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2019-06-21 01:09 53003800 Anonymous (intp.jpg 350x350 24kB)
>INTP it's over, isn't it?

2 min later 53003856 Anonymous
>>53003800 why does this board give so much of a fuck about a test that tells you 4 letters about your personality

4 min later 53003873 ISFP anon (1484604261491.gif 720x720 444kB)
>>53003800 No it's not. You're intelligent and can achieve great things.

5 min later 53003901 Anonymous
>>53003800 If you believe in MBTI and browse r9k it's probably over.

6 min later 53003903 Anonymous
>>53003873 I can achieve big things, but I can't get laid

6 min later 53003905 Anonymous
>>53003800 yes t. intp

11 min later 53003976 Anonymous
>>53003800 Not unless you become ENTP then itll be truly over but you wont give a fuck

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