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2019-06-21 01:46 53004277 Anonymous (1560730216416.png 500x436 306kB)
>anon in a bad situation >spend 10+ minutes on uplifting, helpful reply >responds to everyone but me Why does this always happen to me

7 min later 53004347 Anonymous
I'm only replying to your thread to make fun of you by saying that in addition to not replying to your posts, no one would seriously reply to your thread too.

20 min later 53004482 Anonymous
Sometimes people read and take what you say without wanting to say they did you dont need acceptance 24/7 he definitely read it so take it as it is

29 min later 53004575 Anonymous
>>53004347 Why are people this sadistic

1 hours later 53005010 Anonymous
>>53004277 Never help strangers on the internet. >t.learned this the hard way

1 hours later 53005219 Anonymous
Because a lot of people don't want kind words. They're addicted to feeling bad.

1 hours later 53005242 Anonymous
>>53004277 If want to partake in circle jerking, I suggest you head over to Red It.

1 hours later 53005265 Anonymous
>>53004277 whats your situtation psychoanually

1 hours later 53005293 Anonymous
>>53004277 >I know how you feel. It'll get better. Just be yourself bro. Gee I wonder

1 hours later 53005349 Anonymous
>>53004277 you dont make posts expecting (you)s thats just sad

1 hours later 53005354 Anonymous
>>53004277 Bait exists to bait, its not really your fault. Its hard for actual discussion to compete with a post deliberately meant to get a (you). I know you won't replay to this :)

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