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2019-06-21 01:26 53004038 Anonymous GOING TO TRAVEL (Europe Travel.png 537x536 127kB)
I'm 27 years old and I've saved up 50,000 dollars to travel across Europe. My friends saved up their own money. I'm going to walk across Europe with two friends and check out if living is worth my time. We have been planning this our for years. Our rules are simple: No internet No yelling at people No initiating conversations with sketchy people No thicc bad drugs No accepting money, drinks, or food from strangers No speaking non-freedom (we all speak at least one other language)

1 min later 53004061 Anonymous
>>53004038 Why the fuck would you need $50,000 to travel Europe? Unless you are flying first class, staying at five star hotels and only eating at expensive restaurants then you really do not need $50K. Shit I only spent $900 for a trip to Paris in London in August.

7 min later 53004124 Anonymous
>>53004038 Enjoy your time in The Netherlands friend, most of us speak proper English.

7 min later 53004125 Anonymous
>>53004061 Womenzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs

8 min later 53004136 Anonymous
Fuck off with your shit thread you stupid normie.

9 min later 53004149 Anonymous
>>53004136 Fuck off normie I've never gotten above a 40 on the robot scale.

10 min later 53004162 Anonymous
>>53004124 Nearly every young person in Europe can speak at least some English as a second language, excluding Russia, Slavic countries and rural areas with old families.

29 min later 53004370 Anonymous (1547000211970.jpg 1024x991 148kB)
>>53004038 hey man, that's cool. i'm also gonna travel europe. pic related

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