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2019-06-21 01:08 53003785 cola /britfeel/ (wahey.jpg 3877x2823 1627kB)
wahey wahey!!!

1 min later 53003804 Anonymous
>>53003785 Thanks for using the correct image

2 min later 53003815 Anonymous
>>53003785 first for being born with a set of xy chromosomes means you are and will always be a man

3 min later 53003831 Anonymous
>>53003785 Odd to see the image being used by the correct general

3 min later 53003834 Anonymous
>>53003814 guess it makes sense shame logic can't be applied to fears, I know nothing bad is likely to happen if I get on a plane but I'm still scared of getting on one

3 min later 53003837 Anonymous
>>53003804 thank you for providing the correct image on an accessible platform

3 min later 53003839 Anonymous
Anyone watching this channel 5 sex program where this guy has dressed his sex dolls as elves called things like farosie. thinking hes one of you.

3 min later 53003845 Anonymous
>tfw on the cans >need more >no booze after 10 because scotland >whisky >gin >rum >vodka which one to continue the comfy feels?

4 min later 53003860 Anonymous
>>53003834 it's just one twig in a nest of bullshit it's not even the biggest twig

4 min later 53003862 Anonymous
Stoopid tramsegzwals

5 min later 53003869 Anonymous
>>53003837 Too bad the romanians made a knock-off version with the psd

5 min later 53003872 Anonymous
>>53003860 hope things get better for you lad

5 min later 53003880 Anonymous
>>53003845 All of em, or rum

5 min later 53003881 Anonymous

18 min later 53004052 Anonymous
ffs the season of a show I just download doesn't show video and only plays sound

21 min later 53004082 Anonymous (DSC_0041.jpg 2880x1620 1477kB)
why is summer so fucking uncomfy? I am counting the days until comfy winter is here again >drive out to the middle of nowhere >set up camp >get fire going >comfy >get drunk and watch the stars listening to music as loud as you want >fall asleep >wake and cook nice meat for breakfast >go for a drive >repeat pic related was only a few months ago

28 min later 53004169 Anonymous
>>53003845 dial-a-booze, comrade

32 min later 53004222 Anonymous
>>53004052 Which TV show/filetype is it/video player do you use?

34 min later 53004253 Anonymous
>>53004082 It's rainy and cloudy round here lately. Best summer ever

38 min later 53004293 Anonymous
>>53003845 Blessing in disguise lad.

39 min later 53004304 Anonymous (1467298306318.jpg 869x582 193kB)
>>53004082 When Climate change really kicks in it's gonna be like this all the time.

42 min later 53004330 Anonymous
>>53004222 mp4 with srt subs and wmp I've downloaded the plugin but its still not working

45 min later 53004353 Anonymous
Just had a butterfly fly into my cousins house. Was flying at the bulbs like a moth, but it was red. He went to grab a teatowel to splat it but i managed to cup it in my hands and get it outside.

45 min later 53004361 Anonymous (IMG_20190620_213354-min.jpg 3120x4160 1496kB)
>>53003785 All I want to do is kill myself. I've been on the vodka since 1pm and I've still not got the grapefruits to do the deed. I tried to slit my arm hours ago but I'm too much off a fucking fassyhole that I couldn't even do that right. Been suicidal for like 14/15/16 years and still can't do it proper, absolute pussy... I'm an Arsenal fan and even that doesn't light the beacons.

47 min later 53004375 Anonymous
>>53003785 What's got you all worried people? For me I've been out of work and can't find any at the moment willing to hire me

49 min later 53004403 Anonymous
>>53004330 I don't use it myself (I use MPC-HC) but easiest player to switch to is VLC. Or at least just get the portable version to play that show. If it doesn't even work in VLC then it's almost certainly an issue with the files.

52 min later 53004425 Anonymous
>>53004361 get some rest fren and maybe get in touch with your GP when you wake up

54 min later 53004447 Anonymous
I wanna shag a Korean girl so fucking badly.

56 min later 53004471 Anonymous
>>53004361 Get some sleep pal. We all love you even though we don't know you properly. Get yourself some help as well. People care about you.

59 min later 53004493 Anonymous
>>53004361 IKTF, been feeling it about the same amount of time. Had a few moments. Don't follow football though.

1 hours later 53004548 Anonymous
>>53004361 Gonna off myself too lad. Dont want to work but also dont want to be cold and hungry. So gonna off myself.

1 hours later 53004613 Anonymous
>>53004548 No lad NO do not fucking do it. I'll be proper sad if you do.

1 hours later 53004654 Anonymous
>>53004613 Im a Spurs fan lad.

1 hours later 53004746 Anonymous
>>53004654 And what pal? Love you all the same bender.

1 hours later 53004820 Anonymous
Just did my third poo of the day. feel proper good.

1 hours later 53004851 Anonymous
>>53004820 3 shits in 90 mins fucking hell lad

1 hours later 53004860 Anonymous
>>53004851 My days start at 5pm, lad

1 hours later 53004865 Anonymous
>>53004746 F U C K A R S E L E L

1 hours later 53004877 Anonymous
>>53004860 I woke up at 5 too not dropped one yet though, feel one coming

1 hours later 53004886 Anonymous
>>53004877 Feel the lad brewing?

1 hours later 53004913 Anonymous
>>53004886 like I could probably force one out but I know it will be unsatisfying so if I leave it an hour or two it will be a done deal

1 hours later 53004916 Anonymous
>>53004886 had the urge to one the other day but all that came out was mucus. was weird. similar to snot.

1 hours later 53004948 Anonymous
I think I have something wrong with my gut. I can feel a 4th one.

1 hours later 53004956 Anonymous
well, im lonley but at least i have you lot

1 hours later 53004961 Anonymous
>>53003785 are streets in the UK similar to this, looks pretty comfy ngl

1 hours later 53004994 Anonymous
>>53004961 Depends where you are. Feel street looks pretty similar to the op image.

1 hours later 53005114 Anonymous
>>53004961 The where when the shop is in Shaun of the dead

1 hours later 53005163 Anonymous
fuck me i shouldnt have read through those old messages, off to kill myself, back in a bit

1 hours later 53005174 Anonymous
Been feeling pretty tired a lot lately. Not a bad feeling honestly though.

1 hours later 53005184 Anonymous (Screenshot_20190621-020251__01.jpg 1080x704 64kB)
Wahey x3

1 hours later 53005186 Anonymous
>>53005174 the right kind of tired can be a very comfy feeling

2 hours later 53005255 Anonymous
>>53005184 Go to fit and go to the fat thread.

2 hours later 53005301 Anonymous
>>53005186 It's very comfy when you're just playing video games and sipping tea

2 hours later 53005400 Anonymous
r/frenworld has been banned, lol. Reading the comments on Reddit has me raging hard. I just don't understand how all these extreme lefties don't see the hypocrisy with the shit they spout. They are all so confident in their condemning of so called racists. I'm not a racist and like stupid Apu images yet they would be so quick to arrogantly call me one. Even if I was racist, so fucking what? It's a free society. There's no fucking discussion or anything anymore when the lefties just get triggered and go from 0 to 100 without any common sense.

2 hours later 53005458 Anonymous
>>53005400 aww poor lil babba, go to doublech if you want a safe space

2 hours later 53005469 Anonymous
>>53005458 What are you even on about you big faggot? Get to bed.

2 hours later 53005482 Anonymous
>>53005469 You're crying over a subreddit lah, pipe down incel

2 hours later 53005490 Anonymous
>>53005184 How much do you weight lad?

2 hours later 53005507 Anonymous
>>53005482 I don't give a fuck it's shut down I just hate that this is the shit that's normal now. Get a grip, ya big arse. I'll decapitate ya and fuck your neck hole!

2 hours later 53005564 Anonymous
>>53005507 Waaaaah I can't be racist anymore without my subreddit being shut down wwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaahhh

2 hours later 53005567 Anonymous
>>53005400 why was it banned lol? most if not all the memes were wholesome and harmless.

2 hours later 53005609 Anonymous
>>53005567 you think holocaust denial memes were wholesome and harmless

2 hours later 53005854 Anonymous
Stay out of my thread topmind faggots. I'll kill you all with my spoon of illusion.

3 hours later 53006091 Anonymous
>>53005609 Long nosed lad was here

3 hours later 53006095 Anonymous
And I'm off to sleep lads. Hope you lads have a good sleep and feel well rested in the morn.

3 hours later 53006148 Anonymous
>>53003785 Lads I woke up and 4chan was down I was so sad

3 hours later 53006159 Anonymous
we dont pwn enough n00bs here, thats our problem

3 hours later 53006168 Anonymous
>>53006148 Hopefully it stays that way next time. I need to escape this place.

3 hours later 53006226 Anonymous
>>53006168 Not me. This is my hole and I'm staying here

3 hours later 53006347 Anonymous (1515728263697.jpg 900x900 190kB)
>>53005609 >you think holocaust denial memes were wholesome and harmless yes

4 hours later 53006738 Anonymous (1560630152979s.jpg 125x100 2kB)
Morning frens just woke up

4 hours later 53006985 Anonymous
>>53006738 Good morning pal, Been awake 12 hours now and I'm finishing work in around 3 hours Can't wait to get home and sleep because I have to get up early as i'm starting 2 hours early tonight ahhhhghh 14 hour shift Any plans for the day fren?

4 hours later 53007053 Anonymous
>>53006985 Stay strong lad. Hope the next 3 hours goes quick and you get a comfy sleep >Any plans for the day fren? hopefully skyping my m8 SP later. Plus watching a bit of football

5 hours later 53007655 Anonymous (1557959320895.png 1054x526 214kB)
>go to sleep at 10 to catch up on sleep >wake up 2hrs earlier

6 hours later 53008037 Anonymous
>>53006738 Good morning, I stay up all night playing vidya and catching up on Gomorra. Have any dreams?

6 hours later 53008213 Anonymous
>>53008037 >Have any dreams? cant remember any, just woke up sweaty and confused. You off to bed soon?

6 hours later 53008231 Anonymous
Aw bIess em >>53007887

7 hours later 53008246 Anonymous
*saunters into thread* Morning lods, have any of you been bowling before? I'm supposed to be going bowling tomorrow with some people from work but I literally have no idea how to do it or even how the game works

7 hours later 53008298 Anonymous
>>53008246 Yeah, I was shit every time. Just dont take it too seriously and laugh it off when you suck

7 hours later 53008302 Anonymous (S3E3.jpg 1700x1003 154kB)
>>53008213 Nah going to cook a fry up and watch some more Gomorra. I thought I was season 3 but I actually left it on season 2, player or files have wrong season numbers. Any plans today?

7 hours later 53008306 Anonymous
That's me home from work. Still 2 more nights to go, urgh. Feels like the last day. >>53008246 10 pin, or on the green?

7 hours later 53008388 Anonymous
>>53008306 The 10 pin kind lad

7 hours later 53008580 Anonymous
>>53008388 Pickup a ball and roll it down the lane. Drink several pints so when you fail you can blame it on that

7 hours later 53008698 Anonymous
>>53008306 You got much time off?

8 hours later 53008755 Anonymous (0.jpg 514x536 122kB)
>>53004082 >tfw the days are going to start getting shorter now can't wait for winter lads

8 hours later 53008844 Anonymous
>>53008388 Not him but, for a little giggle halfway through the night ask if anybodys fingers taste funny. If anybody licks their fingers they'll be licking manky bowling ball fingers.

8 hours later 53008863 Anonymous (5a143a9f75725.jpg 441x294 45kB)
>>53008844 That's actually genius lad, I'm totally doing that

8 hours later 53008949 Anonymous (rofeel.jpg 3877x2823 1102kB)
>>53003785 We own the streets now. Later virgins

8 hours later 53008972 Anonymous
morning lads not had my breakfast yet, only had the desire for coffee and fags

8 hours later 53009016 Anonymous (DsJjp6PXgAAqwPP.png 746x541 207kB)

8 hours later 53009138 Anonymous (modi.png 245x246 65kB)
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England 21 June 2019

8 hours later 53009143 Anonymous (1535310757822.png 643x480 215kB)
>visitors in the office Can't doss about and put my feet up on the desk

8 hours later 53009145 Anonymous (17j7na.jpg 540x511 62kB)
>Kenrick Road, Nottingham

8 hours later 53009225 Anonymous
Morning lads, actually woke up at a reasonable time for once. Glad I'm on a smaller dose of antipsychotics now. Got a bit of Charlie Byrd on the turntable playing and just had a coffee, pretty comfy.

8 hours later 53009232 Anonymous (freddie-mercury-net-worth-2018.jpg 760x500 38kB)
>>53009016 Music nowdays just isn't on the same level. inb4 le wrong generation.

8 hours later 53009268 Anonymous
>post office closes and takes the atm with it >2 weeks later the only other atm starts to charge 95p for withdrawing money REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE fuck capitalism and fuck the post office for closing, Now the nearest free one is 15 minute walk away and thats a sainsburys so if that closes I'm fucked.

9 hours later 53009284 Anonymous
flatmate gave me back a twenty the other day from bills I just handed it back since I literally never go outside and can't spend it

9 hours later 53009294 Anonymous
>>53009225 Same, apart from the antipsychotics. Waiting a couple of hours then off to get some grub. Fancy bacon and brie sarnie in a nice ciabatta. And need to get some maggots for fishing tomorrow

9 hours later 53009302 Anonymous
>>53009138 Pop in to HC and say hi.

9 hours later 53009324 Anonymous
>>53008949 Sagiri you are cancer.

9 hours later 53009352 Anonymous (1558161357700.jpg 640x427 43kB)
lads it happened and i dont know how to feel >need to go to the grocery store >take a trip to the far one with the cute autistic girl running the self checkouts >she wasnt there last time so im putting it all on the line >enter through the doors and force myself to not look at the checkouts where she normally is >find something cheap >go to the self checkout >shes there >shes actually here >same soft looking hair as before and same visibly nervous body language >say nothing to her but admire her short and shy self from the corner of my eye >hands start shaking as i pay with my debit card >notice that she literally looks at her feet and hangs her arms straight down as she walks >last time she told me to have a nice day but today we made eye contact and she looked down at her feet >face is literally red as i remember this >i worry about her mental health would it be weird if i took the effort to tell her that i hope she has a good day? its supposed to be her job but it seems like shes getting worse at doing her job as the stress of being forced to deal with people piles up on her shoulders

9 hours later 53009367 Anonymous
Didnt know Moni had a rap career https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDh apUCiLzU

9 hours later 53009374 Anonymous
Morning lads >friday >sunny >listening to Fontaines DC on my morning commute >stopped off at paki shop for a lilt >comfy day of work ahead life is good boys. life is good.

9 hours later 53009399 Anonymous
might be new death grips tonight, 7:30pm. very excited.

9 hours later 53009400 Anonymous
>>53009352 Yeah that might brighten up her day anon, I say go for it

9 hours later 53009482 Anonymous
rome was built in 25 minutes

9 hours later 53009492 Anonymous (20190621_093213-907x1612.jpg 907x1612 399kB)
>>53009374 Where do you work lad? Just took an early break and walked to the paki shop for a sip and some munch. New flavour of monster to try.

9 hours later 53009498 Anonymous
>>53009352 >you miss 100% of the shots you dont take gramatically makes no sense but the idea is there. Go for it bro

9 hours later 53009506 Anonymous
>>53009492 edgbastanonce

9 hours later 53009509 Anonymous
>>53009294 you'll get off em eventually lad, it's taken me a year to get down from about 20mg to 2mg but I feel a lot more clear headed. Bacon and Brie is a based choice, I usually have mine with some cranberry chutney as well. Where you going fishing? I've only done beach fishing myself as I live on the souf coast

9 hours later 53009511 Anonymous
>>53009492 At the local authority in the finance sector. Pretty boring but not much work to do and no real it checkups in place so its comfy. you? Not seen that monster. Lewis hamilton one is my favourite

9 hours later 53009514 Anonymous
>>53009506 >edgbastanonce haha

9 hours later 53009525 Anonymous
>mother sends me a bunch of e-mails for jobs as I am NEET and have been for a year >apply to some government apprenticeship bullshit >have to do a retarded test where I choose what is "Counterproductive" or "Not Effective" that takes 20 fucking minutes, this whole process takes a good 30 minutes at least >oh sorry, you failed this test with a 30% score, your application is declined Fuck this shit, and fuck this country. Even applying for jobs meant for GCSE level workers I can't fucking get a job.

9 hours later 53009531 Anonymous
>>53009352 She's payed to do that bud. You think she doesn't say that to every customer? You should definitively say it back as politeness goes a long way, just don't be naive and think it's anything more than mandatory small talk.

9 hours later 53009540 Anonymous
Shipanonce Dmanonce Colanonce Sacked civil engineer anonce Host anonce Zeus Why does britfeel attract so many child predators?

9 hours later 53009546 Anonymous (download.jpg 275x183 19kB)
>f1 this weekend >French GP >Not my favorite >But still going to enjoy watching it with my dad and girlfriend >F1 weekends are my favorite weekends. Is there a comfier sport lads?

9 hours later 53009551 Anonymous
>poster rape kid lmao

9 hours later 53009552 Anonymous (ot bop.jpg 1920x1012 164kB)
OT what? OT bop

9 hours later 53009553 Anonymous
>>53009546 F1 is pretty comfy lad you've got a good weekend ahead.

9 hours later 53009556 Anonymous (1546220498983s.jpg 118x125 3kB)
>Summer Solstice >Least SAD day of the year

9 hours later 53009557 Anonymous
>>53009525 wow you must be proper retardo

9 hours later 53009559 Anonymous
>>53009525 what quals u got m8

9 hours later 53009561 Anonymous (disgusted-face-640x425.jpg 640x425 65kB)
>he has never helped a 16 year old girl with her homework

9 hours later 53009565 Anonymous
>>53009511 Sounds comfy is the pay alright? I get payed to answer a few calls and the other 90% of my day shitposting and watching netflix.

9 hours later 53009568 Anonymous
>>53009509 Ah sorry meant I'm not on antipsychotics. Just antidepressants. You aiming to get off them or just stay on a low dose? Off up norf yorkshire a place called boston spa, going on the river. Going with my fishing mate as i don't drive.

9 hours later 53009570 Anonymous
>>53009546 F1 is so boring. 2 seconds of action followed by 10 minutes of waiting for the cars to appear again. And fuck off normie scumbag.

9 hours later 53009579 Anonymous
>>53009557 I have two fucking degrees mate. I've never worked a day in my life is the problem, not my intelligence. >>53009559 BA and MA. I spent 5 years getting these useless pieces of paper. I wish I was dead.

9 hours later 53009588 Anonymous
>>53009553 cheers mate. Will be watching the qualifying in a boozer with some pub grub. Any weekend plans?

9 hours later 53009597 Anonymous
>>53009565 Not bad m8 28k p/a and work on flexi time which is a bonus. Usually put more in on monday and leave early friday. Sounds good. What you watching on netflix atm

9 hours later 53009599 Anonymous
Does any else say "lmao" in real life and out in public? I do. I pronounce it La - Mao. Sort of like Ow but with an m. Lah Mow.

9 hours later 53009609 Anonymous
>>53009579 degrees are the biggest scam going unless its in a vocation you would go straight into work like dr or optician etc

9 hours later 53009619 Anonymous
>>53009579 >implying two pieces of paper are worth anything conpared to experience in the field

9 hours later 53009625 Anonymous
>>53009609 optometry's piss easy too, whole thing's a scam that machine with the balloon calculates your prescription, the rest is showmanship

9 hours later 53009626 Anonymous
>>53009609 Yeah mate believe me I know. Now I'm fucked. No one will hire me and I've applied to dozens of jobs, and looked at hundreds. I have almost no friends besides one schizo who just took back his PS4 and treats me like a baby. I really really wish I was fucking dead.

9 hours later 53009630 Anonymous
big ol dick and baIls

9 hours later 53009638 Anonymous (1521492693515.jpg 471x388 96kB)
>there are lads here who unironically fell for the uni meme

9 hours later 53009647 Anonymous
Don't feel well lads. Feel alone but I also feel like being alone but I don't feel happy. Anyone ktf? I've always been desperate for contact but it's opposite now.

9 hours later 53009653 Anonymous
>>53009570 >he doesnt understand the thrill of a good race and never experienced the touch of a woman SAD!

9 hours later 53009658 Anonymous
>>53009599 La-Mayo

9 hours later 53009668 Anonymous
>>53009647 I'm mostly ok being alone. Sometimes I think of living my entire life like this and feel depressed though

9 hours later 53009689 Anonymous
>>53009626 maybe you have but have you thought about a grad scheme at somewere like aldi? pretty based money for the store/area/regional managers

9 hours later 53009702 Anonymous
>>53009638 >some of my mates unironically did "sport" at polytechnics and get surprised they find it hard to find work

9 hours later 53009711 Anonymous
>>53009588 Going to chill at home. I've been out loads recently. Have fun at the pub. >>53009597 Flexi time is decent and that's a really good salary, I'm on 20.5k a year. Watching some police shows on YouTube at the momment. Love seing chavs get arrested. The new season of Black Mirror looks really good.

9 hours later 53009718 Anonymous (deano with the missus.jpg 750x744 582kB)
>>53009702 do they live in a barratt new build and have a gf called chantelle or stephanie by any chance?

9 hours later 53009724 Anonymous
>>53009718 no mostly live with parents or in flats because cant find work lel

9 hours later 53009727 Anonymous (15611079759932787615368531262670.jpg 1088x1920 739kB)
>>53009540 >Shipanonce I'm literally driving a school bus today

10 hours later 53009745 Anonymous
>>53009727 How did you get your job? Forgot to ask you at the meet. The traveling around and driving seems really chilled out.

10 hours later 53009746 Anonymous (D5W27lMW0AAUn8A.png 738x625 620kB)
lads look up us patent 3216423

10 hours later 53009753 Anonymous
tried looking up people from school on facebook but realized that after 15 years I don't even remember their names

10 hours later 53009760 Anonymous
>>53009568 Aiming to get off them lad, they've turned me into a right fattie. Sounds like a nice day trip out lad, I usually go fishing with my dad in the summer and it's one hell of a comfy day out

10 hours later 53009765 Anonymous
>>53009653 I bet she's fat anyway. Her gut and tits both sag.

10 hours later 53009767 Anonymous
>>53009753 >left school 15 years ago this place isn't for you, granddad

10 hours later 53009772 Anonymous
proper miss listening to jazz I have gonna listen to more, feels a lot less dumbed down than hip hop

10 hours later 53009775 Anonymous
>>53009711 flexi is really good. local authority is a comfy gig mate keep your eyes open for work. some qts in different departments too

10 hours later 53009781 Anonymous
>>53009689 I tried to get a job at Sainsbury's as a manager and never got past the online interview. That was before my MA, but it's really pointless. I've tried almost everything besides teaching which I fucking hate.

10 hours later 53009785 Anonymous
>>53009745 Applied for a van driving job, and the same recruitment agency offered me this one instead

10 hours later 53009791 Anonymous
So how much of a leftist cuckold is this jeremy hunt?

10 hours later 53009792 Anonymous
>>53009746 Little deano jnr flying out of his mum

10 hours later 53009805 Anonymous
Nowt like a propa days hard graft

10 hours later 53009811 Anonymous
>>53009791 He wont win so doesnt matter

10 hours later 53009823 Anonymous (KP_593435_crop_1200x720.jpg 1200x720 94kB)
>>53009811 Oh. Then let's welcome our greatest ally https://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/P olitics-And-Diplomacy/Johnson-vows- to-build-the-strongest-ever-relatio nship-with-Israel-in-Rosh-Hashana-g reeting-505651

10 hours later 53009839 Anonymous
>>53009760 I've put on 1 stone since starting my meds. Takes the piss eh. I like getting away fishing even if only for a day. Hopefully shouldn't be too sunny. You got a trip planned with your dad for this summer?

10 hours later 53009845 Anonymous
>>53009823 Tory boomers love Israel so this shouldnt come as a surprise

10 hours later 53009851 Anonymous
Just singing a bit of k-pop to myself even though I dont speak Korean and dont really remember the words

10 hours later 53009855 Anonymous
>>53009791 I quite like him, he shat all over the guardian reading junior doctors and they are salty beyond words that he is even in the running

10 hours later 53009875 Anonymous (Boris.jpg 563x878 240kB)
Opinions, Iads?

10 hours later 53009882 Anonymous
>>53009875 >ethnicity >everything

10 hours later 53009888 Anonymous
>>53009875 >>53009823 Thanks for the redpills anon I'll be sure to vote Corbyn now

10 hours later 53009889 Anonymous
>>53009638 tfw fell for apprentice meme.

10 hours later 53009894 Anonymous
>>53009875 sleeper agent for the yanks

10 hours later 53009898 Anonymous
>>53009540 Andrewnonce Missed one, don't know why britfeel puts up with that pedo

10 hours later 53009900 Anonymous
>>53009882 That's literally the only thing that matters to jews outside of power and money.

10 hours later 53009908 Anonymous
>>53009898 If you dont enjoy fucking kids you shouldnt be here. Go to r/UK you moral fag

10 hours later 53009911 Anonymous
>>53009898 Her name is Alison. Don't deadname.

10 hours later 53009915 Anonymous
>>53009911 Holy shit get a look at this fucking newfag tourist from /mtf/ kek

10 hours later 53009917 Anonymous (FUCKING FINALLY.jpg 1920x1080 1027kB)

10 hours later 53009925 Anonymous
>>53009875 1/8th is fucking nothing, not even worth mentioning

10 hours later 53009930 Anonymous
>>53009638 Uni was pretty good lad, I essentially did fuck all for 4 years and came out with a 2:1. That is all you need for a grad scheme, pretty comfy tbqh

10 hours later 53009932 Anonymous
haha great thread lads *leaves*

10 hours later 53009934 Anonymous
>>53009925 Yeah I don't even need to ask who's behind this post

10 hours later 53009938 Anonymous (thousand yard stare.jpg 891x1200 190kB)
>Height: 5' 10" (1m 78cm) tim byrne is a manlet https://www.mandy.com/talent/profil e/timothy-byrne

10 hours later 53009952 Anonymous (i don't eat curry.gif 270x480 1839kB)
>I'm wondering why you've been using racist slurs and remarks when we've been doing nothing illegal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D44 qQygEzfQ

10 hours later 53009955 Anonymous
>>53009938 And he could still tear up your ass in a fight you stick think lankoid

10 hours later 53009957 Anonymous
>>53009938 when was the last time he got work?

10 hours later 53009960 Anonymous
>>53009839 I went from 70kg to around 110 kg, literally from a skelly to a big lad in about 6 months. Hoping once I'm off I can do a Christian Bale and get back down to 70 in 6 months. Yeah today looks rather mild weatherwise, perfect day if you're out on a lake lad! I've got nout planned with my dad but a relaxed bit of peir fishing when it gets proper sunny, hopefully cash some small wrass and little gobys and stuff.

10 hours later 53009979 Anonymous (1561051600265.jpg 544x703 418kB)
>>53009952 Based redpilled timmy

10 hours later 53009995 Anonymous
>>53009917 pathetic, should have sworn fealty then politic'd your way in charge of the empire

10 hours later 53010013 Anonymous
>>53009952 What the fuck was that cunt doing chasing tim at the end there? 7:25

10 hours later 53010038 Anonymous
>>53009995 why would i do that, lad? I already control most of europe, all of africa and im moving onto the byzies next.

10 hours later 53010052 Anonymous
Bloody DHL definitely did not try to deliver a parcel the other day so now i have to phone them up to get it sorted Reeeeeee

10 hours later 53010057 Anonymous (1478035915019.png 1354x934 314kB)
>>53009952 he is really starting to loose it isn't he

10 hours later 53010061 Anonymous
>>53010038 oh, you're a blobber fair enough

10 hours later 53010064 Anonymous (1558923816738.png 1008x705 828kB)
>>53009952 tim is on the brink of a sectioning

10 hours later 53010073 Anonymous (8hji.jpg 422x710 163kB)
That's the best evidence shown of Timmy actually being harassed. What made this geezer try and confront him?

10 hours later 53010087 Anonymous
>>53010073 He's clearly jealous of his flawless singing abilities

10 hours later 53010088 Anonymous
>>53010061 Nah lad. my vassals expand the empire with my bloodline skill

10 hours later 53010089 Anonymous (wowanon.jpg 720x720 54kB)
>>53009952 >>53010013 that is fucking weird. It's the same guy from the start, no idea why he says 'throughout our films'. What does he mean by that? Looks like a tabloid journalist, very bizarre

10 hours later 53010092 Anonymous (unnamed (3).jpg 384x384 11kB)
There's nothing more hellish than being a reasonably intelligent man stuck in a low prestige job. It makes me want to suicide. Thank God for 4chan. It's such a relief to have a place to discuss ideas, events etcwith more or less free speech. Nearly twenty years now I've been trying to listen to people talk about sports, beer, traffic conditions, cars. Fuck, why did I have to be such an anxious child. I thought I was such a loser that I could never get a real job. I was no worse than anyone else. I could've been a lawyer, maybe even a doctor, anything but a fucking forklift driver. And on top of that I'm short and ugly. I could have at least compensated for that with a respectable profession. Rain hellfire on this gay Earth mighty Jove, burn it to the fucking ground.

10 hours later 53010095 Anonymous
>>53010073 How do we know that geezer isn't scea?

10 hours later 53010103 Anonymous (huh.jpg 1080x1080 142kB)
>>53010089 >>53010073 I think they're actually trying to get him removed from the flat. Likely the work of the building site, evil bastards!

10 hours later 53010104 Anonymous
>>53010089 What is it that makes her so pretty? The skin? The symmetry? The eye folds? The contrast between her dark hair and pale complexion? The soft features? The smallness of her nose? I can't pinpoint it.

10 hours later 53010106 Anonymous
>>53010089 I think he was saying "throughout our build", he's probably the supervisor

10 hours later 53010126 Anonymous
>Racist slurs and remarks I'm an hour drive from amersham hill, tempted to drive up there solely to give that cunt a slap up the backside of his bald skull.

10 hours later 53010163 Anonymous
>>53010126 do it, I was getting angry watching the smug cunt. Stick up for /ourtim/

10 hours later 53010186 Anonymous (Sophie_GetIn.jpg 1200x675 86kB)
fred fren are you about?

11 hours later 53010213 Anonymous
>>53010073 poor tim. this guy has obviously taken it upon himself to target tim for some bizarre reason.

11 hours later 53010221 Anonymous
Do you think tim reads britfeel? Or 4chan in general?

11 hours later 53010235 Anonymous
>>53009960 Woah that's a big gain. Yeah would be good sat by a lake but the river's comfy as well. Hoping there's not loads of people on there though. Was at a lake down Staffordshire a month or so ago. That was good

11 hours later 53010238 Anonymous
They have adverts with fat women jiggling around saying theyre beautiful... wheres the ones with the fat men?

11 hours later 53010254 Anonymous
>>53010238 I'm guessing the advert is for a girly beauty product that men dont buy

11 hours later 53010259 Anonymous (timbritfeel.jpg 670x243 53kB)
>>53010221 >Do you think tim reads britfeel? Maybe

11 hours later 53010265 Anonymous
It's Friday lads, anyone else planning to /binge/ tonight? What's on the menu?

11 hours later 53010272 Anonymous
I'm really suffering from loneliness lads and I am unironically considering seeing a GP about it

11 hours later 53010276 Anonymous
>>53010265 /binge/ >tv >food >booze all on the menu lad

11 hours later 53010283 Anonymous
>>53010272 Do you do anything to interact with people and be social or just sit home all day?

11 hours later 53010284 Anonymous
>>53010265 I was planning a massive feast tonight but I've changed my mind

11 hours later 53010293 Anonymous
>>53010265 ive already opened me first tinny.

11 hours later 53010299 Anonymous (PHWOAR LADS.png 1489x852 1117kB)
>>53010265 hoping my blurays arrive today. If not, I'll just keep watching bones

11 hours later 53010306 Anonymous
>>53010265 takeaway pizza or a burger den rum

11 hours later 53010312 Anonymous
>>53010272 What the fuck is your gp going to do about that you mong

11 hours later 53010313 Anonymous (fuckjannies.jpg 399x322 25kB)
>normalfags use mobile data as their main way of using the internet

11 hours later 53010314 Anonymous
>>53010283 I have absolutely no one in my life, no avenues to be social even if I wanted to

11 hours later 53010324 Anonymous
>>53010312 Dunno lad but you hear about people being able to go to GPs for loneliness now

11 hours later 53010328 Anonymous (og4.jpg 646x486 58kB)
>>53010186 d-do you mean me lad?

11 hours later 53010341 Anonymous
>>53010314 >no one in his life >thinks the gp will be his mate >self pitying faggot Go outside and make friends ya simp. join a club or summat rather than jerking off to anime and feeling sorry for yourself. Think the gp is gonna dpo? Probabbly laugh internally and think youre a massive waste of his time (which you would be)

11 hours later 53010343 Anonymous
>>53010328 yea I emaildid you lad I'm free now

11 hours later 53010344 Anonymous
>>53010265 I'm trying to reign it in a bit, last time I got comfy with a few cans in the afternoon I ended up drinking the entire crate, half a bottle of whisky, and went to bed at 6am. Fucked me up for days after, need to stop that

11 hours later 53010359 Anonymous
Trade plates fell off on the M4

11 hours later 53010361 Anonymous
>>53010343 Can you give me an hour? Just having a w orkout

11 hours later 53010370 Anonymous
Lads I have a 3 hour drive ahead of me today, how can I make it as comfy as possible? I'm thinking snacks and some comfy music

11 hours later 53010372 Anonymous
>>53010361 sure fing lad

11 hours later 53010378 Anonymous
>>53010370 Drift on the corners

11 hours later 53010382 Anonymous
fuck sakes, lads. no blurays, only poll cards. reeee

11 hours later 53010389 Anonymous
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_u YhUD9y7w feels anyway, im off to bed. see you 7pmish.

11 hours later 53010390 Anonymous
>>53010370 were you off bro? I always have a few monsters in the cup holder and make a stop at services and have a greggs or summat. Leicester forest is a kino service

11 hours later 53010400 Anonymous
>>53009952 >tfw a lad posts one of those long lost gifs you made in a previous life Excellent image choice fren.

11 hours later 53010405 Anonymous
As for me, I'm going to eat healfy tonight because I'm going to Five Guys tomorrow

11 hours later 53010408 Anonymous (confused kairi.webm 404x624 696kB)
still want a joshi gf. just though i'd let you all know

11 hours later 53010411 Anonymous
>>53010390 off to edinburgh to see my mate, monster is a good shout. there is a subway at broxden services so that could be a nice way to break up the journey. I don't think there are greggs at services in scotland sadly >>53010378 lel that isn't happening with 4wd

11 hours later 53010415 Anonymous
>>53010408 less of the insectoids, more of that white girl.

11 hours later 53010423 Anonymous
not even that warm outside but I've already had a visit from Betty Swollocks

11 hours later 53010424 Anonymous
>>53010411 sounds good lad. Hope you have a good time. I like to break up the journey with a service stop even if its just for a piss. Drove from coventry to east yorkshire few weeks ago without a break and had bad pins n needles about 3/4 of the way

11 hours later 53010431 Anonymous
Threadly reminder that the future is Mormon in the US

11 hours later 53010435 Anonymous (p7fia7wnj0p11.jpg 828x1472 89kB)
>>53010415 just look up wwe paige on pornhub

11 hours later 53010436 Anonymous (1559387572873.gif 886x643 486kB)
>>53010431 Pic related, will see if I can find growth trends for the UK

11 hours later 53010449 Anonymous
>>53010436 Your average brit doesn't even know what Mormonism is, let alone practices it lad

11 hours later 53010451 Anonymous
>>53010424 Cheers lad, i do like a long drive. I know what you mean about needing a break, that is a long way to go without a stop

11 hours later 53010465 Anonymous
>>53010451 I have quite a comfy car for long drives too. Quashqai with all mod cons.

11 hours later 53010466 Anonymous
>>53010449 Apparently there are 190,000 in the UK, surprised it's that high, only met 4 in my entire life.

11 hours later 53010469 Moni
>>53010466 Got a Mormon church or two even in the central paki areas of Rochdale

11 hours later 53010486 Anonymous
Just left my cousins and posted his keys through his letterbox and only left my wallet in there. Fuck sake.

11 hours later 53010488 Anonymous
>>53010469 There were a few mormons in the BNP, I think they actually got quite a few converts. People were generally quote receptive to it. Getting to know people naturally is a much better preaching method that just randomly going up to people on the street. I'd probably do it myself if I could get a qt Mormon wife out of it

11 hours later 53010493 Anonymous
any of you lads on discord? feelin suicidal and got no one to talk to

11 hours later 53010494 Anonymous
>>53010488 Does Mormonism have a racial element to it? Only seen white ones

11 hours later 53010497 Anonymous
Crash team racing out tonight might get for some nostalgia fun

11 hours later 53010507 Anonymous
>>53010494 Apparently it's quite a racist religion and the book of Mormon has some story implying blacks are inferior. In the US though apparently they are accepting of Hispanics

11 hours later 53010510 Anonymous
>>53010488 If Mormonism means pure, devoted wives I'm all for it

11 hours later 53010524 Anonymous
>>53010465 That does sound nice lad, never been in one. I quite like the idea of a small 4x4 like that, they look comfy

11 hours later 53010536 Anonymous
>>53010510 You'd have to be a strong, responsible husband though

12 hours later 53010542 Anonymous
Got a job interview at Ladbrokes Coral this afternoon. Any robots worked there before?

12 hours later 53010546 Anonymous
>>53010510 You'd love Islam. You can get a Moni gf then as well.

12 hours later 53010561 Anonymous
>>53010493 Nah, can talk on here if you want

12 hours later 53010569 Anonymous
I wanna see your bum I dont care what you say no I dont catch feelings cause feelings are gay

12 hours later 53010570 Anonymous
>>52978530 I fucking called it noon and it's not here

12 hours later 53010583 Anonymous
>>53010570 >nitro fuel is it drugs or a video game?

12 hours later 53010588 Anonymous
anyone taken codeine before? i've fucked my back up and am getting a strong prescription from the dr. not sure what i'm in for.

12 hours later 53010592 Anonymous
>>53010588 yeah makes you warm and itchy

12 hours later 53010594 Anonymous
>>53010583 a video drugs

12 hours later 53010596 Anonymous
>>53010588 Yes m8 it's pretty based. Might hurt your tummy so dont have it on an empty stomach

12 hours later 53010605 Anonymous
>>53010588 yeah, just puts me to sleep though

12 hours later 53010612 Anonymous
>>53010596 i've barely eaten in the last couple of weeks since my depression became so intense. ill try and have a yogurt this morning

12 hours later 53010624 Anonymous (1560004885774.jpg 500x743 99kB)
>>53010588 i was sick twice and it hurt my kidneys

12 hours later 53010631 Anonymous
>>53010570 I always just go to tesco for my games then you can get them at 7am on release day rather than waiting for a shit delivery

12 hours later 53010639 Anonymous
>>53010631 but you have to pay more I never know if I'll have the cash on the day so I preorder to save myself the hassle

12 hours later 53010646 Anonymous
>>53010524 they are comfy mate roomy and its nice being high up on the road. Nice heated leather seats in winter

12 hours later 53010649 Anonymous
Watched Hereditary last night, lads. It's really good. Very well acted and shot and has tension throughout. Wish more modern horror films were as good as this. Another good modern one is The Witch. People seem to love The Babadook but I didn't like it that much.

12 hours later 53010652 Anonymous
>>53010639 was 35 quid in tesco this morning bud. Ive a busy weekend otherwise id have got it.

12 hours later 53010656 Anonymous
>>53010652 28 quid from base.com I can do a lot with 7 quid

12 hours later 53010668 Anonymous
Why didn't you ask the fucking doctor what you're in for instead of a bunch of retards on here? Codeine might just make you sleepy and it's easy to get addicted to. Long term it can fuck up your liver function.

12 hours later 53010684 Anonymous (IMG_20190621_123006.jpg 124x220 14kB)
speak of the fucking devil

12 hours later 53010715 Anonymous (file.png 922x40 13kB)
>Youtube deletes my nonce hunting channel >reuploaded them all again this morning. nonce apologist society in Youtube up to its old tricks.

12 hours later 53010720 Anonymous
I'm on an airplane to London They want something from me all of a sudden I come up when I'm summoned I heard everything was gonna change but it wasn't

12 hours later 53010721 Anonymous
>>53010684 Is this out today, lad? I wanna get it but already have other stuff to play so I'll hold off.

12 hours later 53010790 Anonymous (rVbqK6M.jpg 405x405 22kB)
>Buy a game >There is an option for Japanese or English audio >Will now spend the next week trying to decide which I go with Being an indecisive autist is truly suffering

12 hours later 53010808 Anonymous
Hmm do I go with game using the language I can't understand purely because I'm obsessed with the cartoons produced in said country or game using the language I do understand.. decisions decisions..

12 hours later 53010822 Anonymous
>>53010588 just makes you tired really and sometimes abit nauseous. make sure you take the laxatives they usually also prescribe or else your arse falls asleep and you get stone shits. add more dietary fibre too.

12 hours later 53010825 Anonymous
>>53010808 In this particular case a large portion of the game is silent in the English dub because the company was cheap, but with Japanese the whole thing has voicing Thats the toss up im considering, you anus leech

12 hours later 53010830 Anonymous
>>53010808 Not that lad but I'd rather the original language, whether that's Japanese or funny knees as long as there is subtitles because dubs are always awful, especially American ones.

12 hours later 53010831 Anonymous
>>53010715 You mean the chav fights channel?

12 hours later 53010847 Anonymous
Can someone give me an update on why or how help helper has been exiled and anime posting has stopped?

12 hours later 53010854 Anonymous
>>53010808 I feel like the weeb already has made up his mind and just wanted to blogpost about it 2bf

12 hours later 53010855 Anonymous (1560622869918.jpg 313x328 14kB)
>bored and on chat sites again >have a decent voice >ask cute girls to tell me what to say >one girl tells me her name and asks me to say i love her >i do it and she starts crying >ask if shes ok and she shakes her head no and keeps crying >tell her i dont judge and want to hear whats troubling her >she completely opens up to me about dead parents >my mom and dad are both dead >tell her that the first few years are definitely hard but that eventually only the good memories remain >talk about my situation for a while in hopes of taking her mind off everything >shes crying on and off >reaffirm multiple times that it will get better >she eventually starts smiling again >ask if she feels better she smiles and asks my name >thanks me over and over and tells me im nice >never been complimented like this before might seem like a humblebrag but christ lads i feel so real warm and fuzzy right now its a great feeling

12 hours later 53010856 Anonymous
>>53010847 Given a 30 day ban for avatarfagging and ban evading.

12 hours later 53010860 Anonymous
>>53010854 Probably. Likely why he left a load seemingly of relevant detail out. >>53010830 Do you do that for literally all cases though? Genuinely curious.

12 hours later 53010861 Anonymous
>>53010822 does it actually help with the pain?

12 hours later 53010862 Anonymous
>>53010847 Jannies longed have the filda lol

12 hours later 53010885 Anonymous
>>53010860 Pretty much, lad. I only ever watch the dubbed version if I've seen the original. Like, I ended up rewatching DBZ with the dub and American music and ended up enjoying it. But the show is very different in a lot of ways because of it.

12 hours later 53010898 Anonymous (Banbury_816b9b82-aa8d-4c76-94c4-2ca5db424eaf_1024x1024.jpg 1024x723 137kB)
Here's the jist of how the concept of noncehunting works A sophisticated southern gentleman introduces a young lady to the world of love making, then an obese northern barbarian realises he just can't compete, so flys into a fit of jealous rage in response

12 hours later 53010910 Anonymous
>>53010861 ofc it does annononos

12 hours later 53010916 Moni
>>53010790 Why would anyone go for the Jap audio when English is available? It's not like you'll be reading the subtitles during battle Picking Jap means you miss out

12 hours later 53010939 Anonymous
>>53010916 If I wanted a Paki's opinion I'd have asked, you dirty pedo.

12 hours later 53010958 Anonymous
Alright SP lad should I give you a ring then?

12 hours later 53010975 Anonymous (case.png 440x741 373kB)
>Expectation A sophisticated southern gentleman introduces a young lady to the world of love making >reality https://youtu.be/qe461ta4Rx0

12 hours later 53010982 Anonymous
>>53010916 He added later about how the English translation has a large portion of silence. You'd think that would be key to his point but it just didn't quite make the original post!

12 hours later 53010985 Anonymous
>>53010916 Surprised you don't go for the Japanese option, it's more authentic and you love bragging

12 hours later 53010996 Anonymous
i'm off work today

12 hours later 53010998 Anonymous
>>53010985 he'd pick polish if they had that

12 hours later 53011003 Anonymous
If you can't control your drinking, that's not my problem. Don't force your soberness on everyone else!

12 hours later 53011006 Anonymous
Fuck Kidderminster

13 hours later 53011013 Anonymous
>>53010996 same except every day

13 hours later 53011016 Anonymous
>>53011003 >Don't force your soberness on everyone else! Aha, I like it lad. Will be using this on teetotal poofters in the near future (tonight).

13 hours later 53011025 Anonymous
>>53010975 The video doesn't really relate to what you posted

13 hours later 53011026 Anonymous
Tim's settled down now lads, he's having some treats with shopper bear https://twitter.com/TimmyUk/status/ 1142039876617089027

13 hours later 53011027 east devon britfeel ghost
woooo~ I fucking hate being stuck in east devon wooooo~

13 hours later 53011053 Anonymous
>>53011026 I'm just waiting for the day he gets sectioned and his twitter goes silent suddenly

13 hours later 53011059 Anonymous
>>53011016 Don't have a problem with teetotallers only the ones who are all self reightous because they can't go on a night out without getting blackout drunk so therefore think alcohol is the devil for every one and don't shut up about it! Bloody pooftas! Let me have my comfy pints in peace, you wally!

13 hours later 53011068 Anonymous
Being a nonce is wholesome desu

13 hours later 53011073 Anonymous (1561052029900.jpg 272x222 51kB)
>>53011053 >I'm just waiting for the day he gets sectioned Why

13 hours later 53011081 Moni
>>53010998 I find the Polish language absolutely repulsive >>53010985 Unless there's a trophy for "played the game with Japanese voice track", it's a "no" from me >>53010982 He's probably lying

13 hours later 53011082 east devon britfeel ghost
>>53011059 this but about cocaine

13 hours later 53011091 Anonymous
>>53011059 Totally agree. There is a guy at work who was clearly a raging alcoholic and would get utterly wasted every time he went near alcohol. It was never a quiet pint, he would be pounding the shots at friday lunch time when we all went out for a drink and then wouldn't go back to work after lunch. He very nearly got fired over it. Now he is teetotal and always talks about how alcohol is the devil etc etc. I make a point of saying I am going for a couple of pints then chilling at home to wind him up. He always goes aw mate it is never one though is it, to which I say yes it is I am not a raging alky

13 hours later 53011099 Anonymous
Timothy James Byrne peeling himself like a satsuma in a mental health observation ward as the last of his teddies are donated to a British Heart Foundation charity shop by a social worker.

13 hours later 53011102 Anonymous
>>53011073 He needs it tbqh, he is spiralling pretty badly over the past few months and he is going to end up hurting someone or himself

13 hours later 53011110 Anonymous
>>53011099 What an utterly depressing post. Shame on you lad that's brought my mood down. SHAME!

13 hours later 53011123 Anonymous
>>53010998 Poley hates Poles (esp. the women but all of them), his thread on /r9k/ about how much he hates them was one of the 2 threads which got him in legal trouble. https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/ 17207990 >it seem Poles like to stay with their own even when not living in their own country and sucking the system of their new hosts dry That's why I call him Poley, because on some level he must loathe that the name has stuck.

13 hours later 53011127 Anonymous
>>53011102 >he is going to end up hurting someone or himself >someone I just had an image of tim bringing his guitar down forcefully on the head of that bald bastard from earlier

13 hours later 53011130 Anonymous
>>53011091 Even have a few on a Friday night at home in front of the telly until you fall asleep isn't bad, imo. It's going out, drinking 8 pints and having 8 shots of vodka in the space of two hours and then thinking alcohol is the issue. What a bunch of eejits.

13 hours later 53011140 Anonymous
>>53011123 >That whole thread Fucking hell Pakiboo you mentalist

13 hours later 53011147 Anonymous
oh Poley you used to be so much fun

13 hours later 53011160 Anonymous
Stupid kid next door been giving my dog sausages over the fence again. He just threw em up. I'm gonna go next door and kick that kid up his fat fucking arse.

13 hours later 53011162 Anonymous
>>53011123 This is the thread. This is why he became a tranny, to distance himself from the shit like this.

13 hours later 53011169 Anonymous
>tfw people think you cant tweet from a psychiatric institution

13 hours later 53011170 Anonymous (poley.png 903x432 24kB)
>>53011162 Here's the other one, for the sake of completion https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/ 15202084

13 hours later 53011194 Anonymous
>>53011130 Feel the same way about people who get twatted on crack and then keep going on about how its the devils poison. Cracks not the issue, its them! Cant handle the rock? Stay out of the den.

13 hours later 53011200 Anonymous
>>53011127 kek exactly. or he will go after them with his car. it looks like the builders will be there for ages, so he is going to snap. would be surreal seeing him on the front page of bbc news for going on a rampage

13 hours later 53011203 Anonymous
saw my cousins the other day and can confirm i am the ugliest one of this generation

13 hours later 53011206 Anonymous
>>53011194 Lol, I'd say cracks a bit different. Never met someone who does crack who wasn't a crack addict. Can you imagine? Just going down the local den for a few quiet smokes of crack.

13 hours later 53011208 Anonymous
>>53011099 someone sounds like they have knowledge of this sort of situation

13 hours later 53011237 Anonymous
>>53011099 Quite funny to be honestly lad "Peeled like a satsuma"

13 hours later 53011242 Anonymous
>>53011170 Even just going through those threads, you find references to other ones which he created. https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/ 17101692/

13 hours later 53011248 Anonymous
>>53011170 >I waved >She hesitated >Looked scared >Didn't fire me that trademark smile And because of that he records her shitting and dumps all of her facebook pictures on /r9k/ kek

13 hours later 53011253 Anonymous
>>53011170 It is beyond sick that he has taken the name of that girl whos bathroom he put the camera in as his "female" name

13 hours later 53011254 Anonymous
>>53011242 One day Poley will enact revenge on this sponsor by becoming a honey trap That's the only reason he became a tranny

13 hours later 53011261 Anonymous
>>53011206 In a world which didnt have social stratification then youd get people who occasionally dabble in crack the same as with marching powder.

13 hours later 53011275 Anonymous
>>53011261 Wish we had weed cafes in this country. Would be proper relaxing, that would.

13 hours later 53011291 Anonymous
>>53011275 That'd probably be fucking awful to be honest lad

13 hours later 53011296 Anonymous
Come out poley, we know you're lurking ..

13 hours later 53011307 Anonymous
>>53011291 > >>53011275 (You) >That'd probably be fucking awful to be honest lad Maybe. Wouldn't mind popping in for a coffee and a brownie and then going on with the day. Would be better than going Costa. Or if they legalised it, Spoons would have weed, I reckon.

13 hours later 53011309 Moni
>>53011203 >ugliest one of this generation good to know I'm not the only one here to have lost the genetic lottery

13 hours later 53011318 Anonymous
>>53011291 You'd be forgiven for thinking the streets of Amsterdam are crawling with stoners and a constant stink of weed but its really not noticeable at all

13 hours later 53011319 Anonymous
>>53011291 >>53011275 Id enjoy it. Wd just be annoying when you occasionally get the virgin imbiber on their first go or who doesnt know their limits who starts dissociating and freaking out.

13 hours later 53011332 Anonymous
>>53011296 This song was written about Poley https://youtu.be/_ao2u7F_Qzg

13 hours later 53011334 Anonymous
>>53011307 Just think all the weed brain retards would be like "DUDE WEED WHY WOULD THEY LEGALISE IT IF IT DIDN'T CURE CANCER?"

13 hours later 53011335 Anonymous
>>53011319 Then youd get the old stoned addicts who fall asleep in the place for 6 hours then shuffle out drooling with their trousers falling down.

13 hours later 53011336 Anonymous
>>53011307 Do you think they'd sell it in Tesco? Imagine popping in and getting a meal deal and a quarter ounce

13 hours later 53011339 Anonymous (1497686611922.jpg 320x286 31kB)
>>53011332 Haven't heard that song in years, thanks for the nostalgia fren

13 hours later 53011345 Anonymous
>>53011335 That would be a right laugh. Seeing a bunch of Mr. Magoos stoned out of there mind staring at the chocolate in B&M Bargains for hours.

13 hours later 53011346 Anonymous
>>53011307 Spoons would never have weed. too mainstream.

13 hours later 53011358 Anonymous
>>53011339 You're welcome fren Have this classic as well https://youtu.be/6FEDrU85FLE

13 hours later 53011385 Anonymous
Don't think we'll end up having weed legalised until around 2025 at the earliest.

13 hours later 53011388 Anonymous
>>53011170 If you search the /int/ archives for 'Poleaboo' from around 2015 you find other stuff. Here's the infamous webcam photos thread (photos themselves are long-gone). https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/ 11616662/

13 hours later 53011403 Anonymous
>>53011388 This is the Ground Zero of the interest in Poley; that he will do something like this again But now we're just regaled with tales about his latest video game trophy

13 hours later 53011412 Anonymous
>>53011388 >I don't know weather to cum in her shampoo or do her share of the cleaning rota Aww, romantic Poley!

13 hours later 53011424 Anonymous
Poley's the kind of lad who would cum in your shampoo then ask for a lend if a tenner to buy the new Yakuza game, then go home and play it in English.

13 hours later 53011426 Anonymous
>>53011385 Being pro-weed is such a brainlet position to hold

13 hours later 53011432 Anonymous
>>53011424 If we can take anything away from this thread, it's exactly that

13 hours later 53011440 Anonymous
Time to get out the 9% Karpackie lads

13 hours later 53011448 Anonymous
>>53011388 It's shit that the archives don't save photos this far back. Like, it's an archive, isn't that the point? To save everything?

13 hours later 53011456 Moni
>>53011448 Actually the police deleted them years ago

13 hours later 53011464 Anonymous
>>53011388 Oh fuck. I tried it randomly and it worked. https://archived.moe/r9k/thread/116 16662/ Only the thumbnails though but still

13 hours later 53011475 Anonymous
Poley getting exposed hard ITT and the beauty is that it's all his own doing. All his own threads and posts.

13 hours later 53011480 Anonymous
Lmao my cat just fell off the window ledge and got stuck in the curtain. What a wally.

13 hours later 53011486 Anonymous
Work with a Mr Hussain in a high class call centre. He's way more white than Poley though.

13 hours later 53011493 Anonymous
Thinking about joining as a special constable in my spare time. Good idea lads or not?

13 hours later 53011496 Anonymous
>>53011456 Why did you take on the name of the girl victim though?

13 hours later 53011502 Anonymous
>>53011493 no, they do a national security check and will see your chanposting m8

13 hours later 53011508 Anonymous
>>53011480 My dog thinks he's a smart bastard because when we put him inside he's learned to climb to the window ledge and walk back on the open window.

13 hours later 53011518 Anonymous
>>53011493 Are those the pretendy cops that have a uniform but virtually no authority and whatsoever

13 hours later 53011527 Anonymous
>>53011493 yeah you're special alright lmao

13 hours later 53011528 Anonymous
>>53011518 Nah those are PCSOs, special constables are basically the same as coppers - same powers - but they do it for free.

13 hours later 53011550 Anonymous
Thinking of becoming a very special constable, lads. They said they'd give me a badge and let me work the sirens.

13 hours later 53011559 Anonymous
>>53011528 well thats a lie anon

14 hours later 53011570 Anonymous
>>53011518 Pretty much all the powers as a regular officer but it's volunteer.

14 hours later 53011572 Anonymous
>>53011559 https://www.met.police.uk/car/caree rs/met/police-volunteer-roles/speci al-constable/special-constable-over view/ >Special constables are volunteer police officers >specials wear the same uniform and carry the same powers and responsibilities as regular police officers

14 hours later 53011576 Anonymous
>>53011572 Anon exposed for bring a know-nothing idiot

14 hours later 53011579 Anonymous (1533578560031.jpg 855x885 207kB)
>>53011550 A very noble career lad

14 hours later 53011586 Anonymous
>arresting your fellow man >for free *spits*

14 hours later 53011589 Anonymous
>>53011559 >he don't know the difference between a special and a pcso Its fucked that they rely on egotistical cunts willing to one up their peers to volunteer in order to take it out on poor mr norman.

14 hours later 53011593 Anonymous
>>53011572 whats the effin point in training police officers if you can just take any old apu off the street and put him in a uniform.

14 hours later 53011617 Anonymous
>tfw you have proud willy syndrome and you're 40 stone

14 hours later 53011630 Anonymous
>>53011593 you must understand that nowhere near as many people would do it for free right? if they got rid of paid officers and just had volunteers think about how many less police officers we'd have

14 hours later 53011633 Anonymous
>>53011589 that must attract all the walter mitty types who are part of "4x4 response teams" and shite like that.

14 hours later 53011635 Moni
>>53011586 Good post, fucking HATE the filth

14 hours later 53011640 Moni
>>53011630 >just had volunteers think about how many less police officers we'd have There would be more, all the EDL types and noncehunters would lineup for their badges

14 hours later 53011644 Anonymous
>>53011630 thats not my point. my point is why put as much money into training police officers when apus do the same job at a fraction of that training.

14 hours later 53011646 Anonymous
>>53011635 You would, you dirty pedo sex offender.

14 hours later 53011663 Anonymous
>>53011635 Can't imaginethey like you either after you wasted their time because you got obsessed with a girl and secretly filmed her shitting before posting it on a macedonian windsurfing forum

14 hours later 53011676 Anonymous
>While the /r9k/ catalogue is still accessible, /britfeel/ is blocked for some reason. this isn't how web filters work, 4chan uses ssl so they can't block based on keywords on the site, they could only do it with the domain, they could filter a thread number but not any site that contains "britfeel" unless they're stripping ssl which is highly illegal - I've had this theory for a while now but the fact moni is lying about britfeel being blocked in an easy to debunk way I'm more confident in it - I think whats happening is moni shitposts other trips and shitposts about himself then posts on his blog about how britfeel was blocked so he can deny it was him this is truly one of the most pathetic things you've done moni

14 hours later 53011685 Anonymous
>>53011640 >There would be more, all the EDL types and noncehunters would lineup for their badges then why are they not right now you silly prick? they can already do this so why aren't they? >>53011644 because not enough people would volunteer to be able to start downsizing actual officers

14 hours later 53011691 Anonymous
I would like to get drunk and be mates with you Moni, but I've no interest in dating you. I'm just not attracted to darkies.

14 hours later 53011711 Anonymous
>>53011685 Not my point. Get actual officers, just train them like special constables.

14 hours later 53011716 Anonymous
>>53011711 >Get actual officers, just train them like special constables. they get the same training lad

14 hours later 53011723 Anonymous
Timothy James Byrne staring glassy eyed and catatonic at an old television after taking his daily dose of high strength anti-psychotics and sedatives in his government provided assisted living flat in High Wycombe. His support worker gestures to the screen. "You used to play guitar, didn't you Mr Byrne?" as an errant tendril of drool meanders down his chin.

14 hours later 53011726 Anonymous (D4WG9gCWsAAdu9i.jpg 891x1200 197kB)
>>53011635 >fucking HATE the filth One thing we agree on.

14 hours later 53011739 Anonymous
>>53011723 I'm going to ask you politely to stop these.

14 hours later 53011747 Anonymous
Tim always looks like he's just had his lubed up head up an Elephant's arse.

14 hours later 53011750 Anonymous
>>53011716 Clearly the police is a shit job then. Why we spendin so much on it. Fuckin ridiculous. And i dont really believe it coz in what world does a man in full time work have the time to get the same training as an actual police officer unless the police are a joke.

14 hours later 53011761 east devon britfeel ghost
>>53011750 >And i dont really believe it coz in what world does a man in full time work have the time to get the same training as an actual police officer unless the police are a joke that's a sound point, anon other anon, do you have a rebuttal?

14 hours later 53011764 Anonymous
>>53011750 >what world does a man in full time work have the time to get the same training as an actual police officer people volunteering don't have jobs lads, because they're volunteering for a 9-5

14 hours later 53011783 Anonymous
Just went to get a can of lager and some cunt drank the last ones I had.

14 hours later 53011791 Anonymous
>>53011764 Its 16 hours per month and on the site it is strongly suggestive the person has another job and youd be silly if you thought an institution like the police would just take some random unemployed shit off the street as a constable. Theyd want someone with a track record of responsibility no?

14 hours later 53011812 Anonymous
>>53011508 That is quite clever for a doggo to fair. My other cat jumped out the window the other day.

14 hours later 53011816 Anonymous
>>53011783 it was the spooky lager drinking ghost

14 hours later 53011825 Anonymous
>>53011791 that does seem low maybe the volunteers can't go on patrol with an actual officer who has more comprehensive training?

14 hours later 53011840 Anonymous
>>53011812 Aye, he's a smart bastard and climbs like a cat. Wish I had a cat myself.

14 hours later 53011855 Anonymous
>>53011825 Well point stands. As Boris, Id take a good look at our policing and issues like capital punishment. Lets streamline our system.

14 hours later 53011866 Anonymous
God at this rate we'll have to use the night image again for next thread

14 hours later 53011883 Anonymous
>>53011866 *sets off alarm at full volume and starts banging pots and pans* WAKE UP YOU LAZY NEET BASTARDS

14 hours later 53011891 Anonymous
Might get some Murphy's Stout in for tonight.

14 hours later 53011911 Anonymous
>>53011791 Mercedes is absolutely riddled with special constables and ex police officers. I'd say I'm quite anti-filth generally, but most of the ones I work with seem alright, and generally hate the way the police is going these days. Apparently TV licencing people are universally detested amongst police

14 hours later 53011914 Anonymous (D9S9ayeXYAAX5i.jpg 1200x642 694kB)
Who do you reckon Timmy will target first on his inevitable rampage across High Wycombe?

14 hours later 53011919 Anonymous
>>53011914 The foreman who tried to reason with him, then the builders

14 hours later 53011931 Anonymous
>>53011914 I reckon he'll go for the builders over the wall. Or maybe that paki who keeps delivering pizza to him.

14 hours later 53011968 Anonymous
is timmy even conscious? he looks like hes just running through cycles of pre-determined actions

14 hours later 53011998 Anonymous
>>53011914 I think it would be quite amusing if someone pinched his camera as he left it on the other side of the road to take yet another photo of himself

14 hours later 53012000 Anonymous (DmrGEQeX0AEQmDK.jpg 600x612 56kB)
>>53011968 he's basically living in a schizophrenic version of groundhog day

14 hours later 53012020 Anonymous
>>53011840 I do love my wee cats desu. Theyve been lying sunbathing all day although one of them keeps jumping on my Xbox and it's quite annoying. What kind of wee dug have you got?

14 hours later 53012021 Anonymous (D4OIPzXW0AQx4Vx.jpg 1520x2047 499kB)
>Timmy's building site neighbour tries to confront Tim with hostility >racism accusations - NOT good; NOT acceptable >harassing Tim - a mentally ill lad >he's simply unaware Tim's the tip of the iceberg with thousands of loyal fans Suggesting a warning shot lads; do it myself but 200+ miles away. Any suggestions or volunteers?

14 hours later 53012035 Anonymous
Lads. I did it. I had sexy time with a girl. It was ACE. AMA.

14 hours later 53012043 Anonymous
>>53012035 how big was her cock? phwoar

14 hours later 53012068 Anonymous
>>53012021 Should go egg the daft bitches house shouldn't we lad?

14 hours later 53012072 Anonymous
>>53011998 >I think it would be quite amusing if someone pinched his camera as he left it on the other side of the road Yeah it'd be hilarious if Tim ran out into the busy road on Amerham hill chasing after his camera and got obliterated by traffic. Do you not think this shit through?

14 hours later 53012074 Anonymous (1534361406915.jpg 860x1156 603kB)
>>53012021 >racism accusations That's what pissed me off the most. Though the thought of Timmy "dropping the act" so to say and going off ranting and raving about the pakis and terrorist builders off camera garners a chuckle

14 hours later 53012075 Moni
>>53011676 or it could just be because someone posted a pornographic picture in the thread

14 hours later 53012089 Moni
>>53011691 My birthday bash in on Monday

14 hours later 53012096 Anonymous
>>53012089 is britfeel invited? Where is it?

14 hours later 53012100 Anonymous
>>53012075 no it couldn't since a blacklist filtering by image md5s isn't a thing, try again

14 hours later 53012112 Anonymous (D9kzlfkWwAIgkjt.jpg 1200x900 364kB)
>>53012074 He claimed that he was being discriminated against by the builders for being white back in February https://youtu.be/bOOMhL73YqI?t=6m12 s

14 hours later 53012128 Anonymous
>>53012021 >racism accusations Did he really get accused of that? I watched the video but just saw the bloke going up to him and asking to chat.

14 hours later 53012130 Anonymous
would you a rainbow? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7G o5EALZE8

14 hours later 53012141 Anonymous
>>53012128 Lad.. 1:09 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D44 qQygEzfQ

14 hours later 53012142 Anonymous
>>53012128 >Did he really get accused of that? yep https://youtu.be/D44qQygEzfQ?t=1m12 s

14 hours later 53012145 Anonymous (shippy tie HD.jpg 1088x1920 662kB)
>>53012068 >Should go egg the daft bitches house shouldn't we lad? Eggs are more revenge than warning, that said I'd go with it but it needs to be a lot of eggs. Over the building materials, on the driveway, over the building. Do you reside close fren? I was thinking more of a painted warning in red paint across the white gates + hoarding. >>53012074 Do you do those Tim edits mate? So many questions.. Tim's a GOOD lad.

14 hours later 53012160 Anonymous
>>53012112 Someone should go down there at night with a sledge and just undo all the work they've done lmao

14 hours later 53012173 Moni
>>53012100 Well, good news is that it's not blocked today so we get to spend some quality time together >>53012096 Anyone is invited, planning in tucking into some KFC

14 hours later 53012174 Anonymous
fuck this im going on a diet

15 hours later 53012192 Anonymous
>>53012173 >it's not blocked today it wasn't yesterday, stop lying about britfeel being blocked what you suggested would only be possible if the company you work for is breaking the law, stop trying to manipulate people and stop lying and then maybe people will be more willing to be your friend

15 hours later 53012203 Anonymous
>>53012112 It doesn't sound too far fetched honestly to be honest, a lot of pakis are racist desu

15 hours later 53012214 Anonymous
>>53012174 Why lad? Sounds a bit rash

15 hours later 53012217 Anonymous (D6xkgz7XYAIDgDL.jpg 1080x767 117kB)
I've been debating posting this here in the wake of Tim being accused of using racist slurs towards the builders. >https://twitter.com/KaneLacey/stat us/1129388132334526464 Not looking good for our Tim, lads

15 hours later 53012221 Anonymous
>>53012089 Can I come? Where is it?

15 hours later 53012224 Anonymous
/britfeel/ meet today 6pm Hyde Park piss up BYOB

15 hours later 53012225 Anonymous
>>53012214 im getting fat and dont wish to continue getting fatter

15 hours later 53012230 Anonymous
>>53012160 The mortar's still green so you wouldn't even need a hammer.. just kick it over.

15 hours later 53012239 Anonymous
>>53012174 I hope you do lad, you can be better than what you are the /fitlit/ way is the way to go, eat at a calorie deficit do a 16:8 intermittent fasting schedule, lift weights and read as much as you can

15 hours later 53012246 Anonymous
>>53012145 I do reside close to him lad, closer than most people in the thread

15 hours later 53012250 Anonymous
>>53012173 I thought you wanted to lose weight you fat fuck, why you ordering KFC? Was that you that ordered the kebab yesterday?

15 hours later 53012251 Anonymous
>>53012224 I would legit go to this if I lived anywhere near London

15 hours later 53012255 Anonymous
>>53012141 >>53012142 Cheers. Poor Timmy.

15 hours later 53012259 Anonymous
>>53012217 This lad is unbelievably unfunny. He just posts about Tim on his Facebook to people who have literally no clue who he's on about

15 hours later 53012262 Anonymous (1534306944409.jpg 950x1280 129kB)
>>53012145 >Do you do those Tim edits mate? Faceapp does all the work lol, I just run them through a filter or two

15 hours later 53012289 Anonymous
>>53012239 th...thanks lad, its nice that someone beleives in me more than i believe in myself haha ;_;

15 hours later 53012291 Anonymous
>>53012100 god he's so fucking stupid it's almost infuriating

15 hours later 53012302 Anonymous
unironically if tim wasnt weird af and our age, he wd be better looking than most people in this thread.

15 hours later 53012304 Anonymous
Since when did you have to be invited to go to a KFC?

15 hours later 53012312 Anonymous (young tim.png 335x461 248kB)
>>53012302 He looked like this in his early 20s

15 hours later 53012317 Anonymous
Big belly welly

15 hours later 53012318 Anonymous
*pogo sticks through the thread*

15 hours later 53012323 Anonymous
>>53012289 you can do almost anything anon, as long as you stick with it long enough to succeed as long as you continually put effort into losing weight you eventually will so long as you stick with it for long enough - if you continue to try you can only fail when you die

15 hours later 53012327 Anonymous
>>53012217 Guarantee you he's lying. He's just like them cunts on the facebook page. What word is "n*********s"? Neanderthals?

15 hours later 53012338 Moni
>>53012221 Meet at Rochdale train station? >>53012250 I haven't had a takeaway since around Monday

15 hours later 53012339 Anonymous
>>53012327 >n*********s niggywiggers

15 hours later 53012344 Anonymous
>>53012327 This lad is arguably worse than those lads, just makes really unfunny and retarded lies about him and thinks he's "TROLLING"

15 hours later 53012354 Anonymous
>>53012338 Can do yeah, what time?

15 hours later 53012366 Anonymous (lowstandards.png 597x155 23kB)
>>53012217 Need SCEA to sort this cunt out.

15 hours later 53012370 Anonymous
>>53012318 *pulls the rug out from under you as you land*

15 hours later 53012373 Anonymous
>>53012339 >niggywiggers >wrong digit count >not niggywiggys how the fuck did you get this so wrong

15 hours later 53012374 Anonymous
Feeling pretty shitty thinking about how my family will die and then I'll die

15 hours later 53012382 Anonymous
Want some beer but cba going to the shop. Quite a predicament.

15 hours later 53012385 Anonymous
>>53012327 niggynoggys

15 hours later 53012388 Anonymous
>>53012373 half wanking right now soz

15 hours later 53012392 Anonymous (file.png 700x466 636kB)
Timothy James Byrne and the Bears open up their All American Tour in celebration of being granted honourary citizenship by President Trump to a sold out stadium of baying fans

15 hours later 53012408 Anonymous
>>53012388 you the same lad where someones knowing on the door?

15 hours later 53012443 Anonymous
Just completed a very difficult poo lads. Had to wipe the old brow a few times. PHWOAR LADS LADS

15 hours later 53012445 Anonymous
What if the pizzas were him? https://twitter.com/KaneLacey/statu s/1137012178723250176

15 hours later 53012451 Moni
>>53012354 kik me, please user name poleaboo

15 hours later 53012462 Anonymous (Blackpool_tower_from_central_pier_ferris_wheel.jpg 2592x1944 1238kB)
Any lads in blackpool?

15 hours later 53012463 Anonymous (5425642857.jpg 626x602 47kB)
>>53012445 what if....SCEA was innocent the entire time?

15 hours later 53012464 Anonymous
I am watching Love Island and learning a lot

15 hours later 53012467 Anonymous
>>53012445 Next time he streams I'm going to watch it and if he bullies Tim (I'm sure he will) then it's getting reported as victimising a vulnerable man. Get this cunt thrown off Twitch.

15 hours later 53012472 Anonymous
>>53012463 Still a fanny and a cuck, next question

15 hours later 53012481 Anonymous (1313238495258.jpg 252x240 12kB)
>SCEA went to blackpool so he could wank over donkeys IRL instead of just on /mlp/

15 hours later 53012484 Anonymous (D9bBShMXYAEdCcc.png 506x676 547kB)
time for timmy to be sectioned, he's just a pathetic old mental racist

15 hours later 53012492 Anonymous
timmy thread >>53012487 >>53012487 >>53012487

15 hours later 53012495 Anonymous (1557341648742.jpg 960x960 44kB)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4V pXK7W-fE

15 hours later 53012505 Anonymous
>>53012463 Read this in Eddie Bravos voice >>53012464 My favourites are the Irish lass and the posh girls. Roght slags.

15 hours later 53012526 Anonymous
>>53012505 Yawandy? She's cute. I like that couple with the blonde girl and the ballroom dancer but I feel like they're going to just get torn apart?

15 hours later 53012553 Anonymous
This early thread fucker

15 hours later 53012565 Anonymous
>>53012553 What about thr early thread fucker?

15 hours later 53012566 Anonymous
>>53012553 I've made threads for years always posting at after the 491st post mark.

15 hours later 53012579 Anonymous
>>53012566 I know. Just being silly

15 hours later 53012585 Anonymous
>>53012579 You my lad are a rascal

15 hours later 53012797 Anonymous
I do really love this thread when it's Autumn/Winter, not too great when it's summer though

16 hours later 53013010 Anonymous
>>53012043 rude lad, just saying

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