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2019-06-21 02:16 53004595 Anonymous (iphonegif.gif 838x890 405kB)
>he hasn't sent me goodmorning

1 min later 53004614 Anonymous (875867.png 286x348 63kB)
>Beta orbiter DID send me good morning

2 min later 53004622 Anonymous
>>53004595 go fuck yourself you sick faggot

8 min later 53004683 Anonymous
>>53004614 I hate when that happens desu annoying beta retards think we care

13 min later 53004742 Anonymous
The last guy I went out with was pretty cool but I specifically told him he better not pull that wait 3 days to call/text me shit. I texted him the next day and he didn't respond. So I found another date on Tinder. Finally he responds and wants to go out again but I tell him I'm already going out with someone else and he starts cursing me out. Men are fucking weird

41 min later 53005073 Anonymous
>>53004742 What if he was busy you stupid whore?

54 min later 53005224 Anonymous
>>53004595 I hate this stupid fucking meme

57 min later 53005253 Anonymous

58 min later 53005266 Anonymous
>>53004742 why are you on this board, you retard?

1 hours later 53005296 Anonymous
>>53004595 >>53004614 How the fuck am I supposed to know what kind of girl she is?

1 hours later 53005384 Anonymous
>>53004595 I really want to lewd that picture like, she's kinda hot

1 hours later 53005393 Anonymous
>>53005296 >what kind of girl she is? more like what kind of guy you are to her

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