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2019-06-21 01:37 53004181 Anonymous (q99uygldq8131.png 512x444 149kB)
>My teeth are yellow crooked and hurt. >face is pale and acne >eyes color is orange >rounded forehead >5'7 >come from single mom >mexican >super poor live in trailer park With 3 siblings >19 How bad is your life and were you also cursed to a life of suffering?

2 min later 53004207 Anonymous
>>53004181 got all your limbs? It could always be worse fren.

3 min later 53004227 Anonymous
Im not suicidal just sharing my reason why im on here

51 min later 53004728 Anonymous (048ac2966fe05a4d62f8a12415c46ed0.jpg 380x350 33kB)
>>53004181 bro just show some confidence girls love that even if you're hideous, stupid and pathetic

1 hours later 53005030 Anonymous
>>53004181 >goblin It couldnt be any other way

1 hours later 53005055 Anonymous
>>53004207 I would rather be an attractive rich white amputee than OP honestly

1 hours later 53005131 Anonymous
>>53005055 I'd rather be OP than a poor amputee in a non-white country

1 hours later 53005173 Anonymous
>>53004181 Rape any of your siblings yet like a good Mexican?

1 hours later 53005310 Anonymous
don worry u fun done get dead ONE DAY B

1 hours later 53005380 Anonymous
>30 >white Euro male >job in nursing >live with girlfriend >gonna marry her soon >some good friends and good relationship with my family >healthy and kinda fit I'm pretty happy

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