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2019-06-21 02:08 53004502 Anonymous (Mother Tries Her Best.png 600x600 115kB)
Is having a young mother the reason you're here?

4 min later 53004543 Anonymous
>>53004502 Self-centered depressed mother, largely absent overly masculine father.

4 min later 53004546 Anonymous
>>53004502 Mom had me at 19. Wonder if there is a correlation between mom age and robotness in children

6 min later 53004573 Anonymous
>>53004543 My parents were actually quite old when they got me to add on to that.

12 min later 53004657 Anonymous (Bonding.png 600x600 147kB)
>>53004546 What is she like? Do you love her? I'm trying to re-evaluate my view of mine.

17 min later 53004696 Anonymous
>>53004502 No. I'm here because my mother passed away when I was 7.

19 min later 53004722 Anonymous
>>53004573 I have pretty much the same parents. I dont know if my moms that self centered but shes a hoarder who gets mad at me for no reason most of the time and my dad works all day so I dont really interact with him, but hes pretty based

21 min later 53004745 Anonymous
>>53004546 there's probably a positive correlation between dad age and robotness in children actually. rates of autism are higher among people whose dads were older (and downs was higher among people whose moms were older)

23 min later 53004765 Anonymous
Well, my dad died when I was very young, but my mother was like 40 at the time, so I was raised by a single overprotective mom and maybe that's why I'm so weak but maybe that's just my weakness blaming everything else but me again.

36 min later 53004911 Anonymous
>>53004546 My mum had me at 36. As women age, so do their eggs, so supposedly the older the woman, the more likely the child will have autism. Might be why there are different types of "robots". All of my faults have nothing to do with how I was raised at all, they all relate to inherent faults in me.

38 min later 53004938 Anonymous (4CCD75E0-BCB7-4769-946B-0BFF78FD4A2D.png 538x638 410kB)
>>53004502 I think your mom deserves a guy like me. I would literally make her scream when i enter her warm holes.

45 min later 53005017 Marine (moe-haku726.jpg 400x266 35kB)
>>53004657 If you have money you should see if you can get reasonably priced commissions for your self image.

47 min later 53005041 Anonymous (A Good Mother Protects Her Children.png 600x600 149kB)
>>53005017 >commissions for your self image What does that mean?

48 min later 53005062 Marine
>>53005041 You reaction images! If you have a more diverse set of images it will keep you safer.

48 min later 53005069 Marine
>>53005062 From the jannies I mean.

51 min later 53005102 Anonymous
>>53005069 >implying the jannies can even touch her Jannies FEAR her

52 min later 53005116 Anonymous (Fanatique.png 600x600 152kB)
>>53005069 I already have hundreds if not thousands from the avatar makers. Unless I commissioned a few hundred images, it wouldn't really make a difference. I don't even get banned that aggressively now, and when I do, I don't really care.

54 min later 53005138 Marine (__cure_marine_and_kurumi_erika_heartcatch_precure_and_etc_drawn_by_mofu__cf83451f5a78e39683ba43ee62750d55.jpg 496x700 238kB)
>>53005116 I didn't even realize there were that many avatar makers. Keep being cute! I'm going to bed soon, so I'm gonna disappear. Remember to love yourself and express your femininity. You are female, even if you are in the wrong body.

57 min later 53005169 Anonymous
>>53005138 stop telling lies to him, hes already delusional as he is now.

59 min later 53005187 Marine (1547255582498.png 1280x1280 522kB)
>>53005169 Make yourself want to be a girl. Make it so you'll want to feel like you want to kill yourself if you remain a male. You're not going to be able to do it anon, so why would the opposite be something you can do?

59 min later 53005194 Anonymous
>>53005116 Why does she have no shirt? Also, why does she have a masculine chest?

1 hours later 53005204 Anonymous
>>53004543 He was just out for cigarettes and milk, chill senpai

1 hours later 53005256 Anonymous
>>53005017 >>53005062 >>53005069 >>53005138 >>53005187 I've never seen you before on this board, but you seem kind Marine. Thanks for being nice to Aiste too unlike most.

1 hours later 53005263 Anonymous (Children Are A Burden.png 600x600 118kB)
>>53005138 I do, as much as I have it. Other than that, I'm not too certain. Like >>53005169 said, it's hard to keep a sound mind, so I can't fantasize about things too much. Goodnight. >>53005194 Well, I fucked up then. It'd make sense if these avatars were me, but I specifically chose these ones to be more of my mom. A lot of these avatar makers have plenty of small imperfections than can get annoying.

1 hours later 53005308 Marine (1560736279658.png 1280x720 1027kB)
>>53005256 Thank you~ She helped me realize I'm trans, which has improved my life immensely. She deserves love. >>53005263 You deserve love.

1 hours later 53005381 Anonymous (Fille De.png 600x600 115kB)
>>53005308 >She helped me realize I'm trans You're not the first person to say this. But how? I'm was always a pretty vocal critic of all that.

1 hours later 53005465 Marine
>>53005381 Well before I ever read your posts, I saw your avatarfagging in the catalog. It reminded me of the times I used to play those flash anime dress doll games in the 2000s, or when I used to avatarfag as Souseiseki and pretended to be a girl. You helped remind me off all the tranny things I've done in life, and after a while I had to admit I'm a tranny. I was literally posting things like "I wish I was trans" on /r9k/ and discord. "Ironically" of course. I also "ironically" had my best friend online treat me like a girl, not even for sexual reasons. I'm going to guess that's similar to the other anon's experiences. I assumed you were creating yourself but as a girl, and started to learn about you and your mommy issues, which I can absolutely relate to. My mom was a terrible mother.

1 hours later 53005481 Marine
>>53005465 Though it's worth noting I don't want to become my mom. I don't even identify with her. It stings to even think about her image.

1 hours later 53005506 Anonymous
>>53004696 damn that's rough. i lost my dad at a similar age. you get made fun of in school too?

1 hours later 53005576 Anonymous
>>53004502 No, my mother was 26 and my father 23. They were young, but nothing out of the ordinary. Im here because my father dropped out, didnt had a masculine role model, and was raised by a psyco single mother that hated men. Also was ugly as shit, so I didnt have the looks to be forgiven for the freak I became.

1 hours later 53005587 Anonymous
>>53004502 My mom was 30 and my dad was 40 when i was born My brother and sister are from mom's previous marriage and are a lot older than me, my dad also has kids from his ex-wife but we don't talk to them.

1 hours later 53005633 Anonymous (Nous Écoutons Notre Mère.png 600x600 154kB)
>>53005465 >>53005481 I see. So it's not anything I said, but how I act. Do you identify as a tranny, or as a girl? As to my mommy issues, I don't know if I have them. I used to think my mom was really cool, then I kind of grew to hate her, like a lot of anons do, now that I'm with her again after a while, I'm pretty conflicted. I think I kind of idolize and envy her. >>53005576 >>53005587 Seems most of anons in this thread have older mothers. I'm not sure of the effects of that, though one of my classmates had pretty old parents and was a complete robot, so maybe it makes sense.

1 hours later 53005642 Anonymous (hog matrix.png 317x550 90kB)

1 hours later 53005683 Anonymous
>>53005506 Yeah kids in school were brutal. My dad died a few years into secondary school when I was like 13 going on 14. I'd get the piss taken, called an orphan etc. I don't know, it made me tougher I guess.

1 hours later 53005711 Marine (1549234833999.jpg 977x722 106kB)
>>53005633 You clearly have mommy issues. I know mommy issues, and you have them. Asuka does too, so it's not all bad. It was both what you said and how you acted. How you acted caught me, the stuff you said helped me identify. The two in unison allowed me to identify with my femininity. You're one beacon I can say "thank you" to! So thank you! >>53005642 There's no dying. It's just a return to the one mind.

1 hours later 53005822 Anonymous (Ideals.png 600x600 123kB)
>>53005711 I don't know. I hate her and I love her. I'm glad I helped someone though. Even if it wasn't exactly my intention haha.

1 hours later 53006002 Anonymous (IMG_1411.jpg 708x708 41kB)
>>53005711 Filtered and kill yourself tranny tripnigger

2 hours later 53006062 Anonymous (__cure_marine_and_kurumi_erika_heartcatch_precure_and_etc_drawn_by_yuucho_cololal__2baf65710a963b8b28137d9d9901e61b.png 2000x2000 1589kB)
>>53006002 FYI I only use my trip to communicate to my fellow trannies. You'll get to see all the other posts I make without a trip on. Ha

2 hours later 53006136 Anonymous (Devilish.png 600x600 117kB)
>>53006002 Can't filter this one though! Haha.

2 hours later 53006165 Anonymous (3e74577464e122eb3e18be3faf34b2f8d6be8c9560bd0cbc42e2af5b6d57ec54.jpg 622x521 64kB)
>>53004502 But I'm very sick in my minds. lol,lollol

3 hours later 53006411 Anonymous
>>53004502 I would have thought robots in general would have older mothers. Mine was 33 when she had me, which I guess is about average age

3 hours later 53006445 Anonymous (1394948309269.png 350x495 65kB)
Mine was 42 when she had me, gave me autism.

3 hours later 53006463 Anonymous (1552105662842.jpg 800x800 185kB)
>>53004502 Mom had me at 22, with a Black guy who would go onto beat her and leave. She used to use me as an emotional pillar, then she realized that wasn't healthy for me, so she turned to alcohol and ironically started abusing me. I pretty much had no one growing up, I was the typical class clown, always acting out for attention, and that worked for a while, I was popular, til about 8th grade where it finally started to cross the line into being overly obnoxious and annoying. I then basically became ostracized, a social reject, and this spiraled out of control. I'm now at the point where I'm a NEET hikki who's afraid of human contact. I definitely think the reasons I'm so fucked up is because I've had 0 parental figures in my life, but it's on me to get help and change.

4 hours later 53007200 Anonymous
>>53004502 My mother was a whore that cheated on my father and they separated before I was even one. Never seen her or have been contacted by her because my father emigrated to the US. Im only realizing now just the consequences of not having a mom. It really fucking sucks.

6 hours later 53008245 Anonymous
>>53006463 just fucking lol. imagine being this JUSTed

7 hours later 53009162 Kierkegaard (b81.jpg 1200x1183 84kB)
>>53004502 Oh, my dear Aiste... If only you knew....

7 hours later 53009190 Kierkegaard
>>53006463 I should probably screenshot this post desu.

7 hours later 53009194 Anonymous (a60f9fde13e6c9f7bbc7f5ae554c323f89cfbe43a5c54de2d7cf7e3f92355dfb.jpg 1000x750 630kB)
I'm here because my mom was a prostitute and my dad was a child molester. They broke me between them.

8 hours later 53009473 Kierkegaard (8a22b2f52a5b17786abfc01f94516b54cb683068570bbe4f64680f8f0d6c329e.jpg 401x516 31kB)
>>53009194 >I'm here because my mom was a prostitute and my dad was a child molester. Your mom was a prostitute wtf???? Now you have to greentext it for us, anon.

8 hours later 53009687 Anonymous
>>53004502 It's having an old mother. Fucked up genetics through and through because I was born when she was 37. Don't have kids when you're old, lads.

8 hours later 53009707 Anonymous (distant sound of gunfire.jpg 371x371 85kB)
My mom had me at 23, and I'm almost her age now. My grandma became a grandmother at 40

9 hours later 53009749 Anonymous
>>53009707 Oh also both my parents are divorced and both talk shit to me about the other one, but none of their stories ever line-up with the other so I'm never sure who the fuck to believe which is what REALLY fucks me up. I literally can't trust either of my parents and I know if I start pressing on either of them they'll start calling me a bad son for not trusting them. I honestly fucking hate the stress of it

9 hours later 53009757 Anonymous (53117700_831523490517513_1400824628930150400_n.jpg 960x712 73kB)
>>53004502 self centered selfish depressed mother that had me pretty late actually she also brought me into this world via getting knocked up by some literal thug that was years older then her and dumped her for a meth head with severe schizophrenia said thug barely even ever acted like a father so i was pretty much raised by an overly protective single mom who thought because i was autistic i was this fragile endangered creature i 100 % blame her for me being a robot i was doomed from the start

9 hours later 53009768 Anonymous
>>53009757 oh i was also exposed to drugs really early on because my father was a fucking retard and would feed me alcohol by the time i was 4

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