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2019-06-21 01:14 53003885 Anonymous (download (1).png 228x221 5kB)
>tfw almost 2020 What you did during this entire decade,anon?explain yourself

1 min later 53003909 Anonymous
I was underage for a big chunk of it so there's that

2 min later 53003921 Anonymous (C2-T-1-Child-Labor.jpg 189x253 35kB)
>>53003885 Went to elementary school, middle school and finished hs. Cant wait to turn 20 next year and finally donsomething with my life

2 min later 53003922 Anonymous
>>53003885 I found 4chan. I lost myself.

3 min later 53003937 Anonymous
>>53003885 >graduated high school >finished a program at a trade school >transitioned my gender >recovered a lot my repressed memories wish I had healed up a bit better and found a job but I think I did a stand up job

6 min later 53003967 Anonymous
>>53003885 I overcame myself and became a man

9 min later 53004007 Anonymous
>>53003885 Grew up Graduated top in my high school Graduate top in my first university Graduated top in my second university Moved three times Had sexual intercourse with 9 partners Working in research Living the dream Being alone in the house in an alien country

30 min later 53004266 Anonymous
>>53003885 >2010: start college >2016: graduate college >mid 2016 - present: schizophrenia

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