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2019-06-21 02:18 53004624 Anonymous (7C658AD3-1805-450E-AF0D-21BFFE09CA81.jpg 468x454 26kB)
>women dislike male virgins because they are inexperienced; women do not want to teach a male virgin and being a male virgin is a red flag/sign of low status >a male virgin cannot get experience because he is a virgin So what do you do? Lie and hope she doesnt notice your terrible sex skills? See a hooker?

1 hours later 53005435 Anonymous
>>53004624 the first one, pretend it isnt ur first time and try ur best.

1 hours later 53005459 Anonymous
>>53005435 There's no way you'll be good right away.

1 hours later 53005532 Anonymous
>>53004624 >So what do you do? Believe in those mythical "girls who like virgins" or wait for sexbots to develop. We'll be able to buy a good sexbot after a lifetime of work don't give up hope.

1 hours later 53005671 Anonymous
>>53004624 That makes sense if you're talking about hookups and one night stands, but when it comes to a relationship a woman might actually prefer someone who's inexperienced so she can teach him what she likes. Or even if she doesn't prefer it, it's still worth the investment since she's already committed to a relationship of indefinite length.

1 hours later 53005699 Anonymous
>>53005671 >implying women would be any more okay with dating a kissless virgin than they would simply hooking up with one

1 hours later 53005746 Anonymous
>>53004624 Pls be honest there are be girls out there who actually value male virginity

1 hours later 53005748 Anonymous
you should have gotten your first experience as a teenager. If you didn't there must be a reason for it, and that reason is probably a huge red-flag.

1 hours later 53005789 Anonymous
>>53005746 >girls out there who actually value male virginity Sorry there aren't any

1 hours later 53005897 Anonymous
>>53005746 The only time a woman would ever be okay with a virgin is when she herself is also a virgin and a teenager. Otherwise unless you are some good looking Christian dude, male virginity is worthless. >>53005748 This, it is not a good thing to end high school or college without losing it.

1 hours later 53005908 Anonymous
>>53004624 You just revealed you're a manchild. This is I want women to do everything for me, the post

1 hours later 53005909 Anonymous
>>53005459 As long as you fake confidence you won't be distinguishable from the many men who've had sex but are still bad at it.

1 hours later 53005945 Anonymous
>>53005897 Once you leave college (or college age, ~24) you are expected to have had sexual experience. There are very few acceptable reasons for not having it.

1 hours later 53005981 Anonymous
>>53005908 This board is filled to the brim with manchildren ya dumb fuck, you surprised that there are guys here lamenting about being virgins? >>53005945 This, if you are in your 20s but have not kissed a girl then consider suicide

2 hours later 53006288 Anonymous
>>53005981 There's a difference between lamenting being a virgin and this faggotry that I don't know how to call, because even incels have more dignity

2 hours later 53006324 Anonymous
>>53006288 Just be asexual bro just be okay with being lonely and touch starved bro just stop wishing for a girlfriend bro

2 hours later 53006339 Anonymous
What is this gay psyop shit. You dot need experience in sex. Sex is so stupid. Girls are okay with virgins, they are not okay with uglies.

2 hours later 53006367 Anonymous
>>53006339 >Girls are okay with virgins, they are not okay with uglies. You mean Christian Chad who had multiple chances to lose it? Hell this is not even completely true. The Bachelor had that virgin dude last season, and women were mocking and shitting on him. And this was a very good looking guy who was only a virgin because he wanted to wait until he met the right girl.

2 hours later 53006369 Anonymous
I can't get a job because I don't have experience because I can't get a job. I can't see because I can't find my glasses because I can't see. Looping problems are everywhere.

2 hours later 53006383 Anonymous
>>53006324 >touch starved God damnit people tell me Im good looking and Ive been with a few girls but those are far between nobody touches me. Why anons why?

2 hours later 53006404 Anonymous
>>53006369 The ones to break the loop are other people :/

3 hours later 53006727 Anonymous
>>53005746 If you're a virgin because you only wanted to be with one woman in your life. I feel like virgin men are way more likely to cheat because they'll be a faggot thinking that they missed out experiencing other vaginas and casual sex.

3 hours later 53006777 Anonymous
>>53006727 >I feel like virgin men are way more likely to cheat because they'll be a faggot thinking that they missed out experiencing other vaginas and casual sex. Most virgin men have a hard time finding one woman. You think they would even be near attractive enough to cheat? Please. If anything male virgins would be insanely clingy.

3 hours later 53006919 Anonymous
just don't worry about getting laid man, it ain't that amazing, plus if you're looking for a gf and possible wife then you've gotta spend half or more of your earnings on her and she will take all of your shit if you get a divorce, bro living the single life is great just get so much more time to yourself, more money to yourself, you won't get bitched at constantly, and you get to chill with your bros

3 hours later 53006923 Anonymous
>>53006777 >You think they would even be near attractive enough to cheat? Most of the virgin men here just have no idea how to talk to a woman and it has nothing to do with their looks, yet they focus on that one thing ignoring the fact there are plenty of men and women out there less fortunate in the looks department who are able to find love. Yes, some would be clingy after finding a girl who likes them, but others would gain a boost to their confidence and think they're hot shit after that.

3 hours later 53006976 Anonymous
Is there anything we overrate more than sex?

3 hours later 53007003 Anonymous
>>53006923 If you are not attractive and only have a girl cuz she settled for you, it will be her that cheats. Or asks for an open relationship. Not you.

3 hours later 53007018 Anonymous
>>53005459 >caring what she thinks when you're already getting your dick wet once you're fucking you've already succeeded

3 hours later 53007036 Anonymous
>>53004624 I haven't been a virgin since I was a pre-teen, so I don't really know this feel, bro.

3 hours later 53007042 Anonymous
>>53006976 You would not exist without sex Also sex feels good especially with a girl who likes you

3 hours later 53007061 Anonymous
>>53007042 I'd say its only about 1.5x better than masturbation

3 hours later 53007078 Anonymous
>>53007036 Either a Chad or a child sexual abuse victim

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