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2019-06-21 01:42 53004245 Anonymous for the third worlders (766.jpg 750x562 43kB)
would you come to the first world on the conditions that: you would be hated, ignored and ostracized. Never getting a gf or family of your one always seen as an outsider. People ghosting you whenever they see you. Never having having any privacy or full meaning in life? or would you stay in the third world?

13 min later 53004380 Anonymous
no I live in a third world shithole but i have a decent job, what would be the point of running away like a retard

16 min later 53004414 Anonymous
>>53004245 So the same shit that's already my life, except I'd have more money? Sounds good to me.

1 hours later 53005375 Anonymous
>>53004414 Yeah and you'll never get friends or your own family You'll just be that weird uncle

1 hours later 53005403 Anonymous
>>53004245 Our criminals, vagabonds, losers would move... this is what already happen. Do you think a 3rd world doctor or scientist will migrate?

1 hours later 53005404 Anonymous
>>53004245 i would stay in my shitty third world if that's the case, Chile is not that bad

1 hours later 53005454 Anonymous
>>53005403 >>53005404 I see. So your social status would be important to you? But you're in the first world! It shouldn't matter if you are hated when you are living like a fat cat in the 10% of the world Shouldn't the money be enough to endure the inhuman treatment?

1 hours later 53005476 Anonymous
>>53005454 A high/medium job on 3rd world is far more comfortable, has far more status and far higher pay than a low job on 1st world. Only criminals or poorfags can hope to have it better on migration.

1 hours later 53005493 Anonymous
>>53005454 For a good example, I'm a regular lawyer on Brazil and I gain enough to have someone working on my house (no periodic cleaning, but someone that clean and cook full time), why I'd move to US, gain 1/4 of what I gain here (with higher living costs) and lose all my status?

1 hours later 53005541 Anonymous
>>53005493 I see your point. I agree that a high status in the third world would be better then being an average Joe in the first world It's actually my pov as well

1 hours later 53005577 Anonymous
>>53005541 High class in 3rd world is better than high class on 1st world, you are basically a noble. You'll have servants (more than one, I doctor I know have 5 working on his house), you'll have status and you'll be far above law... Middle class is slightly better on 1st world, since you gain more, but you have far cheaper things (specially land and workforce) on 3rd world. Low class is definitively better on 1st world, no questions asked.

1 hours later 53005611 Anonymous
>>53005577 Damn man. How do I get to Brazil? lol

2 hours later 53005638 Anonymous (1549835360123.jpg 800x800 140kB)
>>53005454 i have a comfy job as a front desk recepcionist in a sky lodge near my city, it pays rather well so money isn't a problem, don't get me wrong, my childhood dream is to move to the US but in this case the disadvantages outweigh the benefits

2 hours later 53005672 Anonymous
>>53005611 That's the trick part, Brazil is a very big country, in interior do Nordeste (where I live) we are basically in middle ages, if you own land or have some high public job (usually both) you're a noble, far above anything you can imagine in 1st world, if you know some good trade (something the landlords want) or hold a low public job you'll have a live that's poor in 1st world richness, but with far more status (people calling you "sir" on the street) this is my level... but if you are none of these, prepare to suffer like a dog... and we don't like gringos here.

2 hours later 53005675 Anonymous
>>53005493 >to have someone working on my house (no periodic cleaning, but someone that clean and cook full time) How much do you pay for it?

2 hours later 53005693 Anonymous
So asking for a friend could i get a cute (or able to become cute) femboy to live as a neet/housewife (clean dont leave monthly money to spend 800-1400 usd) from a third world country?

2 hours later 53005703 Anonymous
>>53005675 950 reais, that's about 250USD, plus lunch every day (she cooks and food is basically free here), can you imagine an american lawyer doing this? And as a bonus people call me doctor or sir.

2 hours later 53005722 Chang
>>53005672 Nah it's cool homie. I ain't no Gringo

2 hours later 53005725 Anonymous
>>53005693 800USD is the wage of a technician or nurse here. 1400USD is the wage of a programmer.

2 hours later 53005729 Anonymous
>>53005693 or could i just buy these in third world countries ?

2 hours later 53005741 Anonymous
OP you have to understand /r9k/s "third worlders" are from places like Brazil, Mexico or Russia that while bad they are not Haiti or Irak tier. And even then us third worlders that post here are already middle-upper class in our countries, you wont get answers from literal favelados. To answer your question no, being hated and lack of privacy are dealbreakers for me and if Im not mistaken you have a housing cost crisis, if I go there like a pariah barely getting by with the ever present risk of eviction why not stay here? But if you mean I get there and become "rich" how rich are we talking about?

2 hours later 53005753 Anonymous
>>53005638 I had a similar discussion earlier. And based on the consensus it seems like most of the third worlders that I know would rather sacrifice their social status for wealth than to have a good social status but little wealth. It's different there though (not like Brazil)

2 hours later 53005770 Anonymous
>>53005753 >it seems like most of the third worlders that I know would rather sacrifice their social status for wealth Most third worlders you know are favelados that doesn't have any status to begin with. Middle/Upper class would rather die than lose status.

2 hours later 53005778 Anonymous
I want to move to another third world, but i want it to be a slav third world

2 hours later 53005781 Anonymous
>>53005703 >>53005725 That's a lot, I thought Brazil was a third world shithole, these are perfectly normal European prices. Are there any countries where it's like 10 times less?

2 hours later 53005785 Anonymous
>>53005741 I didn't mean rich. You'd be an average Joe, making minimum wage. While everyone else wants to stomp on your neck just for existing But would your answer change if you became rich? Like upper middle class rich?

2 hours later 53005788 Anonymous
>>53005741 >>53005778 Russia is second world

2 hours later 53005817 Anonymous
>>53005781 Brazil is a big country, a flat in Sao Paulo can cost more than 250.000USD, a entire medium farm (workers included) in Maranhao can cost the same. A retail worker in Brasilia can gain as much as 1000USD, and the same worker would gain 75USD in interior do Piaui

2 hours later 53005820 Anonymous
>>53005770 True that. I believe it's like that in most third world countries If you're rich or middle class there, it would be torture to move to the bottom in the 'first world'

2 hours later 53005840 Anonymous
>>53004245 So...the same but I earn more money? Of, fucking, course.

2 hours later 53005880 Anonymous
>>53005785 >minimum wage No thanks, not worth it. Yes I would consider it if I became rich. I assume I can't go back, can I?

2 hours later 53005882 Anonymous
Countries like Brazil or Russia are big. Big enough to be a world in itself, with nationalism, culture, customs, very complex politics. Most citizens rich enough to take part on it will never leave, only the favelados or the cosmopolitans will ever leave.

2 hours later 53005904 Anonymous
>>53005781 How can 250USD month be too much for wage + taxes?

2 hours later 53005940 Anonymous
>>53004245 Just stay in your shitty country Nobody wants you here

2 hours later 53005959 Anonymous
>>53005880 You could go back to visit unless your country has a weird policy lol >Yes I would consider it if I became rich Interesting....

2 hours later 53005962 Anonymous
id accept the bad things you mentioned if it meant 2 things >i get a home of my own >i get a reasonable amount of neetbux or whatever for life id agree to this deal even without moving to another country

2 hours later 53006049 Anonymous
>>53004245 Despite all that, yes, especially if jobs are available. It is better to worry aboout no friends than to worry about no food, water etc.

2 hours later 53006059 Anonymous
>>53005959 >to visit Hold up I have to stay there for life? It better be filthy rich then, materialist satisfaction only lasts for so long if everyone wants to stomp your neck. Can I play pretend first worlder and travel the world instead?

3 hours later 53006459 Anonymous
Meaning is priceless, it would be stupid to trade that unless it secured things for someone else at least.

4 hours later 53006895 Anonymous
Hell yea, fuck uganda

4 hours later 53006914 Anonymous
>>53006895 Can i buy a qt cannibal from uganda?

4 hours later 53006927 Anonymous
>>53006914 No, but slaves are being sold in Lybia. (slave girl are expensive)

4 hours later 53006988 Anonymous
>>53005962 >neetbux You better fake an illness or disability to get that "sweet" 500 bucks a month

4 hours later 53007392 Anonymous
I'm leeching my mother's pension, so no, I don't wanna go to de USA to be killed by a retard cop or a nigger, I rather stay here drinking terere under a mango tree

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