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2019-06-21 02:15 53004586 Anonymous these peoplle are SO ANNOYING (me.jpg 1079x1321 283kB)
i finally had the time and energy to have a friend over, because i was done and annoyed with staying inside by myself all summer. while me and my friend were playing LBP on ps3 in my living room, my mom sees my sister wearing her shirt. they start SCREAMING at each other, while i have a guest over. i'm so fucking done with this. me and the guest look at each other awkwardly, and i apologize for them. But they don't stop arguing. it gets SO FUCKIGN LOUD and i can hear every word they're saying. i'm so fucking done with them. this shit happens way too much and it's so embarrassing. i don't have enough money to move out yet so i have no where to run to. i'm just so fucking done with them.

13 min later 53004731 Anonymous
so yuo have a gay friend at home and are angry at them? you should be ashamed

18 min later 53004793 Anonymous
>>53004731 no i'm a femanon and it's my femanon friend. at her house this happens sometimes too so she understood, but its still soooo annooying hhh

19 min later 53004799 Anonymous
>>53004793 >Ps3 Be my poorfag 3rd world gf

25 min later 53004871 Anonymous
>>53004799 aw ty. i've had this thing since i was 6 or 7 lol

26 min later 53004883 Anonymous
>>53004871 Where you from? If you're cute I'll get you that green card :^)

29 min later 53004920 Anonymous
>>53004883 don't worry about it. i'm from the midwest just poor af because neither of my parents went to college lol

41 min later 53005058 Anonymous
>>53004920 >Tfw no trailer trash white GF to drink Coors with and have loud sex in a paper thin walled room next to her mom's

44 min later 53005105 Anonymous
:(( but anon my dad's italian so if he heard anything he'd get REALLY loud kek

45 min later 53005117 Anonymous
>>53005105 OH SHOOT I FROGOT TO ADD THE THING!! I was responding to >>53005058 i'm an idiot

55 min later 53005230 Anonymous
>>53005117 It's ok you can still be my white trash brainlet GF. Got discord? wiregel#3229

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