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2019-06-21 01:39 53004202 Anonymous (11063761530644ys.jpg 1024x768 319kB)
are you really a robot if you desire gf and friends? i dont want either of those, i think a real, last phase robot would completely disregard emotions etc from all the social rejection. what is your opinion on the matter?

1 min later 53004220 Anonymous
>>53004202 I want a girlfriend, but only if she was like Misaki and just fell from the sky. I would want a good friend but dont care enough to search or try to build anything.

2 min later 53004234 Anonymous
>>53004220 NHK is overrated hamfisted preachy bullshit and manga Misaki was a slut.

3 min later 53004241 Anonymous
>>53004202 Living as a lonesome outcast all my life has only amplified my desire for close bonds, even though I've idealized them so much that my expectations can probably never be met.

4 min later 53004254 Anonymous
>>53004202 Well in your post you outline stages of robots so if people still want a gf and friends then they are simply an earlier phase robot.

10 min later 53004312 Anonymous
I think you can be a robot while desiring a gf and friends. Being a robot is the life of an outcast, always looking into the play of life, but never having the chance to play a part. You can absolutely hate or be disgusted by people for the way they treated you, but at the same time its hard to deny the profound and magical things the human spirit is capable of. We see it around us all the time, it's just that we simply never get to have the chance to be the benefactors or recipients. I think it's natural to want friends or a gf. After all, we hate ourselves, and having friends or a gf means that you're not actually "you" and are instead living the life of someone else.

17 min later 53004382 Anonymous (blueskymisuzu0eo.jpg 1024x768 183kB)
>>53004220 same really, but im not sure if I can handle gf >>53004241 i might also get those desires later in life, who knows.. >>53004254 you are right, but I still think those that are real robots wont put effort into finding gf or frens, despite their desires, and those that put effort dont really belong here >>53004312 i agree anon

39 min later 53004637 Anonymous
>>53004202 i think that the definition of a robot can be pretty subjective but at the end of the day what we all have in common is that we are socially retarded in some way. in my personal experience ive never been socially rejected, but im unable to create relationships that go past the friend stage. frankly, im at a point in my life in which i dont envy people who date or want to date anymore, i just feel relieved that ill never have to handle the struggle of being emotionally attached to someone else. dont know if this makes me a robot in other peoples eyes but personally i think i am, to some degree

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