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2019-06-21 02:13 53004555 Anonymous (wade.jpg 672x672 190kB)
Are girls with this kind of body type out of the question for robots? Asking for a friend.....

1 min later 53004568 Anonymous
I almost got fucked by one so not really. And I look like a potato.

1 min later 53004572 Anonymous
>>53004555 If you're white and have a cute butt with this body type you can be my GF qt

5 min later 53004627 Anonymous
>>53004555 Ideally she'd be a little bit fatter, but it's pretty good. And of course she shouldn't shave anything. I don't really care as long as she's nice and loving and won't cheat on me, she can look like the one in the back for all I care.

6 min later 53004647 Anonymous
>>53004555 I don't mind fat bitches but I draw the line at no curves. I hate fat girls with flat bodies.

8 min later 53004660 Anonymous
>>53004555 Awww the American Female Mk.2019

9 min later 53004670 Anonymous (13efc693495ec65da731aba81d65f2ca.jpg 3072x4608 1702kB)
being a bit overweight isn't a big deal for me, i like some chubs, but that square type of body is just a no for me. that type of body can only work for me if the girl is thin

32 min later 53004935 Anonymous (flat,550x550,075,f.u3.jpg 370x550 52kB)
>>53004555 Nope. She's definitely fat but I think she's also just kind of wide too. The body type like Karen from RDR 2. Personally don't mind a woman of that size, but I think it's because women, especially more broad shouldered women look good if they're a little fat. But the key word there is 'a little', it's not an excuse to be a landwhale. I must say I do like the wider hips, thicker thighs and bigger tits on women like that, and I wouldn't mind a slightly larger woman. But I think there is a real difference between being wide and just being a fatass, and there's plenty of fatasses out there too

33 min later 53004942 Anonymous
>>53004555 im not bad looking so for me yes

34 min later 53004953 Anonymous (1516986295302.png 640x628 153kB)
>>53004935 >The body type like Karen from RDR 2. i wanted to have a drunk fuck fest with her so bad

35 min later 53004972 Anonymous
>>53004555 I would fuck if horny but wouldn't have a relationship

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