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2019-06-21 01:11 53003829 Anonymous (CCBBE9D9-104E-4E30-B4B6-ECCBE80ABA7B.jpg 221x283 22kB)
How do you know if a girl is hitting on you?

0 min later 53003844 Anonymous
If you're posting here, you don't have to wonder.

1 min later 53003861 Anonymous
>>53003829 You'll know. If you're not sure, it means she wasn't hitting in you. Hint: a girl being nice or smiling at you doesn't mean she wants to fuck.

5 min later 53003923 Anonymous
>>53003861 What if she's nice to me, stopping to start conversations with me, commenting on how much taller than her I am, and has invited me into her office for a tour? For clarity, I have legit autism.

6 min later 53003938 Anonymous
you would know, it's obvious. if you never noticed it before they just never hit on you, it's that simple. don't buy into that shit where people try to convince you that women are extremely subtle with this stuff, they aren't. if you think a woman is being subtle with her signals, then you know what that means? she doesn't fucking like you and you're making all that shit up in your head.

6 min later 53003944 Anonymous
In this day and age its super obvious you faggot. Like, HEY LET ME SUCK YOUR DICK kind of shit.

7 min later 53003953 Anonymous
You see, it is actually pretty simple She is not

8 min later 53003964 Anonymous
>>53003923 You post on r9k. She is not hitting on you.

13 min later 53004025 Anonymous (punch.jpg 391x377 35kB)
>>53003829 >believed my entire life that flirting is some subtle art of body language and that I was missing signs from girls or some shit >actually make female friends in college >self described "shy, nerdy" girls >seen them hitting on chads >basically throwing themselves at their dicks >I was just ugly all along Tldr: if you're wondering if they are interested in you, they probably aren't.

18 min later 53004092 Anonymous (1496323640663.png 1192x830 233kB)
>>53003964 Gosh darn it, man.

33 min later 53004268 Anonymous
>>53004025 damn dude you don't need to destroy other's dreams like this tho

34 min later 53004280 Anonymous

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