-21 02:26 53004703 Anonymous (43c56064db14945348b008193e36c9ef.jpg 800x1131 248kB)
I'm a humble man, I just want a girl that lets dogs fuck her.

1 min later 53004713 Anonymous
>>53004703 Women should not be allowed to own animals Prove me wrong

13 min later 53004844 Anonymous
>>53004703 I don't think posting that pic is allowed here.

13 min later 53004859 Anonymous
>>53004713 A animal shouldn't own another animal, it'd be like a dog owning another dog.

25 min later 53004993 Anonymous (1550219540149.png 719x571 296kB)
Me too, anon. Me too. Maybe one day we will find the right girl.

30 min later 53005063 Anonymous (91.jpg 996x1006 134kB)
>>53004703 kinda quirky

1 hours later 53005653 Anonymous (1560919052231.jpg 640x481 39kB)
>>53004703 Here's my take on beasiality. Only men should be able to legally take part in it, whether it is with a male or female animal. Women should be banned from ALL forms of beastiality, no one in their right mind would want to fuck a girl who's been fucked by animals (or orally pleasured or performed any type of sexual acitvities between her and an animal) CHANGE MY MIND

1 hours later 53005771 Anonymous (1513295595159.png 430x450 377kB)
>>53005653 >my preferences should be legally enforced

1 hours later 53005952 Anonymous (1551481860003.jpg 1200x960 1139kB)
are all women like this? no need to answer

3 hours later 53007014 Anonymous
>>53005771 Nobody wants sloppy seconds from a guy. Getting sloppy seconds from an animal is way more disgusting to think about. But yes watching a girl fuck an animal is hot, it's just that I'm never going to touch her with even a 10 foot pole.

3 hours later 53007048 Anonymous
>>53005653 Y man should be allowed? Would any woman fuck a dogfucker?

3 hours later 53007059 Anonymous
>>53004703 Dude that is disgusting. the fuck is wrong with you man? Don't you have even a shred of self-respect? jesus.

3 hours later 53007063 Anonymous
I want to be a girl that gets fucked by dogs

3 hours later 53007120 Anonymous
>>53007063 or maybe something like this? https://nhentai.net/g/221638/

3 hours later 53007279 Anonymous
>>53007059 lmao welcome to 4chan faggot

4 hours later 53007330 Anonymous
>>53004703 >>53004993 >>53005063 Any trap x dog pics?

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