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2019-06-21 02:06 53004485 Anonymous (9437053B-ACCC-4FA3-AB9A-8AB8FE3A8DF5.jpg 768x564 223kB)
Well, you ARE allowed to criticize Jews, so...

2 min later 53004508 Anonymous
>>53004485 No, not really. post this on /pol/ and see what happens [\spoiler]

4 min later 53004527 Anonymous
>>53004485 Try discussing the holocaust on normie nets.

14 min later 53004655 Anonymous
>>53004485 People are anti-semantic all over the internet. People can take an anti-semantic joke. But you can't say anything skirting the lines of "Women shouldn't vote" that you are branded the worst of the worst. You dare not speak ill of the women, else thou art a incel. And everyone know this, but try to pretend it's the jews.

15 min later 53004665 Anonymous
>>53004655 >anti-semantic underage detected

17 min later 53004674 Jew Slayer (4ea367718ca640853aedec5cc31e8cd3.jpg 730x1095 229kB)
>>53004485 Criticizing is not enough. We shall purge them.

19 min later 53004706 Anonymous (thinkinlincoln.jpg 830x541 85kB)
That quote is not by Voltaire. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin _Alfred_Strom

22 min later 53004732 Anonymous
>>53004485 what are you talking about, its literally illegal to criticize jews in several contries, including america

23 min later 53004748 Anonymous (iu129m5mrfwfrydf-mob.jpg 400x536 48kB)
>>53004485 Yea, you're allowed to criticize Jews. But you're put on a low level security list if you do. It's a pretty long list and if you ever posted on pol, 90% you're on it.

25 min later 53004768 Anonymous
>>53004485 >Cry's in German >Cry's in Canadian >Cry's in British

36 min later 53004901 Anonymous
>>53004527 >>53004732 You can without having the police come to your house. Fats on the internet won't like it but it's legal

37 min later 53004915 Anonymous
>>53004732 everyone makes jew jokes though. you're a retard

38 min later 53004928 Anonymous
>>53004901 Depends on were you live, many countries consider it an criminal offence.

39 min later 53004937 Anonymous
>>53004928 You said >including America Which is not true. Go fuck yourself

41 min later 53004963 Anonymous
>>53004485 Voltaire never said this.

43 min later 53004985 Anonymous
>>53004937 People were denied government aid because they said they were boycotting Israel This happened in the us

1 hours later 53005366 Anonymous
>>53004665 I was going to defend him by saying that I used to also confuse "semetic" and "semantic", but I was underage when I used to confuse them.

1 hours later 53005411 Anonymous
>>53004508 >>53004485 you can't criticize /pol/

1 hours later 53005497 Anonymous
>>53004963 Well, Voltaire never said a lot of things

1 hours later 53005673 Anonymous
>>53004485 You can criticize israel but not really judaism. This has more to do with living in a "progressive" democratic society. Since the progressives are actually owned by minorities, when it comes to policy and campaign. It starts affecting everyday people because progressives run tech/media giants.

1 hours later 53005690 Anonymous
>>53004655 Women are the real jew

2 hours later 53006151 Anonymous
That's right, nobody rules over you. You can do whatever you want! Don't expect people to just nod at your criticism and agree with your insights though, that would be so retarded on your part.

2 hours later 53006161 Anonymous
Military and veterans

2 hours later 53006167 Anonymous (D8E5F605-BED6-49B8-8689-EFC4B7503C73.gif 360x360 1869kB)
>>53004485 Can't criticize blacks. But what's there to criticize anyways?

2 hours later 53006271 Anonymous
>>53005673 >You can criticize israel The right is trying to kill that with anti-BDS laws and calling anyone who criticizes the state an anti-semite

3 hours later 53006606 Anonymous
If you own a gun. You can speak freely.

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