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2019-06-21 01:11 53003825 Anonymous (template.png 1282x467 310kB)
Because I can't post multiple images the whole thing is on image. Where would you live? And please, anime.

1 min later 53003850 Anonymous (364C0F28-5F0A-4D1D-A290-9EB720DCD4CF.jpg 2048x1381 595kB)
>>53003825 >where would you live The Zone.

2 min later 53003874 Anonymous
>>53003825 *NO anime >>53003850 That's not a female ass

3 min later 53003887 Anonymous
What manner of autism is this? Some kind of... asstism?

8 min later 53003958 Anonymous (fetish 4.jpg 903x885 180kB)
>>53003887 Its the fetish of alpha autists.

8 min later 53003960 Anonymous
>>53003825 Are we to assume that this girl will not have sex while we are living here?

10 min later 53003972 Anonymous (fetish 3.jpg 633x940 88kB)
>>53003960 Yes. Also assume all men got shrunk. And you may pick a virgin.

12 min later 53004001 Anonymous
>>53003972 I dont care about the virgin bit I just dont want a massive dick invading my habitat every so often

14 min later 53004031 Anonymous
>>53004001 In what kind of habitat would you live?

15 min later 53004042 Anonymous
The sweatiest fembot ass available please

16 min later 53004057 Anonymous
>>53004031 I'm a massive degenerate so probably a cute white girl's that likes spicy food

19 min later 53004096 Anonymous
>>53004057 Absolutely disgusting. You gotta provide a pic or at very least describe the shape of the ass.

21 min later 53004114 Anonymous
>>53003825 >>53003958 >>53003972 I never knew there were other men with this fetish. Tell me if you know, where might I find more of this material?

26 min later 53004177 Anonymous
>>53004114 You don't. I been to hell and back and saw all of those collages regarding ass. I hold the few good ones in existance. I will not show you because they are bad for you. Lets be honest now, giantess IS cuckshit. now post ass

29 min later 53004224 Anonymous (50041.jpg 590x400 90kB)
>>53004096 Idk man I guess something like this? I know shes latina or something but still >>53004114 Deviantart and giantessbooru. You have to sift through a lot of crap (pun intended) but theres a few good ones

42 min later 53004348 Anonymous
You guys gonna post what you got or what?

52 min later 53004448 Anonymous (fetish.jpg 961x832 214kB)
Don't leave me hanging lads

53 min later 53004460 Anonymous
>>53004448 This is my fetish and even I think this thread is cringy desu

55 min later 53004489 Anonymous
>>53004460 post better fgt

56 min later 53004498 Anonymous
>>53004489 How the fuck is that an original comment in current year r9k

59 min later 53004523 Anonymous
>>53004498 I see a faggot anglo but I don't see him posting better

1 hours later 53004607 Anonymous
>>53004523 I'm posting better in other, better threads

1 hours later 53004635 Anonymous
>>53004607 >I.E. none I knew you got nothing better, whinny bitch

1 hours later 53004653 Anonymous
>>53004635 And yet your post quality is skyrocketing

1 hours later 53004668 Anonymous
>>53003825 looked like a cool concept until he mentions ass

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