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2019-06-21 01:32 53004111 Anonymous (3da.jpg 1383x2718 553kB)
>Due to low birthrate in japan, the government have issued you pic related as your designated breeder what's the correct move here?

1 min later 53004127 Anonymous
>>53004111 You impregnate her ASAP with the BWC

3 min later 53004143 Anonymous
I tell her to wash her hair. Disgusting whore, if I'm gonna be forced to cheat on my waifu with a 3DPD, she can at least clean herself up.

4 min later 53004172 Anonymous
>>53004111 Im pretty sure Japs would prefer to keep their lineage+country homogeneous over having some virgin gaijins creating a new race of autism

5 min later 53004184 Anonymous (helloexport1560963271230.jpg 737x983 80kB)
Due to low birthrate in Japan, fashion magazines are now advertising pushing for girls to have ha-fu no ko (mixed children).

10 min later 53004243 Anonymous
Well first you'll have to break her in by training her pussy and asshole. Begin with enemas filled with aphrodisiacs and then work your way through dildos, small then growing larger and larger until her asshole can support nice rough sex with a cock. As for the pussy, definitely will have to expand the clit with drugs and inject more aphrodisiac into her womb and edge her to make sure she craves cocks for breeding.

15 min later 53004302 Anonymous
Gotta do my civic duty, am I right?

19 min later 53004338 Anonymous
>>53004111 Knock her up immediately with my super-sperm so that the government takes notice and assigns me ten more just like her.

32 min later 53004457 Anonymous
>>53004184 omg. this is an advertisement for kimonos three years ago. this is a foolish claim and Japan's shame part. criticism about this is happening in japan now. are you japanese?

34 min later 53004488 Anonymous
That lady is Korean, not Japanese. She has a Korean face, along with the blurry girl in the foreground. The picture was taken in Korean; not in Japan. You are an idiot, OP

37 min later 53004510 Anonymous
>>53004488 >That lady is Korean, not Japanese. >She has a Korean face, along with the blurry girl in the foreground. >The picture was taken in Korean; not in Japan. >You are an idiot, OP >OH MY GOD YOU GOT THE TYPE OF SLOPE WRONG IN YOUR POST >CHING CHONG CHING CHONG >STUPEED AMELICAN!!!!

39 min later 53004537 Anonymous
>>53004510 Fuck you American. Stupid burger man. Go eat some McDonalds you fat fuck. Taiwan will retake and reform China and will kill idiots like you. Then we will kill Japan. Japan hates the Chinese because they are the tiny sunrise land and not big and strong like China. Korea is okay. We will leave Korea alone. But you? You are fucked. We will make Pearl Harbour look like a joke. A JOKE

40 min later 53004545 Anonymous
but i only like girls (male)...

41 min later 53004556 Anonymous (babbo.png 678x642 987kB)
id treat her like a human and hang out and only fuck when we both agree to it what do you think id do op im not a degenerate like you

48 min later 53004652 Anonymous
>>53004537 OH NO! I'm a Britrash Lol

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