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2019-06-21 01:15 53003898 Anonymous (1479598931149.png 549x578 159kB)
People who self-diagnosis with "depression" are a bunch of snowflakes who crave attention. Prove me wrong

1 min later 53003918 Anonymous
There's no point in life if you aren't a snowflake. There is no greater good in this world. I want to see it parish.

1 min later 53003920 Anonymous
>>53003898 You can self diagnose it without saying anything.

1 min later 53003928 Anonymous
>>53003898 i self diagnosed and didn't tell anyone and then tried to kill myself and failed and still didn't tell anyone muh attention

2 min later 53003939 Anonymous
>>53003898 I don't really have a problem with it. I do have a problem with people telling me I'm depressed though. I'm not, but everyone is a fucking psychologist these days.

5 min later 53003966 Anonymous (FE53A198-A7F8-4C91-96DE-5F9214543C9B.png 1000x562 617kB)
I always pretend I'm happy around people, I try to make others happy and stuff. The day I kill myself I want people to say "But he always looked happy"

9 min later 53004027 Anonymous
>>53003928 >didn't tell anyone and then tried to kill myself and failed and still didn't tell anyone >proceeds to tells us about it on a mongolian basket weaving forum What did he mean by this?

44 min later 53004421 Anonymous
>>53003898 as someone who'd probably get diagnosed as depressed if I went to a shrink, I actually agree. I complain all the time and bitch and moan on here about the specific things I'm depressed about, but I never make a reddit post about muh condition. I think most people use as a dumb trendy signal that they need sympathy and also shirk responsibility for their own well-being

1 hours later 53004825 Anonymous (2dd23.png 314x249 104kB)
It's actually disgusting how many people with perfectly okay lives go around gaining pity points saying that they're "depressed". Imagine even having people that would care if you told them you wanted to die, and still thinking you know what suffering is. This world makes me sick and I'm glad so many are unhappy.

1 hours later 53004836 Anonymous
>>53003966 you are your actions. someone who pretends to be happy is literally the definition of happy.

1 hours later 53004839 Anonymous
>>53003898 If you need a doctor to tell you the reason you've all depression symphony for one year, you need a caretaker.

1 hours later 53004858 Anonymous
>>53004825 This. True suffering is not having a cute boyfriend.

2 hours later 53005723 Anonymous
>>53003898 Craving attention is a symptom of depression Your move law man.

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