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2019-06-21 01:22 53003984 Anonymous (0FpyDLI.jpg 2560x1440 635kB)
do you think this could work? >get a hair transplant >gymaxxx hard all summer and learn to play guitar >go back to highchool in september frauding my age as a 17 year old senior >on day 1, rent the most expensive car possible, pay someone to drive me to school. maybe theres some Uber Premium service i could look up >jump out of the car >everyone will be blown away, make the best first impression possible >all the girls and guys will want to know who i am, will make tons of friends instantly >tell them my dad is a senior VP at microsoft or some shit >tell girls i play guitar >form a band, practice in my garage >tell everyone my parents are always travelling through europe and that i have the entire house to myself every weekend >everyone will want to party at my house >when a party is arranged i will rent an expensive beach house for the weekend and tell them i live there >get another chance at a highschool life full of parties, bonfires by the beach, concerts, talking back at the teachers etc... >basically the life i should have lived, the life that was denied to me

2 min later 53004005 Anonymous
you can't just go back to high school why are you so focused on some adolescent fantasy

4 min later 53004034 Anonymous
>>53003984 How does getting a hair transplant make you not ugly or poor. Wait you're neither? Get the fuck off this board.

5 min later 53004051 Anonymous
>>53004005 yes i can if i fraud my age and get a hair transplant to look younger

7 min later 53004076 Anonymous (Screen_Shot_2017_07_13_at_1.09.20_PM.0.jpg 1200x800 165kB)
That's a great plan, OP.

8 min later 53004091 Anonymous
Sounds like you need to encounter Truck-kun

10 min later 53004108 Anonymous
Where are you going to get the money to rent an expensive car, a driver, an expensive beach house, and all of your party supplies?

12 min later 53004135 Anonymous
>>53004108 i have 28k in savings from years of wageslaving

13 min later 53004156 Anonymous
Dude just go out to a dive bar and meet regular ass people like yourself who like to party. Poor people hang out in dive bars and are usually not very judgmental. Some of the chicks are also not ugly. Get drunk, fuck, do dumb shit, act a fool. Dive bars exist for this whole reason.

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