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2019-06-21 01:36 53004158 Anonymous (b45c59bdbcfe2fc1f1d2d2d8b31e8e0c.jpg 2048x1024 496kB)
Do you think there's someone from the government reading all this shit and taking notes?

0 min later 53004171 Anonymous
Why would the government be interested in this shithole?

2 min later 53004191 Anonymous
>>53004171 incel spree shooters

2 min later 53004195 Anonymous
>>53004171 I think the whole "don't come to school tomorrow" thing a few years ago red flagged us.

2 min later 53004196 Anonymous
>>53004171 To monitor the deranged incels and potential school shooters.

4 min later 53004212 Anonymous
>>53004158 why wouldnt there be, the government is known to spend money on retarded shit, and there was been actual murderers from here, theres someone shitposting along side us right now thats being paid for it, its a dream job

4 min later 53004223 Anonymous (1546442625933.jpg 657x527 39kB)
>>53004158 i'm from the government. we are currently developing a program to weaponize unrequited infatuation. in short, we are trying to get a lonely incel to develop a strong obsession with a girl who seems "innocent", nerdy, and not too pretty to make them think they have a chance. then we have to put it in their heads that the only way his oneitis can gain her love is to do some task (possibly violent). it is really fascinating. we also have a few other studies in the works but they haven't been greenlighted for funding yet.

5 min later 53004225 Anonymous (Targa_German_Shepherd_Puppy_IMG_2844.jpg 720x470 62kB)
>>53004196 I wonder what my document looks like. Lmao.

5 min later 53004226 Anonymous
>>53004158 Yeah but it doesn't make a difference. the only difference are shills, and they're not hard to spot at all.

6 min later 53004242 Anonymous
>>53004223 post pictures of the qt girl pls

8 min later 53004264 Anonymous
>>53004223 sounds good anon, now where is this innocent, nerdy, and not too pretty girl?

25 min later 53004429 Anonymous (1561052768588.jpg 408x439 60kB)
>>53004242 >>53004264 now why would i want to give the whole game away, fellow anons?

54 min later 53004756 Anonymous
>>53004158 Who gives a fuck? They're completely incompetent. Look at the government they serve, look at this country, the state that it's in.

57 min later 53004787 Anonymous
>>53004756 > thinking its not exactly where they want to be you know nothing anon

58 min later 53004797 Anonymous
>>53004429 cause you're a cool fella?

1 hours later 53004832 Anonymous
>>53004158 Yea there is. I wish they would just kill me already desu

1 hours later 53004852 Anonymous
>>53004787 Yes but they're too stupid to know they're their own destruction. Let then play their suicide game.

1 hours later 53004867 Anonymous
>>53004832 That isn't the point though. The point is to make everyone as miserable as humanly possible without everything collapsing immediately.

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