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2019-06-21 02:21 53004659 Anonymous (2019.06.20_19-21-18.png 1560x1176 512kB)
It is literally this easy to fix your computer addiction.

2 min later 53004677 Anonymous (1500615094301.png 1151x734 478kB)

4 min later 53004705 Anonymous (desktop-2M.jpg 5120x2880 1939kB)
>>53004677 I appreciate beauty.

5 min later 53004708 Anonymous
>>53004659 I don't get it ho wi sthis not original tho

6 min later 53004720 Anonymous (selection.png 2044x876 1039kB)
>>53004708 Yes, if you try it yourself you'll see.

7 min later 53004729 Anonymous
>>53004705 >a very specific and accessible set of aesthetic values >beauty

9 min later 53004762 Anonymous
>>53004720 holy shit that's pathetic and not original

10 min later 53004772 Anonymous (1504392304615.jpg 465x261 47kB)
>>53004729 Compared to other operating systems? Definitely. At least Microsoft is trying now. Linux users been able to have a beautiful OS, but thanks to the fact developers of applications tend to also design the UI, it will never look as good as MacOS. Apple makes it easier to conform to their UI standards than to do your own design. Apple used to be smart. >>53004762 You have a monkey brain

10 min later 53004778 Anonymous (gramma.png 669x668 401kB)
>>53004659 >easy to fix your computer addiction. ya i wouldnt want to use computers either if I had a mac op

12 min later 53004792 Anonymous
>>53004772 >hurr your not the one limiting his experience to feel less inclined to do things >hurr I am >hurr you monkey brain not me retard

14 min later 53004805 Anonymous
>>53004792 So your will is to post on an incel board. Have you ever been bored?

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