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2019-06-21 01:35 53004144 Anonymous (midwest.jpg 495x349 31kB)
What's it like living in the midwest? I want to move there when I get a career cause it seems comfy.

1 min later 53004170 Anonymous
>>53004144 it's kinda like the rest of the country, in that it gets shittier and shittier the higher the population density. it's just that there's more areas with low density here.

4 min later 53004209 Anonymous
Chicago is a cool city despite what everyone says about it. That being said, do not venture into the south or west ghettos/projects unless you wanna get shot. Even then there is zero reason to go there, there is nothing of interest to even do in those areas.

13 min later 53004307 Anonymous
>>53004144 Ohiofag here. Move to one of the three C cities, Cincinnati, Cleveland or Columbus, maybe Akron if you are not very lucky. Dayton and Toledo are both shit, though

35 min later 53004526 Anonymous
>>53004144 South Midwest Louisville, KY faggot here. I moved here from NY and so far I like the change of pace. Only problem is anywhere past 9th street is a crime filled ghetto but all in all it's a fairly comfy city. I like how cheap restaurants and cigarettes are, so there's that.

38 min later 53004562 Anonymous
>>53004307 Ohio's better than I expected... I would advise against moving to Columbus, it's rapidly growing, and the parking and traffic suck. I work downtown as a bug salaryman. Cincinnati's my preferred city, it's much more laid back if you live in the suburbs.

39 min later 53004574 Anonymous
>>53004307 Stay the fuck away from the hellscape that is Youngstown. The food is good, but you'll off yourself in months or less.

40 min later 53004588 Anonymous
>>53004144 Climate: due to god knows what, as the rest of the world gets hotter, we get cooler summers. It has never been above 80 deg for the past 3 weeks in most of the region. In Chicago, the high has never been above 72 deg Jobs: Depending on what you want to do, move to a city. If you live anywhere else the only employment opportunities are old folks homes and farmhands Other than that, you can pretty much find any job in the largest cities. Where to move: I would recommend just picking a city, moving in to get a job, then moving to the suburbs. Ideally move to Wisconsin, Illinois, or Ohio due to the (relitively) strong economies. You could move to Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, or Iowa, but it is more difficult to get a job. Specifically with Indiana and Michigan which are going through some tough times. Pros: + Temperate Climate + Being forgoten about on the news + Low activity, but not low enough not to have 24/7 stores + good transportation options (specifically near chicago) + Low Crime* Cons: - Being forgotten about on the news - Some areas Gary IN*, (South/West) Chicago IL*, Detroit MI*, are basically war zones - low/no jobs outside of cities - cities are full of spics and niggers * As long as you stay out of these areas you have zero chances of getting shot. Also, even though these cities are listed, any town that had (only the car industry, and not industries like trucking) anything to do with the manufacturing industry has since become simmilar to this

40 min later 53004591 Anonymous
>>53004144 If that's the midwest what is Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri

42 min later 53004612 Anonymous
>>53004526 KY anon here: Move to Lexington or Richmond, they're far more comfy, have the same jobs, and have far less niggers than Louisville. There's really no reason to live in Louisville when Lexington exists, unless you're non-white, then stay in Louisville please.

43 min later 53004640 Anonymous
>>53004562 I lived inCincinnati for a short while, nice place. I am in Dayton, this city looks like a war zone. Stay far away.

49 min later 53004684 Anonymous (1559214098093.png 610x571 604kB)
Dreadful. Winter is physically painful, summer is humid and hot. It is beautiful, but only if you live in the middle of nowhere with no Internet or stores nearby. Also all the beautiful land you see and would like to explore is private, you will be shot if you're caught on it. Enjoy the views.

51 min later 53004707 Anonymous
>>53004612 I feel you m8, but I have relatives and work here, so there's not much I can do now, but trust me, the niggers in the west end are NOTHING compared to the Bronx or western Harlem. They mostly just kill their own as long as people don't go into their territory.

53 min later 53004723 Anonymous
>>53004144 If you want to move to Minnesota, DO NOT go to a big city. Somalians and shit tier conditions.

54 min later 53004747 Anonymous
i think living in the midwest is a good life to choose if you don't wanna be famous or super rich. it's comfy here, it's real comfy. i'm from the suburbs in northern illinois, and yeah the winter is real cold and the summers are real hot, but unless you have a physical labor-y job, you'll be just fine. the biggest complaint i've heard from people who live here is that it's not the place to go if you plan on being someone big and important. i think if you're looking for a nice stable life, you could move into a cheap apartment in the suburbs. make sure to look into neighborhoods before choosing though. Sometimes you can move into a place full of people that aren't great to be around. I don't think you should move into a super wealthy neighborhood even if you can, because the wealthy people aren't very nice. move into an average neighborhood if possible. they're working on more affordable housing in a lot of places.

55 min later 53004755 Anonymous
>>53004723 I heard Minneapolis is where the ghetto shit goes down. I knew a guy who got mugged in Hennepin, mooks sent him to the hospital.

56 min later 53004766 Anonymous
>>53004684 I like the way you juxtaposed that post with that picture. It really fit, especially the way her hand is positioned and how you began it with "Dreadful." This was a very stylish post.

56 min later 53004771 Anonymous
>>53004707 Lexington is only 70 miles away, that's just an hour's drive. People drive that far to go from suburbs to downtown in shitholes like NYC, LA or Houston. Of course, the whole point of a city is to work, so can't you just transfer to Lexington? If they have offices in Louisville, why not have one in Lexington. Your family and friends in Louisville are, as I said, only 70 miles away so you don't lose them. Also, any niggers at all is bad. Imagine living in a city where they have an area you can't go into because they allow feral people to control it, IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY. Lexington is cucked like this too in some ways, but at least Lexington doesn't have an entire section of their city blocked off by non-whites. Fuck Louisville.

56 min later 53004773 Anonymous
>>53004144 You're fucking dumb as shit. You'll fit right in.

59 min later 53004795 Anonymous
>>53004684 >all the beautiful land you see and would like to explore is private, you will be shot if you're caught on it And just like that you have crushed my dreams.

1 hours later 53004808 Anonymous
>>53004795 don't worry that's not completely true at all. there are lots and lots of parks and hiking trails, and the scenery is just as beatiful in those as it is in the pictures you see on the interwebs. don't worry anon. just go to one of the many hiking park thingies!

1 hours later 53004824 Anonymous
>>53004795 There's public land, but every time I see a place I want to explore I see "NO TRESSPASSING" and have to walk away. You can get way with walking on the railroads too. >>53004766 Thank you anon. You're very kind

1 hours later 53005016 Anonymous
I've heard Indiana is exceptionally shitty so perhaps my experiences are unique but I fucking can't stand it here. Empty, but not in the majestic breathtaking way somewhere like Colorado is empty, desolate, like life has already come and gone. The girls are all fucking idiots, and despite coming from NYC myself the women here are more promiscuous, more party oriented, more degenerate, than what I'm used to back in New York. Only redeeming quality is the low cost of living but that's only because it's miserable to live here.

1 hours later 53005046 Anonymous
>>53005016 i'm sorry you had to deal with that, anon. but some other places in the midwest are kinda pretty. some of the states have a huge difference in how the land looks depending on where you are. for example, in southern illinois it's all empty farm land, but in the northern part it's super green and pretty. i hope things get better with the people there for you.

1 hours later 53005110 Anonymous (SPUD.jpg 829x600 261kB)
>>53004526 >>53004612 you dum dums, Kentucky isn't part of the Midwest, it's southern territory. From St. Paul MN. Really nice place actually, Twin Cities are a great example of strong urban planning. Not always great at implementing highway infrastructure but overall good roads. I would actually recommend living here if you get the chance.

1 hours later 53005207 Anonymous
>>53005110 Where are the fucking plants? It looks like hell on Earth.

1 hours later 53005217 Anonymous
>>53005207 i'm not the one who posted it, but i'm guessing dead because there's snow on the ground. kek

1 hours later 53005285 Anonymous
>>53005217 Oh I see, show me the dead plants then. That ain't shit but concrete and glass.

1 hours later 53005321 Anonymous
>>53005207 clearly in the back anon, can't you see the smoke rising from it?

1 hours later 53005342 Anonymous
>>53005321 haha comedia haha , go fuck yourself rebbitor. Anons, I advise you aplly in the mlk industry.

1 hours later 53005363 Anonymous
>>53005285 you can clearly see the leafless trees in the median of the highway in the foreground

1 hours later 53005385 Anonymous
>>53005342 you've never spoken to anyone like that in real life coward

1 hours later 53005389 Anonymous (1517091353059.jpg 500x376 43kB)
>Called mid west >Is mostly in the northeastern section of the country Who came up with this retardation?

1 hours later 53005413 Anonymous
In a shit suburb just outside philly. Only positive thing I can think to say is there's some interesting young people around. other then that it's mostly shit and it feel like everyone is standing around waiting to die.

1 hours later 53005449 Anonymous
>>53005389 Prior to the Mexican-American War, the western border of the US was in the Missouri valley.

1 hours later 53005478 Anonymous
>>53005363 A tiny smattering of trees in a median. Fascinating. You have to be a real fucking troglodyte to want to call the midwest home.

1 hours later 53005518 Anonymous
>>53005478 fifteen miles down the highway from that spot will be just this side of wilderness. As opposed to fifteen miles from, say, Manhattan, which is still treeless concrete, and will be for quite some distance yet.

2 hours later 53005526 Anonymous
>>53005385 I would slap you and send you back to your mother little shit.

2 hours later 53005784 Anonymous
>>53005518 No it won't you don't even know what wilderness even is. There is not one spot on the entire North American continent that looks the way it should.

2 hours later 53005810 Anonymous
>>53005784 >There is not one spot on the entire North American continent that looks the way it should. >Should >The absolute state of greenfags

2 hours later 53005813 Anonymous (1427664930708.jpg 404x521 183kB)
>>53004144 >The midwest. >Neither middle, nor west Why are americans so fucking retarded?

2 hours later 53005906 Anonymous
Another ohiofag reporting in, middletown actually. Almost as bad as a big city but filled with shitty rednecks instead of niggers. Heroin is rampant, almost everyone has a shitbull. God I wish I could fucking leave.

2 hours later 53005919 Anonymous
>>53005813 "The West" is 2/3rds of the continent.

2 hours later 53005963 Anonymous
>>53005813 it used to be the western part of the country before we expanded all the way to the Pacific

2 hours later 53005964 Anonymous
>>53005813 Yes, yes. Deliberately misinterpreting words to make a point, despite the fact that you know full well what was meant. Ha ha. Good yurofag. You're so very clever.

2 hours later 53005992 Anonymous
>>53005110 Minneapolis But I think I'll move to St. Paul. Very based post.

2 hours later 53006005 Anonymous
>grab your ball sac >pull it to the side >push your penis backward in between your butt cheeks >place the tip inside of your anus >urinate into your rectum that is how living in the midwest is like

4 hours later 53006750 Anonymous
Midwest if for cucks come down to South Carolina and start investing in flipping mobile homes, there's a huge market for it boys

4 hours later 53006814 Anonymous
>>Big cities have the good jobs but also super high crime rates. pretty comfy region in general though. t. Michigander

4 hours later 53006839 Anonymous
anyone here live/d in pittsburgh? it seems like a comfy city.

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